My True Hero: Real First Aid for the Real World


Book Specifications: 176x232mm, 240 pages, Paperback
Author: Abdul Rasheed Doad

This is not just another standard first aid manual.

My True Hero is penned by an author with many years of real-life paramedic experience…



This is not just another standard first aid manual.

My True Hero is penned by an author with many years of real-life paramedic experience and written specifically with the everyday person in mind. Having first aid knowledge alone does not save lives. The true hero in you will only emerge when you are confident to step forward when the need arises. The book will not only help you to quickly grasp lifesaving concepts, but also how to apply them when you are faced with real-life emergency situations.

  • Emergency first aid procedures illustrated with photographs
  • Real-life case studies that provide lessons and insights into emergency situations
  • Myth busters that debunk “old wives” remedies that have been used incorrectly to treat casualties
  • Practical first aid tips to help you become a more effective first aider
  • Links to video resources on First Aid Network to help you to reinforce what you have read
  • Special Bonus I: 2 complimentary tickets to My True Hero Seminar — a must-attend experiential seminar that transforms you into real first aid hero
  • Special Bonus II: Free membership to the First Aid Network — a one-stop online portal with all the first aid resources you will need

Praise for MY TRUE HERO

“Abdul Rasheed Doad must be congratulated for producing this very practical teaching guide to saving lives. My True Hero recognizes that there is a life saver in every one of us. The approach taken in using pictures and case studies/exercises to teach and revise the various skills is novel and should result in more members of the public gaining confidence in performing life saving acts. The book is down-to-earth and very readable. Highly recommended for those who wish to learn and remember the core life saving skills that constitute first-aid.”

Prof. V. Anantharaman
Chairman, National Resuscitation Council

“This book has adopted a novel approach in the teaching of first aid. The title, My True Hero: Real First Aid in a Real World is eye-catching. Dealing with medical emergencies in a pre-hospital setting is entirely different from that of a hospital where all the facilities are available. This is where the main strength of the book lies — the author has drawn on his experience as an operational Paramedic in such a setting to narrate how to become a good first aider. Of particular relevance are the steps, in the form of a flow chart, to show how to take control in an emergency situation. This includes scene assessment, triage of casualties and instructing bystanders to become useful to the first aider in managing the casualty. With these added skills, the first aider would become more effective in treating a casualty.

The technical skills are covered in the standard texts on the various techniques on managing fractures, wounds, burns and other injuries. The highlighted tips and myth busters in the accompanying text are extremely useful to help the reader absorb the salient points. The accompanying case notes taken from the author’s personal experiences help to illustrate and augment the important points to be learnt in the lessons.
As the author recognise that there are limitations to learning first-aid techniques simply through reading the book, he has not only included numerous good illustrations to help the reader visualise the steps but also video links to the First Aid Network website to help in the clarification of any further doubts. Other than using this book as a reference guide, it is also important for the reader to attend first aid courses regularly to gain practical experience and to keep current with the latest techniques.

All in all, this is a praiseworthy book that teaches first aid in an engaging and interactive manner differing from the usual run-of-the-mill textbooks on the subject.”

Dr. Tan Eng Hoe, MBBS, MSc (PH), FAMS
Medical Director, Singapore Civil Defence Force

“I highly commend this candid and experiential First Aid guide. Packed with practical tips in handling emergency situations before medical personnel arrive, I hope it will encourage more to step forward.”

Mr. Wan Kwong Weng
Chairman, Adventist Home for the Elders