Authorship Coaching

authorship-coaching-img-minWhile many people harbour the thought of becoming a published author, the fact is that only a minority will become one eventually.

The thought of writing a book can be daunting and overwhelming, and a tremendous amount of discipline is required to overcome obstacles along the way.

Like many world-class athletes, working with a publishing coach will help you to see the light at the end of the tunnel and propel you towards the success you deserve.

As your publishing coach, we can help you see possibilities where you can’t and offer different perspectives on your book topic. Most importantly, we can help you to find the clarity you need to take action and move forward. We will also work together with you to plan and develop an editorial structure that will hold the contents of your book and deliver your message to readers in an easy-to-follow manner.

Having worked with many first-time authors, we have developed a 6P Publishing Framework (Planning, Penning, Preparing, Producing, Promotion, Publicity) to help take you from idea to market. This is the same framework that over 300 of our authors have followed in the past decade to guide them through the various stages of the writing and publishing process.

Through this one-on-one coaching service, it is my goal to assist you in the process of turning your idea into a book that will meet your publishing objectives.


6 sessions of one-hour one-to-one coaching

Usual: SGD800 per session

Package: SGD3600

The 6Ps of Book Publishing

You will enjoy a rebate of SGD600 off publishing fees after your book is published through us.

Are you a first-time author? Lacking the confidence and know-how to take the next step? Experiencing writer’s block?  Perhaps all you need is private coaching to work through your thinking process. Contact us to explore more about our one-to-one coaching service.