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Most Valuable Professional: What Every Employee Ought To Know About Staying Employable


ISBN: 978-981-11-1219-5
Author: Terence Chiew P.Y
Publisher: Candid Creation Publishing
Page: 152pp
Size: A5 (paperback)
Genre: Career Management
Availability: All major bookstores


Staying Employed Is Not Enough. You Need to Stay Employable.

Today’s workplace is an unpredictable one. The changing world of work brings many opportunities for employees, but just as many challenges too. Job security is no longer a given even if you have outstanding paper qualifications. To thrive in this competitive global environment, you need to shift your mindset and go beyond what you are doing now. You need to increase and prove your value to your current employer, and become an attractive and valuable asset that future employers will want to pursue.


Within the pages of Most Valuable Professional, you will learn how to:

  • Get Along with People of Different Personalities and Build Great Relationships at Work
  • Adapt Easily to Changes in the Workplace
  • Strengthen Your Job Position with Leadership and Authority
  • Enhance Your Brand’s Visibility Everywhere
  • Make Your Skills Traversable Anywhere

If you’re ready to become an MVP, this book is what you need!