If you are looking for publisher who is dedicated, diligent, and committed to go the extra mile in delivering a job, Kok Hwa is the go-to person. In fact his work was so impressive that I had a book reviewer who asked me to refer his service to her when she saw the physical copy of my book.

Jacky Lim
Author of Reinventing B2B Sales
Agile Sales Trainer, Virtual Sales Expert, Creator of Adæpt™, Bestselling Author, Faithpreneur

I met Kok Hwa at a webinar where he showcased some local writers that he supported as their publisher. That session reignited my dream to be a writer. Excited to find a course that teaches authors-wannabes how to do it. The “So you want to be an Author” workshop is really structured and intensive (not for the faint-hearted) as you are pushed to START writing! Attending this program with my 2 other co-authors helped us get out book out within 12 months from the start of the program.

What I liked about this whole experience is Kok Hwa and his team at Candid Creation Publishing – they are candid and authentic with their feedback. They are generous to share their experience so that our authorship journey is less bumpy, We felt well supported and had fun along the way.

With Kok Hwa’s advice and support, we sold 80% of our first edition within 5 months from launch! The book has enabled us to start some conversations on the topic with some interested individuals, professionals and organisations.

Thanks Kok Hwa for your support to us.

Aileen Chee
Co-author of Into the WILD
Leadership & Career Coach, HR consultant, Entrepreneur, ICF Board Member

Friendly, Helpful and engaging book publisher and Trainer, Kok Hwa. Learnt a lot from him in his course for authors. He has also initiated several social impact projects together with his authors to offer help to people locally and abroad. A good example for many of us, both professionally and as a person.

Linus Lin
Founder, Global Village for Hope

Candid Creation Publishing has been an amazing partner in my journey of book publishing. After attending their signature programme, “So You Want to be an Author?”, it gives me clarity on the approach of book writing and publishing and most importantly, the owner Kok Hwa helps me in ensuring I got professional input/assistance every step of the way including perfecting the manuscript and finding my voice to share what I have with the world.

Gan Hock Chye
Senior Manager, Ministry of Manpower

Have been interacting with Candid for the past 2-3 years to discuss plans for writing a book. The publisher is super patient and kind, and generous in their support to guide me through the steps and the processes.

It has been a pleasant experience thus far, and I highly recommend anyone who is considering the possibility of publishing a book, to engage in conversation with them.

Michelle Ow
Human Experience Facilitator, Chrysalists Pte Ltd

I worked with Candid Creation Publishing through Kok Hwa back in 2010 – 2012 when I was looking for a trusting and professional publisher to print training materials for banking courses. I was grateful that the publications were done with high quality, on-time and care taken to ensure IP protection. My company stakeholders and clients were highly pleased with the results too. Now Kok Hwa is also a good friend who have contributed to my past years of recovery when situation turned bad on me. Thank you Kok Hwa.

Peter Seah
Founder, Transforming Conversations Consulting

I got to know Phoon Kok Hwa through the “So You Want to be an Author” workshop that he and Andrew Chow conducted in August 2020. The workshop gave a fantastic overview of the whole publishing process – not just the penning, which turned out to be the easiest part, but what was involved in the producing, publicising, and promoting phases of becoming a published author. By the end of the workshop, it was an easy decision to make – partner with Candid Creation as the publisher for the book my co-authors and I were planning to write!

The journey with Kok Hwa and his publishing house exceeded my expectations. The advice given by Patricia Ng, his editor, was brilliant and insightful. Our book is now published and is sold in the major bookstores in Singapore as well as on Amazon and Epigram. But the support did not end there – Kok Hwa continues to look out for opportunities to publicise our book widely – and we have been in interviews with the media, given library talks, etc.

Trust, value and wisdom – these are the words that come to mind when I look back at the collaboration we had working with Kok Hwa and his colleagues. I’m now writing my second book and Kok Hwa has been supporting me throughout, sharing his insights and expertise even though he’s not yet read a single line of what I’ve written!

I highly recommend Candid Creation Publishing to any aspiring author!

Ho Choy Kiew
Co-founder and Director, The Coaching Culture
Co-Author of Into the WILD

Kok Hwa reached out to me about ten years ago with a tempting proposition: “Have you ever thought about writing a book based on your expert areas of knowledge?” I was immediately taken in by this suggestion, not because I had always planned on writing a book (or rather, a few books) but because of Kok Hwa’s sincerity and obvious knowledge of the entire publishing process.

Fast forward to 2019 and time was now on my side. Things had changed for me at work and I had the headspace to put my words down. Amazingly, Kok Hwa and his team were still there, eager to hear my voice and encouraging me to write, write, write. In fact, Candid Creation’s Masterclass for aspiring authors was an invaluable resource. It laid bare the skills and strategies required to be a successful author and I learnt things that I had never known before. In essence, all of these skills and strategies actually strengthen your individual voice in the writing and publishing process: How do you get your voice out? Why should people read your book? What is it actually trying to say?

I am very grateful to Kok Hwa and his team (including my brilliant editor, Pat, as well as Ryanne and Corrine who helped with the design and layout of the whole book). They were thorough, responsive and so-very-patient! Kok Hwa is also a man of his word. He does what he says he will do, however busy he is.

Now that “Preschool in the Wilderness” is published, I am waiting for that surge of inspiration to catch hold of me again for my second volume. It helps to know that Kok Hwa and his team will be my partners again in the next lap. Thank you, Kok Hwa, and all at Candid Creation Publishing!

Dr Denise Lai Chua
Managing Director at Centre for Applied Practice in Education (CAPE)
Author of Preschool in the Wilderness

I first knew of Kok Hwa at a talk he gave about authorship during the ICF Singapore International Coaching Week series of events, I believe in 2014. I was a very young coach and his talk inspired me to dare to dream of writing a book. Fast forward to 2020, by then I had deepen my experience as a coach and had an idea for a book. I remembered Kok Hwa and had been following his journey since 2014. I also had fellow coaches I trust who told me about the authorship workshop that he conducts. I was pleasantly surprised that Kok Hwa is also a coach himself! I knew he would understand me and why I have this desire to write. This was confirmed at our first meeting – he was open, understanding and listened deeply to my dream. After I committed to working with him, I was pleasantly surprised to be invited to attend his very first virtual authorship workshop! The workshop was well organised, well thought out and very relevant in providing a framework for my book. I enjoyed the content and the camaraderie that was fostered with my fellow author classmates. After the workshop, Kok Hwa was instrumental in keeping me accountable to what I told him I wanted – just like a coach! He supported me during times when it got hard, and he continued to help me focus on the dream. He also provided valuable advice drawn from his veteran experience as a publisher. When the books were delivered to me this year, I was overwhelmed with gratitude. Kok Hwa’s partnership in my authorship journey was the reason I was able to fulfill this dream of mine. He continues to support me by opening up to his network about me – I have since given an interview on radio CNA938 on coping with change and a talk to the National Library Board public community on life transitions. This also helped me greatly in building my credibility and visibility in the market. Thank you Kok Hwa for your invaluable support and partnership!

Lai Han Sam
Woman’s Life Coach, Executive Coach
Author of Finding Joy in Transitions: Blooming in the Seasons of Change

Yes Kok Hwa is the REAL STUFF! He is the “angel” who guided & assisted many inspiring authors to make their dreams come true! A big THANK YOU for publishing my book “The Landlord Club – Untold Strategies to Maximise Rental Property Returns” Kok Hwa of Candid Creation Publishing is not only about publishing your book but also someone as a mentor and friend who helped me make my dream to be an author a reality. I got to know him through his “So You Want To Be An Author” workshop in 2015 and am glad I did as writing a book is certainly no easy feat. Having as much advice and support on this journey has been a blessing. Would strongly recommend all inspiring authors to connect with this man & his team at Candid Creation for their professional services. May all your dreams come true!

Mister Boon
Senior Group Division Director, ERA Singapore
Author of The Landlord Club

Kok Hwa helped me publish my 5th book, ”Million Dollar Mission”, a critically acclaimed handbook for parents and teachers to guide their youth in exploring careers. If you want to be an author with a polished book, Kok Hwa is your go-to guy. I’m really proud of how far Kok Hwa has come, and I suspect he is only warming up for even bigger things in the future. Keep up the effort, Kok Hwa!

Han Kok Kwang
Asia’s #1 Master Trainer for Global Career Professionals
Author of Million Dollar Mission

Kok Hwa came highly recommended by a friend, as I was looking for a reliable, professional publisher. Ever since I’ve worked with Kok Hwa, he has managed to guide me and help me to eventually publish the Super Scaling book, which has already sold out its first run in barely a month. From the books that I sold, I’ve received frequent compliments about the quality of the book. I’ve not regretted my decision to go with Kok Hwa as my publisher, and I wholeheartedly recommend his professional services for any aspiring author out there.

Alvin Poh
Chairman, CLDY.com
Author of Super Scalling

Thank you Kok Hwa for publishing my book RISE ABOVE YOU. I am truly impressed with your professionalism. You always go above and beyond my expectations. And you take care of your Authors well and help them to succeed. I’ll definitely recommend Candid Creation Publishing to anyone looking to write and publish their books. Kok Hwa is an amazing publisher.

Candice Goh
The Breakthrough Coach,
Author of Rise Above You

Kok Hwa, thank you very much for continuing to show case my book almost 4 years after it has been published. Your excellent media network is so precious; today’s interview on CNA938 got my circle of friends buzzing about my story again.

Your group of published authors comprise of such good people, all thanks to your careful selection of whose story you help publish.

As I continue to grow my career and reputation as a trainer and facilitator, my book becomes a precious resource for me to encourage my learners. I am so thankful for your advise on the structure and layout of my book so that it is easy to read and glean the main messages in each chapter.

Keep up the awesome work!

Constance Lim

Associate Adult Educator and Senior Trainer at Public Speaking Academy Pte Ltd
Author of 12 Axioms of Optimal Living

Being an author of a subject that I am passionate about has been a dream of mine. I am thankful that a stone’s throw away from my office is a reliable, generous publisher in the mould of Kok Hwa 🙂

He has been most patient with my initial manuscript and has turned a stack of Microsoft Word pages into corporate literature. My book, Happy Companies, Healthy Profits, has been effective in giving me credibility, visibility and lead generation in my work. So thank you once again, Kok Hwa.

Andy Pan

Organisation Development Consultant, Public Speaking Coach , Entrepreneur
Author of Happy Companies, Healthy Profits

Being a novice in being an author, I was very lost in the entire project of launching a book. I’m grateful that I found Kok Hwa, who was instrumental in guiding me through the entire process, from ideation, to the final launch of the book. I will not have launched my book successfully if not for him. What I really appreciate about Kok Hwa is his sincere way of handling the project, and patience in seeing it through together with you. Coupled with his in depth knowledge of this industry, he’s one of the best local publisher if you are an aspiring author who will like someone who can guide you through. Amazing person to work with, and I will definitely look for him when I launch my 2nd book.

Jamson Chia
Financial Services Director
Author of What I Didn’t Learn in School

Kok Hwa is a very knowledgeable, helpful and experienced publisher, and is someone I would recommend for any person seeking professional advice and assistance to publish a book.

Dr Eugene ST Tan
Consultant Dermatologist at National Skin Centre
Co-author of Street-Smart Strategies for Time Mastery

I know Kok Hwa through one of my classmate who was his former client. We were able to be connected on the very first meeting and he seems to be a very down to earth and sincere person. He was able to meet the dateline I set and I had a very good working relationship with him. Overall I am satisfied with his service and am impressed with his knowledge and experience in the book publishing industry where he could even create the opportunity for the authors to appear in radio stations to promote their books. These exposure of interviews with radio talk shows have surely help me to gain visibility and awareness for my book.

Tony Puah
Principal Consultant of LAMP Consultancy Pte Ltd
Co-author of The Cashflow Playbook

I came to know of Candid Creation a few years back when Kok Hwa was interviewed in a TV programme. The programme featured a lady who had written a book as part of her healing process in dealing with certain struggles in her life. Kok Hwa was her publisher. I remember thinking how strange that the TV producer would want to feature the publisher too, but at the same time, getting the impression that Kok Hwa and Candid Creation were a publishing company with heart. Hence, naturally, I contacted Kok Hwa when I wanted to publish my book, “Remembering for the Two of Us”, a children’s book about a young girl’s relationship with her Grandma with dementia. During our initial discussions, with Kok Hwa’s informed experience, I was able to define and crystallise what would become the final look and feel for my book. Throughout the publishing process, Kok Hwa was prompt and patient in responding to my queries. While he provided his professional input at different stages of the process, he was not imposing. He understood the need to give the author room for creative development with the book, something that’s much appreciated.

Serena Lim
Part-time Tutor at CELC NU
Author of Remembering For the Two of Us

I first got to know Kok Hwa through a volunteer at our organization. At that time, we had wanted to promote elderly-befriending through a book but we were clueless on how to go about publishing one. Through my volunteer, I contacted and met up with Kok Hwa; he was very open and sincere in sharing pointers on how I could get started. When it was time to look for a publisher, I recalled how Kok Hwa showed understanding and interest in our subject matter. It was important to us that that our publisher understood our organisation’s mission and the purpose of our book. It was also advantageous that Candid Creation’s rates were competitive, and we appointed them as our publisher. Right from the start of our publishing process, Kok Hwa had been service-oriented and tended promptly to our queries. Later on, I got to interact with Patricia, who helped with the editing of our manuscript. She was definitely very experienced and the editing cum design process was clear, systematic and overall extremely smooth. They were a reliable team we fully entrusted. I was also on a tight project timeline and the team showed full commitment to help me meet it. At every publishing milestone, they made it exciting for us. I will be honest that we threw the team a couple of curveballs, but they managed to work with our requests with professionalism. Even after publishing, they were able to help me with mail-outs to our stakeholders and including the libraries. I would like to thank the Candid Creation team for making our first publishing experience such a pleasant one!

Justina Teo
Senior Manager (Special Projects & Development, Befriending Services)
Editor of Befriending Conversations

Kok Hwa and his team are dedicated in providing the best service they can. Despite being an absolute noob at publishing, never once had I felt lost or helpless in my journey to publishing my first book. From patiently answering my almost never-ending questions to accommodating my various requests and providing very good advice, I must say that my money was well-invested. They have exceeded my expectations and have went the extra mile in many occasions to ensure that the customer experience would be perfect. I would definitely recommend Candid Creation to anybody looking to publish their book.

Haniye J. Ee
Project Manager, ST Electronics
Author of The Path That Leads Upwards

I think the decision of approaching Kok Hwa at Candid Creation for my first book was a great one. I was impressed with Kok Hwa’s professionalism. He consistently over-delivered on my expectations. Being a new author, there were so many uncertainties and unknown to deal with but Kok Hwa managed to answer all my questions without delay. I was thankful for his sincerity and passion to help me achieve my goal of creating my very first book. Highly recommended person to work with!

Chen Qiuyi
Author of 妈妈的房间 My Mother’s Room

When I was seeking publishers for my book, Candid Creation Publishing was recommended to me by a close associate of mine. Several other publishers also contacted me to offer their publishing packages, but after speaking to Kok Hwa from Candid Creation Publishing and understanding what they have to offer, I chose to publish my book with them because Kok Hwa really knows his stuff very well.

Now that Raising Financially Savvy Kids has been published, I am really glad that I made the decision to publish my book with Candid Creation Publishing. Two things stood out for me when working with them: The first is the personalised service that I received from beginning to end. With a team of publishing professionals supporting me, at no point in the publishing journey was I left feeling alone. Being a first-time author, coupled with the fact that I do not have an excellent command of English, the process to write and publish a book is definitely daunting to me in the beginning. Thankfully, with Kok Hwa and his competent team handholding me throughout the entire journey, I felt safe and learnt so much from them. Indeed, they live up to their slogan of “Professional Publishing with a Personal Touch.”

The second thing that impresses me most about Candid Creation Publishing’s service is that even after the book was published, I was not left with boxes of books to try to market on my own. Candid Creation Publishing lent their expertise by helping me create more awareness of my book through the media, and supported me in organising a very successful book launch too. Beyond distributing my book in Singapore and Malaysia, they also went beyond the call of duty by connecting me with influential people in the book trade to help me.

Although initially I had my own ideas for the book cover design and was quite adamant about it, Candid Creation Publishing was able to convince me with their professional advice and eventually did an outstanding job to overhaul the entire book cover design. As a result, I have received many compliments on the book ever since it was published and one of the frequently asked questions is “Who is the publisher of the book?”.  It was only then that I realised that readers do pay attention to publishers and I am so happy that I made the right choice.

Throughout the entire journey, Candid Creation Publishing has been very attentive to my needs, accommodating, understanding, and above all, patient with my progress. I am sincerely appreciative of their consultative and coaching approach in helping first time author like me.
Kok Hwa is someone who is nothing short of a delight to work with. He has worked with me in every aspect to help me publish a high quality book that I am so proud of.  Not only that, the project fits within my budget and met my timeline! Candid Creation Publishing has truly done a fantastic job and definitely over delivered on their promise. I could not have asked for anything better!

Having walked the journey with Candid Creation Publishing, I would highly recommend them to serious and committed authors who want to make a success out of their book. You will find working with Candid Creation Publishing a delightful and positive experience. To conclude, Candid Creation Publishing will publish my next book without a doubt.

Ernest Tan
Author of Raising Financially Savvy Kids
Director, Jopez Academy and Ernest Resources Agency

I know Kok Hwa from a mutual friend. I meet him to explore the possibility of publishing my book. 
Kok Hwa is a responsive, personable and helpful publisher. He also conducts the course: So you want to be an author? which I have learned a lot about how to write a book. 
I highly recommend his course and his service as a publisher.

Collin Seow , CFTe, CPPM

Author of The Systematic Trader and Co-author of The Traders’ Blueprint
Thought Leader of Equities Market, Business Strategist and Angel Investor
Collin Seow

Kok Hwa is an absolute professional, and the journey of publishing our Model United Nations guidebook – representing the United Nations Association of Singapore – was smooth, enjoyable, and productive for the team. Right from the get-go, queries were answered promptly, and once the project started he and his team were efficient with the layout and copyediting, the design of the book cover, and now getting the book out in bookstores and libraries. We are beyond thrilled with the guidebook, and since December when we formally launched it we have been publicising it with ease. A big, big part of it can be attributed to Kok Hwa’s professionalism, and we look forward to working with him in the future.

Kwan Jin Yao
Contributing Writer of Modelling Today, Guiding Tomorrow
Director, United Nations Association of Singapore

Kwan Jin Yao

Thank you Phoon Kok Hwa and Candid Creation Publishing for making my dreams come true one after another.

Without the kind guidance and advise that Kok Hwa has given me during my first stroke, all these could not be reality today. It is like a dream thinking back the previous publication of Beyond the Twilight Horizon (2011) and Beyond Examination (2012). Now, Beyond 50 (2015) is truly beyond any of my expectation. The printing and design is of such high quality and the amount of support and guidance throughout this journey is remarkable.

Thank you and I am looking forward to my fourth book soon.

Vincent Seet
Author of Beyond Twilight Horizon, Beyond Examination, and Beyond 50

“Professional Publishing with a Personal Touch” is something that Kok Hwa and his team, Corrine & Tansey have truly provided us.

I cannot thank you enough for taking on this task of publishing our very first book, The Digital Goldmine. As a first time author, you and your team have been promptly responsive to all our queries and have patiently guided us through every step of the way to finally get the book out.

I believe it is with sheer passion and dedication that you and your team can pull this off with us.

To be honest, it is still very surreal to see the book in all its glory. You have a great team that makes customers like myself feel understood and valued. Please let your team know that their efforts and dedication have not gone unnoticed.

We look forward to receiving the same fantastic service should we find the opportunity to pen another book.

Evangeline Leong
Business Director
PurpleClick Media Pte Ltd

My first book Leader As Coach, Leader As Facilitator was published by Candid Creation Publishing and the journey was a very enjoyable experience. In the beginning, Candid Creation sharpened my thoughts on ‘Why is my book unique?’ and ‘What market segment does it serve?’ These were invaluable in shaping the eventual title, content and presentation style; for example, Kok Hwa gave a very specific suggestion of including ‘Reflection spaces’ in the book.

The editing process was prompt and efficient and I loved the layout and design work by Candid Creation! They were able to lend their expertise and experience to first time authors like myself. Where I tended to focus on the content, they helped me expand my thinking on the cover design, the appeal, the synopsis and even advice on pricing. Kok Hwa even recommended my book to an MNC and that resulted in my first bulk sale!!

My book would not have been possible with Candid Creation Publishing. Thank you guys.

Tan Hong Wee
Author of Leader As Coach, Leader As Facilitator
Founder and Director, Wei Forward

Kok Hwa, I want to say thank you to you and Candid Creation Publishing to help us to publish a series of business and investing books.

In fact, based on your advice and support, one of our books Value Investing in Growth Companies, have been selected by Wiley to be published and distributed world-wide.

This would not be possible if not for your professional advice and your integrity to provide the best service and knowledge to your partners.

I would strongly advise and encourage anybody who wants to be a self-publish or co-publish to look for you and Candid Creation Publishing.

Thank you so much!

Ken Chee
8 Investment Pte Ltd

“Working with Candid Creation publishing has been one of the most pleasant experiences I have had. Kok Hwa is one of the most patient, honest and trustworthy professional I have worked with.

When I first decided on writing a book, I approached a few publishers with the intent of getting advice and counsel. But to my disappointment, I did not get the advice I was looking for. Instead, most publishers were more interested in getting me to sign up for their packages and closing the sale. However, Candid Creation Publishing was different. From my first meeting with Kok Hwa until the publication of the book, the entire experience was extremely pleasant. Kok Hwa and his team were very responsive, honest and an absolute pleasure to work with. They provided me with step-by-step guidance, insights, expert advice and professional opinions that I was looking for.

The book publishing journey can be fraught with many challenges and obstacles that can discourage any first-time author. However, I must say that Candid Creation Publishing has helped to put my mind at ease and in fact, made this journey enjoyable for me.

Finally, Kok Hwa is a person who is very honest in his business dealings. He is a gem in today’s business world.  I would not hesitate to recommend Candid Creation Publishing to anyone who may be thinking of writing and publishing a book!”

Steven Lock
Author of Hiring for Performance and The Right Talent
Founder of FutureTHINK! Training & Consultancy

“I am thankful to Kok Hwa and his team for the great effort put in to produce this wonderful book. Not only did he just do the printing and publishing as stated, he went on the extra mile to provide value added services such as touching up on the book design, conceptualizing the content and layout, recommending a PR expert to brand it, providing marketing advice and arranging for possible seminars to promote the book. Great job and service!”

Sean Lim
Author of Happiness Within Your Reach and Even Introverts Can Sell
Financial Advisory Director, Financial Alliance Pte Ltd

“Having a local custom publisher is a lot more efficient and there is opportunity to meet face to face and to resolve items a lot faster.

Kok Hwa and his team are very responsive and cares about your success. When you are a first time author, believe me, you need a lot of hand holding and encouragement.

Kok Hwa provides guidance and services beyond book publishing and it is a great feeling, knowing you have someone behind you.”

Ooi Lay Yong
Author of Born to Move
Co-founder, BodyTree Gymnastic Strength Training (Singapore), BodyTree Academy

“As a first-time author, I was grateful to have the assistance of Candid Creation in the publication of my book. This has been a wonderful wish come true for me, fulfilling my childhood ambition with expressing my love for travelling. I must thank Kok Hwa and his editor for their many suggestions and strong support provided in improving the presentation of my book and I appreciate that he and his team had spent the final few months of the project working closely with me. It has been a fun journey and I would highly recommend Candid Creation to friends who want to publish books too!”

Kwa Yiqian
Author of One Step from Paradise
Founder, Persian Rose

Kok Hwa is the face of Candid Kids and he has been very supportive in my first children book authorship. Johnny Can See is the result of our collective effort and team work. I am happy to have produced such a successful children’s book, which got featured in Lian He Wan Bao, Singapore’s Woman Weekly & HomeTeamNS magazine Review. He gives me great opportunities to bounce my creative ideas and to network with people in the publishing industry. I find that I can work well with him as he is more like a friend & mentor in this publishing world.

Benita Fong
Author of Johnny Can See

I appreciate Mr Phoon’s patience in taking the uninitiated, step-by-step through the creative process of a first book. I look forward to working with him again on my next project.

Helena Paterson
Author of Composition Companion
English teacher

As a newbie in the publishing field, Mr Phoon has been a wonderful “Father” figure, hand-holding me through the whole publication process of my book. He provided me with lots of guidance and insightful advice. Whenever I had any doubts or queries, he was ever-willing to help. He also equipped me with many know-hows of publishing and I sure am glad to have sought him out for my book. 🙂

Angeline Chan
Author of Good Morning Cher!

It was a pleasure to have you help us put together my book FAST FORWARD YOUR MAKEUP. You had definitely given us valuable advice in the process and had shared your professional expertise on how to position the book and market it further. Your pleasant disposition, coupled with your smile, is a plus point whenever we met. Your positive service attitude helps a lot in the preparation of this book too.

Thank you once again for your help. Appreciate it very much.

Joshua Luke
Author of Fast Forward Your Makeup, Fast Forward Your Etiquette, Fast Forward Your Customer Service
Director/ Training & Business Development, Signature Image Academy International Pte Ltd

Kok Kwa is one of the most personable publishers I have known in the last 6 years. I have the joy of publishing 3 books under his company – Candid Creation Publishing. Since 2012, he has been a great friend with a keen eye for details, a heart of gold in nurturing the structure and ideas for my books. He always remain objective in educating others about the world of publishing and the journey of being an author. His program “So You Want To Be An Author” has over 100 graduates in the past 2.5 years and half of them have gone on to become authors. If you want to publish a book, the best person to speak to will be Kok Hwa.”

Andrew Chow
Author of Social Media 247, Public Relations 247 , and Personal Branding 247
Media Strategist, Professional Speaker, Enneagram Coach

Kok Hwa is such a caring and competent professional. As a publisher and as a coach, he lives in service to the people he serves, with curiosity, great questions, solid advice, and a joyful spirit.

My wife and I each published a book with him, and he partnered with us every step of the way. We were so impressed and grateful that we have since recommended him to many others.

Every time I interact with him is a pleasure and privilege, and Kok Hwa is someone I admire and appreciate. I believe anyone who partners with him will feel taken care of in every way.

Douglas O’Loughlin, Ph.D
Author of Facilitating Transformation
Senior Principal Consultant
Civil Service College Institute of Leadership and OD

The meeting with Phoon Kok Hwa in March 2015, literally changed my life! He has fulfilled my lifelong dream to be a published author!

Kok Hwa is knowledgeable, professional, attentive, always listening and approachable. His guidance and advice are as valuable as gold, providing much help and assistance to help newbies author. I am one such fortunate person.

Kok Hwa never over promised nor under delivered. I can always count on him to deliver as his promise, all the time, springing some pleasant surprises along the way.

Even his team is very professional, especially Zoe, the editor of my book. They always seek to clarify, highlighted areas where the book’s content can be further improved, by asking hard questions that really kept me thinking, and realized the blind spots that I needed to tackle, so as to make the content of the book more complete.

I am really grateful to Kok Hwa and Candid Creation Publishing for making it all possible: that is to see my book published and available at major bookstores island wide.

A pipe Dream turns reality.

If you harbor the thought to be a published author, you have to approach Phoon Kok Hwa and Candid Creation Publishing! It is the essential 1st step to make your authorship’s dream comes true!

Patrick Chang
Author of The A to Guide to Retirement Planning
Branch Manager, Finexis Advisory Pte Ltd

I always knew I had a book in myself but I lacked the conviction and clarity to get it out from me. Thankfully, I met Kok Hwa whom I know and relate fondly as a book whisperer. He was professional and dedicated and supported me in an end-to-end fashion so that my concept came into print on the shelves of all the mainstream bookstores in Singapore. If you are considering to turn your dreams into reality, at least on the book shelves, you can’t go wrong by speaking with Kok Hwa.

Benjamin Loh
Author of INSPIRIT
Public Speaking Coach & Gen-Y .TEDx Speaker

I published my second book ☆ SERVE ☆ with Candid Creation Publishing. Kok Hwa and his team are a wonderful group to work with for the book. They are professional, detailed and always going the extra mile. The gentle curiosity of great conversations to explore what’s else has made the partnership a delight. I am always inspired by Kok Hwa’s entrepreneurial spirit and zest for continuous learning. He is a special 3-in-1 = publisher + coach + facilitator ☆☆☆

Dr. Seow Bee Leng
Author of S.E.R.V.E
Trainer and Facilitator

My first encounter with Kok Hwa was being a participant of his Authorship workshop that he conducted in June 2017.

A year later his company Candid Creation Publishing LLP helped to publish my first book “A CEO, an Entrepreneur, a Tourist and the Monk”. During this period, Kok Hwa had played the role of a trainer, a coach, an advisor and at times a well needed cheer leader.

Without the precise coaching from Kok Hwa, I would not have completed this book. He was very candid with his feedbacks and used a style that permitted me to explore my own options while prompting me to consider different perspectives. His vast experience allowed him to guide without being a subject matter expert. In my personal opinion he has the attributes of a coach who could fit almost any context and in any industry.

As a book publisher and coach, Kok Hwa have a very structured approach to the process and steps of publishing. My initial fear of “I cannot write” was eliminated when he said “writing is only one step of the multi-step process of producing a book.” He was right! When we embarked on a journey, the mind looked for obstacles, which could create the inertia to starting. Kok Hwa was able to cheer me on and encourage me while balancing the delicate role of prompting me with questions and sharing stories that inspire me.

Personally, I would recommend Kok Hwa as an executive coach for anyone looking to develop themselves beyond. Or need a good sparing partner to discuss new ideas. He is creative and pragmatic. His expertise in book publishing process is clearly a plus if you aspire to be an author. His delivery in the workshop was very engaging and he demonstrated excellent facilitation skills to manage the class of adult learners.

I have been an executive coach for 10 years and to meet another professional coach whom I could learn from is very refreshing and humbling.

Alex Butt
Author of A CEO, an Entrepreneur, a Tourist, and the Monk
Co-founder and Master Coach, Glides Consulting Partners

Kok Hwa is a gift to the publishing scene in Singapore and the region – a publisher who has earned reputation for quality, a coach who asks great questions to a potential author, a facilitator who engages the audience in meaningful conversations and an archeologist who digs for the hidden treasure in you! His authenticity, kindness, business sense and a genuine desire to help makes him ideal candidate to engage for potential publishing projects. Thanks Kok Hwa for the great work you are doing in educating the future authors and support them in publishing.

Jayan Warrier
Coach, Facilitator, Consultant, Speaker

I published my first book with Kok Hwa and his team. He was a great coach for the first time author like myself. There were encouragement and guidance so that help me to get through! He is sincere and patient. I highly recommend Kok Hwa to people who has aspiration to publish own book.

Ellie (김지형) Kim
The Financial Planner,
Author of Why I Ditched My Chanel

I first met Kok Hwa in the year 2015 while attending a Speakers’ Conference. He was running a workshop for people who wants to be an author. He strikes you right away as someone approachable, encouraging, and relatable. It was my first time writing a book and I had no idea how to go about it. He gave me a clear direction and advice on how to go about it. Even though when things came up for me and I shelved the idea of writing a book for 5 years, Kok Hwa did not give up on me. Late last year when I approached him again, he told me, “you are ready this time.” So I was. During the journey, Kok Hwa injected creative ideas from the title of my book to the design and to the structure of the content. With his and his team at Candid Creation’s support and encouragement, my first book baby was born in August 2020! For anyone who is like me, wanting to write a book and need clear, down-to-earth and creative guidance, Kok Hwa is the Publisher to go for. Even after my book has been published, Kok Hwa is still here supporting me, creating opportunities for me to get on different media platforms from radio shows to library events toto promote my book. I have almost fully sold off my first batch of books and I look forward to continue this partnership with Kok Hwa as I reprint my book and definitely when I am ready to write my second book. Thank you Kok Hwa!

Maxine Teo
Business Owner, CEO, Motivational Speaker, Trainer at Global Max Academy Pte Ltd
Author of Secret Manual of the Sales Warrior

I had an awesome experience working with Kok Hwa and his team in my first ever publication, Blockchain Unlocked. They helped take my book the final mile from being a regular book to being a great book that would be enjoyed by many. The professionalism and timelines shown throughout the entire process makes them worthy of being in the same league of the top publishers in the world. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to realize their work being published for the world to see.

Daryl Lim

Founder – Prime Advisor Network
Author of Blockchain Unlocked

After reviewing proposals from several publishers when I wrote my first book, Changing Lanes, Changing Lives, I selected Candid Creations. I am fortunate that I made the right choice. The team provided excellent advice on everything from the format and layout to the cover design and distribution. They were very flexible when changes were needed and worked to accommodate tight deadlines. The final product was exactly what I needed, and comments about it were excellent. The team also arranged for distribution and helped to set up speaking engagements that would help publicise the book. I selected Candid Creations when I wrote my second book and recommended them to my sponsor when I edited another book, since they had done so well for my first book. They supported the other two publications equally well. I am delighted to have had an opportunity to work with the Candid Creation team and will go back to them when I write my next book.

Richard Hartung
Managing Director, Transcarta
Author of Changing Lanes, Changing Lives and Is Giving Worth It?

Thank You Kok Hwa, my business revenue doubled shortly after publishing a book with Candid Creation, appreciate for making book writting so easy and painless with your step by step method. After publishing the book I got more media exposure like ChannelNewsAsia938 and now I am glad that there are oversea people in Taiwan, US, Netherland, Malaysia, England reaching out to me for my book.

Andy Yew
Portfolio Manager at Phillip Securities Pte Ltd
Author of Win Big Lose Small

I have known Kok Hwa as the publisher of my co-authored book: Street-Smart Strategies for Time Mastery. I am satisfied with the publishing service that was offered by him and his team. During the stint of the publishing process and from the interactions that I had with him, I find Kok Hwa come across as a committed and trustworthy individual. He is also generous in helping us authors to outreach once we have published our book. I appreciate Kok Hwa’s dedicated service and assistance in having our book published. I wish him all the best in his publishing endeavours.

Dr. Kumaran Rajaram
Transformational Leader, Professor, Lead Researcher, C-Suite Executive Coach, Speaker & OD-Learning Consultant
Co-author of Street-Smart Strategies for Time Mastery

We could not have asked for a better publisher. Kok Hwa has been much more than a publisher for us, he has focused on creating a win-win partnership since the very first day we met to discuss the possibility of the book. We met Kok Hwa at an ICF author workshop event in May 2015. In May 2016, we submitted our manuscript and in May 2017 we published Fit to Lead.

Throughout the process, Kok Hwa has been thorough, reliable, and resourceful. He has given us insight, guidance and feedback to make sure that the Fit to Lead message was well crafted and communicated. After the book was published, his support didn’t end there. 3 years later, he is still championing our work by actively promoting the Fit to Lead message on a variety of platforms; social media, events, media interviews, etc. We are grateful for the partnership.

After becoming published authors, we have expanded our business in an inspiring way across the region. We work with corporate leaders doing what we love doing, connecting fitness, nutrition and wellness in leadership. If you are thinking of writing a book, then the first step is to talk to Kok Hwa and Candid Creation Publishing team!

Sari Marsden
Certified Executive Coach (PCC), Nike Trainer
Author of FIT TO LEAD

In my view, it is the most beautiful experience that I was introduced to you, Kok Hwa. I first met you at my husband, Alex Butt’s book launch in 2018. The speech you gave was very caring and wisdom-filled. I felt that you care for each and every one of your students at “So You Want to be an Author?” workshop. Although I wasn’t thinking about enrolling into your class at that time, I was moved by your passion for the work you do and your dedication to your students. When I finally decided to publish my own book, I knew that your workshop is a must for me to attend.

During the workshop, I finally understood what you do to help aspiring authors shine. It was a demanding workshop because it brought out the best from those who were determined to be an author. I thoroughly enjoyed doing the homework and gained a clear and systematic understanding of how to become an author. When working on publishing my book, I am also deeply grateful to Pat, the editor you have assigned to work with me. She is very professional and caring towards an aspiring author like me. She was deeply observant of my style of writing my poems and assisted me in stretching my writing skills. She’s a gem to work with.

I’m blessed that after I’ve published my book, you continued to support me in my efforts to empower others through my webinars and public events. You have also been a great help to me in setting up my online account with Amazon and launching my e-book when I had no idea how to get all that done. I am also amazed by the connections you have in setting up radio interviews for me. You have also given me opportunities to be visible on social media through Candid Creation Publishing. You are constantly looking for ways to include me in Candid Creation Publishing’s public events too.

I’ve used my book as a resource in my workshops and many trainers and coaches have shared that they are using my book too, for their business coaching and training workshops. I am convinced that you and Candid Creation Publishing are the best partnership for me in my journey to become an author.

The three work ethics that I enjoyed working with you is your professionalism, systematic flow of getting my book published and your focus on my beliefs. These truly are very vital for me to decide who to work with. Thank you so much, Kok Hwa and I look forward to working with you for my upcoming books!

Kris Ang
Poet, Author, Coach, Trainer and Consultant
Author of StEpS

When I embarked on the journey to be an author for my first book 8 years ago, I chose Kok Hwa and his company to be my book publisher. With 3 books published through him, I would say that every time I bring my books to accompany me for my trainings both in Singapore and overseas, I always hold the books highly with honour and gratitude as they have been well-designed and produced!

Joshua Luke
Global Master Trainer · International Speaker · Celebrity Master Personal Branding Consultant – MBA · DBA (Doc Researcher)
Author of Fast Forward Your Makeup, Fast Forward Your Customer Service, Fast Forward Your Etiquette

I never thought of myself as a writer, and writing a book seemed like an extremely daunting, though exciting thought. Kok Hwa was a godsend in this journey – his patient guidance and expert advice at each step of the process helped make the dream a reality. Publishing a book has been a life-changing experience. I learnt many lessons (perseverance is definitely one!), honed my writing skills and thought processes, and saw many doors open for me on professional and personal levels. If you are contemplating writing a book, you won’t regret partnering with Kok Hwa!

Joan Yong
Associate Research Director, Ipsos
Co-author of From Oblivious to Obsessed

I first got introduced to Kok Hwa through one of my colleagues Ernest who mentioned great things about him. I enjoyed the “So You Want to be an Author” workshop conducted by Kok Hwa as he helped me to think deeper about the target reader of the book and the legacy I wish to leave behind. Through Kok Hwa’s coaching, I realise that financial literacy for youths was something very close to my heart and so I managed to write my first book “Money Lessons from the Wild” very quickly. I enjoyed his Candidness and Honest feedback and his way of organising the chapters. Kok Hwa and his team helped me to publish the book professionally and also found a Vietnamese publisher who published the Vietnamese edition. After the book has been published, I received more invitations to speak at workshops and currently I am recognised as the TOP 1% of the world’s financial advisers.

Joanne Lai
Advisory Group Partner at IPP Financial Advisers Pte Ltd (ACTS Advisory Group)
Author of Money Lessons From the Wild

I was highly recommended to Kok Hwa by an Author friend, Terence. Kok Hwa and I had our first meet up in 2018, chemistry was all it took to bring my first book ‘Exit Triggers’ to a realisation on 02 November 2019. Kok Hwa and his team gave me a lot of space to refine my book, there were gentle push along the way but never once I felt any pressure. I learnt a lot from Kok Hwa and his team in the midst of the book making project from paraphrasing, referencing, book cover layout, chapter design and gathering early praises from my bosses, friends and supporters. The TOP 3 work ethics I like about this partnership is Integrity, No hidden costs and Continuous support even after the book launch. Before I became a published Author, I was offered a new prestige role from a Fortune 500 company who is now ranking #10 on the list; I was connected with social media such as CNA, HRM and HR online Magazines as well as been invited to event conferences for book talk and share my area of expertise in Human Resources and Professional Coaching. My books have been distributed nationwide to all local bookstores in Singapore such as Kinokuniya and Popular; all thanks to Kok Hwa’s great organisation and vast network of connections to allow all these to happen! I will highly recommend those who has a desire to publish their books to look for Kok Hwa to experience the great service and his humble attitude to serve his clients.

Sharon Seet
Global Strategic HR Leader & Coach
Author of Exit Triggers

I first knew Kok Hwa from a mutual friend (Collin).
Kok Hwa has done an amazing job to help us publish our book with ease.
Also, he has been very supportive by attending our radio interviews and book launch, just to give us moral support.
A down to earth person and someone whom you can rely on if you have any publishing needs.
Thank you for everything bud! 


Rayner Teo
Co-author of The Traders’ Blueprint
COO, Dr Wealth

I got to know Kok Hwa a number of years ago through a workshop that we have attended. I knew he was a book publisher and my mentor’s book was also published by KH’s Candid Creation Publishing. Eventually, when I have the chance to publish a book with my fellow co-authors, I know we have to engage KH’s service. And he didn’t disappoint. He is very detailed orientated and dish out good advice on how to structure the book’s content better. KH is also very approachable and went all out to help make our book a Kinokuniya best-seller by helping us garner publicity in as many channels as possible.

Alex Yeo, CFTe
Co-author of The Traders’ Blueprint
COO, Dr Wealth

“I would like to say a massive thank you for publishing my book ‘From Peak to Peak’. I could not have wished for a more professional, patient & supportive publisher to work with. Your guidance, support and experience as I navigated my way through the long and intricate process of design, editing, formatting, printing and distribution was invaluable. My readers have loved my book and I have almost sold out of the first 1000 copies within the first 30 days. It was a genuine pleasure working with you, and I do hope to get the chance to work with you again in the future.”

Grant Rawlinson
Author of From Peak to Peak
Adventurer & Keynote Speaker

Kok Hwa has been instrumental in the process of guiding me towards planning and eventually launching my book.

With his help, my dreams have now become a reality. His ability to make the complex process become so easy for laymen is a gift to new authors.

I will highly recommend anyone who is planning to write and publish a book to work with Candid Creation Publishing.

Jamson Chia
Author of What I Didn’t Learn in School
Strategic Alliance Group

When I was planning to write my book with my co-author, I enquired with several publishers and I was highly recommended to approach Kok Hwa from Candid Creation Publishing. After my first meeting with Kok Hwa, I knew I had found my publisher!

Apart from his insights and expertise in getting our book published, Kok Hwa is very good with his advice on what works and helped us to shape the book concept along the way. In fact, we decided on the final title of the book Everything You Wish To Ask A Headhunter after taking in suggestions from him.

After passing him the draft manuscript, Kok Hwa and his team worked their magic in close collaboration with my co-author and me and together we delivered a finished product that I was very pleased with. Kok Hwa also assisted in getting us interviewed on national radio and supported the distribution of Everything You Wish To Ask A Headhunter to every major book retailer in Singapore, as well as through Amazon store. He is just as motivated as us to make sure our book is a success. The best part is, Kok Hwa is just a great guy to partner with – humble, eager to assist, responsive, good values.

I look forward to working with Kok Hwa again for my next book!

Steven Pang
Author of Everything you wish to ask a Headhunter
Operations Director, Kelly Professional & Technical

“Candid Creation Publishing did a fantastic job managing the entire publishing process of my book from concept to layout to organisation to research to pre order. Social Media 247 will be a blast under their management. Phoon Kok Hwa and his team is one of the best in Singapore for this job.”

Andrew Chow
Author of Social Media 247, Public Relations 247 , and Personal Branding 247
Founder of IdeaMart, Social Media Strategist

“Publishing my book would not have been possible if not for Mr Phoon Kok Hwa and his team of able staff at Candid Creation Publishing LLP. Mr Phoon has since the start of my journey to publish my own book, been very supportive in giving me advice and ideas to realize my dream. When we first met, I remembered he told me that his mission was to help aspiring authors to realize their first publications. Unlike some publishers who are out to make money at the expense of the authors, Mr Phoon has always stuck by his mission. Even after the book is published, he is still giving me ideas on how to better market the books, both through word of mouth and the internet. Such publisher is indeed hard to come by and both my wife and I are truly fortunate to have worked with his team and partners.”

George Chong
Author of Inorganic Chemistry Made Easy and Organic Chemistry Made Easy

“For those of you who are thinking of “self-publishing” a book, my advice to you is that, you are better off working with a publisher who is not only good at what he does, but also very passionate about publishing. I would like to express my utmost thanks to my publisher Kok Hwa and his team at Candid Creation Publishing – he treats each book as his “baby”, and I can imagine the joy in his eyes when this book is finally published.

He has given me many valuable suggestions and insights, without which, this book might have been a pale shadow of its current form. Kok Hwa has also gone many many extra miles even after the book is published which is evident from his untiring efforts to generate more publicity for my book and to push the book up the bestsellers chart.”

Dennis Ng
Late Author of Mastering Your Personal Finance, 《为什么钱总是不够用》, What Your School Never Taught You About Money
Late Founder of Mortgage Consultancy portal www.housingloansg.com

“I know Kok Hwa through a book launch and I’m blessed to have known him then.

Without him and his belief in my work, I wouldn’t have published my 1st poetry book today. As a newbie in the book trade, he gave me much valuable advice and guided me patiently on the process of publishing a book.

With his encouragement and support, I am a proud author of my 1st poetry book – Be In The Moment.
Kok Hwa, thank you for believing in me and supporting me.”

Iris Tan
Author of Be In The Moment
Managing Director, Eitan Pte Ltd

“I have worked with Kok Hwa on my first book called The Pursuit of Career Actualization I really appreciate the value-added services that Kok Hwa provides to guide first-time authors like myself. From drawing out my true intent of writing the book to the final stages of marketing, Kok Hwa has never failed to address and allay my concerns. I highly recommend his services to all the aspiring authors out there.”

Kenneth Leow
Author of The Pursuit of Career Actualization
Director, Blue & Gray Associates Pte Ltd

“You’d helped in framing a significance in my life by publishing my books – a step closer to bridge the gap to children’s literacy. My heartfelt thanks, for your Candid Creation’s guidance, without which those drafts would have been lost in the wind.”

Jessica Chong
Author of First Bridge Series I and Series II
Founder, First Bridge

It is good to encounter professionalism; it is absolutely delightful to encounter professionalism complemented with passion.

That’s my experience journeying with Kok Hwa and his team at Candid Creation.

When he is your publisher, it only means that your book will receive the attention to details that it deserves, and you, as an author, will have a smooth, reassurring and happy experience manifesting your dream. Delightful, isn’t it?

Bernadette Chua
Author of Fly Free
Dream Catalyst

If you are thinking of publishing your book, then do not go to anyone else but Kok Hwa!

When I first thought of writing a book and shared it with a friend, he introduced me to Kok Hwa. Kok Hwa immediately arranged to meet up with me and during that meeting he gave me a complete overview of the writing and publishing process. During that meeting he shared with me so many insights about book publishing that I never knew.

As an author, you are the master of the content. However, there are things that could be completely oblivious to you from the perspective of the reader.
Having said that, I must say that Kok Hwa isn’t your ordinary publisher. He is really the bridge between an author and the reader. When I passed him my manuscript, he took a few weeks to totally immerse himself in the content and then came out with many practical suggestions from cover to back on making the book more reader-friendly. On one of the evenings, he even sat down with me till after midnight to restructure the contents of the book. I don’t know if there is any other publisher as dedicated as he is.

But the most important thing is that Kok Hwa doesn’t just stop at just publishing the book. After the book is published, he walked through the different strategies with me to get my book sales going. He is also currently helping me to get more media exposure via magazines, newspapers, radio and even TV! Just the thought of this makes me excited about what it will do to my book publicity! I can visualize my book hitting the bestseller charts very soon.

Overall I am very pleased with the service rendered by Kok Hwa and his team at Candid Creation Publishing and strongly recommend their services to all new and aspiring authors who wish to make their book a success.

Abdul Rasheed Doad
Author of My True Hero
Founder, Singapore First Aid Training Centre

Candid Creation Publishing has been our companies’ one stop publisher. It is our pleasure to be able to work with passionate individuals who are just as committed as you to see that your products are of high quality and value.  On behalf of Advocators Education and ISUN, I would like to show my utmost appreciation to the team of editors, who worked closely with us to achieve the desired outcome. Many thanks to Kok Hwa, who constantly gave us timely advice and great suggestions with regards to all aspects of publishing and book writing.

Our second book, Score the A* You Deserve for PSLE Writing has been having steady inhouse sales ever since it was launched and I strongly recommend the services of Candid Creation Publishing, to anyone who would like to turn their book writing dreams into reality.

Wee Xin Yi
Innovation Director of AdvoEdu Group

Nowadays, it’s easy to find a book publisher. But, it is never easy to find a book publisher who wears more than the Publisher’s hat. Kok Hwa is a publisher and a Certified Action Learning Coach.

In 2014, I decided to write my first book and naturally, Kok Hwa was my preferred publisher because I have seen many other books published by his company.

Working with him to get my book out is a journey of reflective learning. Wearing the hat of Certified Action Learning Coach, Kok Hwa always get me to answer my own questions. He will make me think and draw out the answer from my own questions. Kok Hwa is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him for anyone who has a book to write.

Terence Chiew P.Y
Author of Most Valuable Professional
Career Coach, Sales Enablement Trainer, Learning Facilitator

I first got to know Kok Hwa when I was a contributing author to the book “Coaching in Asia”, an initiative by a group of ICF coaches. So in 2015, when I was working on my own book, I naturally sought advice from him again and also attended his “So You Want To Be An Author” workshop. Engaging, experienced, masterful in pedagogy, Kok Hwa delivered way beyond my expectations in that workshop: I gained clarity and positive energy to advance my book significantly.

After the workshop, I continued to work closely with Kok Hwa and his team to successfully publish “Game Changers at the Circus: How leaders can unleash Greatness in Organizations”. Working with Kok Hwa is a joy as he is not only very experienced in book publishing but he also supports his authors with a strong set of work ethics. I would highly recommend anyone who is embarking on the book journey to attend his regular workshop “So You Want To Be An Author”, and then discuss further opportunities with his company Candid Creation Publishing.

Jean-Francois Cousin
Author of Game Changers at the Circus
Speaker, Global Executive Coach, MCC

I came to know Kok Hwa when i attended an authors event that he hosted, some eighteen months ago. I knew him better when he helped me publish my book “From Drunken to Driven”. He is an unassuming person who does more than he speaks. If you are seeking a coach, a publisher or a learning facilitator I would recommend you to contact him. He is down to earth, candid and inspiring. A pleasant person to talk to and deal with, you can be rest assured of an honest, trustworthy and reliable opinion. I found in him someone who underpromises but always overdelivers. It is a joy interacting with him.

Ram Dubey
Author of From Drunken to Driven and and From Relapsed to Redeemed
Mediator, Counsellor, Coach

At a time when I was going back and forth with that perennial question that’s been bugging me for the longest time, ‘Is there a book in me?’, Kok Hwa and his ‘So, you want to be an author!’ Workshop was indeed a welcome affirmation and answer to my predicament. Yes, together with his team, Kok Hwa guided me to making my authorship journey a reality and although there were some moments of anxiety and challenge, given my chosen topic, the team pulled through admirably and finally deliver on my vision! Indeed a great team to work with for any first time author. Kudos to the team for staying the course and a delightful piece of work in delivering the final product.

Alex Goh
Author of 200 Weekends in China
Senior Finance, HR & Corporate Development C-level Executive
JAGG Resources Pte Ltd

From the time I met Kok Hwa in his Authorship workshop in 2016, I remain impressed by his sincerity, humility and great sense of humour to this date. I believe in Kok Hwa, you get what you see. Such is his authenticity. It is indeed my privilege to be able to know him, to learn from him and to work with him.

Kok Hwa helped me to publish my first book. I enjoyed his helpfulness, creative ideas and his entire management of the publishing process. Post-launch he has also been very generous with his help to promote my book via the various channels.

Kok Hwa is also a master facilitator. He has shown his ability to engage his audience, generate active participation and ensuring fun throughout the learning process. The overall participant experience is excellent.

Tan Swee Heng
Author of Coaching in the Moment
Leadership Coach, LZ Leadership

I strongly recommend working with Kok Hwa. He guided me throughout the entire process of writing my book and getting it published both online and as a paperback. I can say with confidence without his coaching my book would have been much poorer, repetitive and inconsistent!

His style is soft but insistent. We worked remotely as he is based in Singapore and I live in Hong Kong – but due to his personality and willingness to answer WhatsApp calls whenever I felt necessary I received all the guidance I needed.

I found Kok Hwa to be honest, professional and genuinely interested in the success of my project. It isn’t easy to coach people who have been CEOs of sizeable companies and explain to them that their “words of wisdom” might need amending or even deleting, but he did it with sensitivity and integrity.

Steve Feniger
Author of Make It in China
CEO, 55 Consulting

We published our first book with Kok Hwa and his company. We were extremely happy with the results. His advice as we were writing the book was both patient and accurate! He used a very good editor and printing company. His contacts ensured good distribution in Singapore and Malaysia. Very knowledgeable, reliable and willing to go the extra mile in client service.

Marcus Marsden, PCC
Managing Partner of TWP, The Coach Partnership (formerly Newfield Asia) and Sarius Performance.
Co-Author of Fit To Lead