Vault!: Every Gen Z’s Guide to Getting Through the Swamp of Adulting


ISBN: 978-981-17258-8-3
Authors: John Lim
Page: 184 pp
Size: 5.5′ x 8.5′ (paperback)
Genre: Careers


Adulting is tough.

You’ve just graduated, and you’re suddenly thrust into the real world with nothing more than a  flimsy certificate, and you’re suddenly expected to know:

  • What work you like or what you’re even good at;
  • How to do your work well;
  • How to handle that toxic boss, or horrible colleague;
  • How to ask for a pay rise and a promotion.

That’s only the start.

Soon you will need to know how to read the tea leaves, and leave your job. It’s not fair. When you were in kindergarten, you had mummy going with you. In school, you had fun orientations. Then in university, you had camps. But suddenly in the adult world, you’re expected to know many things.


Vault! will help. It won’t have all the answers, but it will have ideas, and actions you can take to immediately apply and improve things.


Adulting isn’t easy, but it will be worth the journey.


Praise for the book

“There may be many different views on how the Gen Zs should tackle the future, but what we can all agree on is the hyper-complexity and uncertainty their future holds, and so kudos to John for trying to pen his thoughts to help the next generation, especially in Singapore!”

David Chua

CEO, National Youth Council


“The book is an attempt to provide helpful information to teens and early adults, popularly known as Generation Z, the Zoomers, regarding how to navigate the life of adulthood in more effective ways.

What is helpful about this book are the practical experiences offered by the author, given his own personal challenges with adult life, as well as documented experiences of others pointing to important lessons in life.

I strongly endorse this book to all potential readers of the Gen Z group, both for the teens and the early adults. For the former, it will be a helpful read to gain added skill in facing life’s challenges; to the latter, its benefit is to have opportunity for reflection and evaluate how they may have fared in their own personal journey, the lessons from which could provide additional insight even as they become guides to those younger than them.

May you enjoy reading this worthwhile book in the quietness of your own heart. And please do not take for granted the insights suggested in its pages.”

Valentino L Gonzales, PhD

MA-Licensed Professional Counsellor, State of Texas, USA


“There are many people who have struggled in their transition from school to work. But there is only ONE John who actually went through it, struggled through it, and came back to share his advice with you. John’s Vault! is a rare find and count yourself lucky for grabbing this book. The distance that John went through to get all his stories and advice into a book just for you is truly extraordinary. I would highly recommend it to any schoolgoer regardless of where they are. If you want to succeed in this transition into the workforce and adulthood, Vault! is the book you would want to read.”

Deddy Setiadi

Co-founder of Kodecoon Academy, Author of The A Student’s Cheat Sheet


“John has a genuine desire to help people holistically. His is a measured approach to life: not an absolute formula, but principles to be ingrained by experience. He speaks out of personal experience— having both thrived and struggled—as well as that of many others that he has included as examples in this book.”

Caleb Chan

Young working adult and living enthusiast

“Whilst I may not fully understand the complexities of what Gen Zs face today, John’s book is an essential read for this generation of Singaporeans confronting all the challenges and opportunities of a fast-changing world. Kudos to John for writing this book, as much for himself as for others like him!”

Christopher Gee

Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Policy Studies, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy


“This book DOES NOT try to sugar-coat. Every page in this book resonates and inspires. Vault! is a truly delightful book that offers unconventional yet practical insights into the realities of adulting, and shares how accepting failures in life helps to push us forward in our journey towards self-discovery. If you care deeply about managing the complexities of life and not letting circumstances get in the way of your dreams, this motivating book is a must-read for you.”

Esther Reina



“Relatable examples that every ‘job newbie’ will go through. Vault! highlights possible experiences, questions, and even insights from various ‘job veterans’. Take this as a guidebook to help you navigate different hurdles in your professional journey. Of course, like with every guidebook, you may not need to use all the information when you first receive the book. You’ll go home to plan your next expedition, encountering similar or different experiences in the process. That’s when you’ll pick the guidebook up again.”

Meredith Poon

The Gingerbread Pan


“As an entrepreneur, John’s book deeply resonates with me. Running a fitness business today, I have seen how the emphasis on skill over passion and strength over weakness, have helped me to build a business, despite having never taken a business degree. I trust that John’s book will continue to resonate for many young people, and highly recommend it to you.”


Fitness entrepreneur, @beachbodbrah


“I have known John for two years and seen him demonstrating wisdom and patience when going through challenges. Eager to listen and share about the way to deal with tough situations—in particular those that are work-related—with people from different backgrounds, ages, cultures, he also presents strong empathy with the younger generation. This book will be a useful read for everyone looking to make a helpful transition between school and work.”

Stephanié Say, PhD

Research Scientist


“Moving from school life to real life afterward is indeed a critical point of everyone’s life, especially in this world of full uncertainty. Explicitly, John can provocatively showcase the other side of real life that might be experienced especially by Gen Z who are not even being exposed to it. On the same pages, he balances it with recipes for Gen Z to start preparing and making the decision about their own future. It is no skip to read. Awesome work you have, John!”

Ari Yuda Laksmana, MM, ACC

Agile Leadership & Business Coach, Founder of CoachingYuk, and CEO of Yumna Utama Kinerja (YUK) Corp


“I was really motivated by reading this. I am a sophomore in university majoring in environmental science and I also feel conscious about my journey. I could get many tips to help me make my decision for the future by reading this. If you are struggling with something with your pathway and what you should do now, this book will be helpful for you to make a decision.”

Koharu Alicia Senda

Student, Osaka Prefecture University