The Untapped Team Advantage: Building Team Connections as a Leadership Choice


ISBN: 978-981-14-7366-1
Author: Peter Cauwelier
Page: 176 pp
Size: 5’ x 8’ (paperback)
Genre: Leadership



Discover the ultimate competitive advantage for organizations

Are you in awe of your favourite sports team’s stellar performance and teamwork? Do the stories of the cave rescue teams in Chile and Thailand inspire you? Why is it that these examples of great teamwork seem such a far cry from our own experience of teams in our organizations? What would your organization look like if people at all levels could work together in high-performance teams?

Peter Cauwelier, PhD, believes that teams are the ultimate competitive advantage for organizations, and the hallmark of a successful leader. The key to high-performance teams is powerful and positive connections between those on the team. It is these connections that allow a team to grow far beyond its simple aggregation of talents. This book helps you become aware of the untapped potential of teams, gives clear guidelines on building the basics of a high-performance team, and reveals how you can ensure sustained team performance. Building high-performance teams is a choice, and Peter Cauwelier provides the mental maps, models, and tools to turn that choice into reality.


Praise for the book

The Untapped Team Advantage is compassionate and wise. Author Cauwelier reminds readers that building a team is not like building a house because the work of building a team is never done. It’s more like joining a gym; if you resolve to get fit, you understand it means resolving to stay fit. Teams require continual nurturing and pivoting—and cannot be led with a simple checklist approach. The book’s compelling stories and practical advice shine the spotlight on the relationships among a team’s members as the source of greater engagement and performance.

– Amy C. Edmondson
Professor, Harvard Business School
Author, The Fearless Organization: Creating Psychological
Safety in the Workplace for Learning, Innovation, and
Growth (Wiley 2019)

  A clear and comprehensive guide to leading teams. Dr. Peter Cauwelier touches on almost every subject a team leader needs to know—what skills are necessary, how you develop them, how you build teams, what you do when conflict erupts and so on. This book is an excellent guide to team-building for someone newly assigned to a team.

It also offers important advice for executives of companies that are considering a team approach to management.

– Philippe Bonnet
Global Vice President Human Resources, Essilor

Having had the opportunity to participate in the transition to high-performing teams in my previous company, Peter Cauwelier has captured and simplified the journey in this book. His roadmap removes all the “noise” associated with years of team-based learnings to focus on the key principles and tools necessary to drive engagement, collaboration, and focus. I wish I had this book years ago.

– Clare Amrhein
Market HR Manager, Walmart

A very realistic description of team dynamics, and a pragmatic and highly practical guide to develop and sustain successful teams. The Untapped Team Advantage will truly speak to all operational managers!

– Fredrik Schyberg
Senior Vice President Operations, Essilor


Leaders win games, teams win championships… Peter’s inspiring book will definitely help you look at your team differently, and redefine your role and responsibility as a team leader. Keep on growing your teams and help them realize their full potential!

– Jean-Francois Couve
General Manager, GSK Consumer Healthcare

 It can’t get any more practical than this. If you are in the business of leading or building teams, get a copy and acquire the wisdom contained in this book!

– Mark Relova
Vice President and Head, Troo Lab

If you aren’t already convinced about the power of a high-performance team, read this book. With an engaging and clear writing style and rich leadership background, Peter offers compelling evidence that a leader with the right mindset and approach can significantly enhance a team’s performance.

– Shannon Banks
Director, Be Leadership
United Kingdom

This book is a straightforward read that clears up some hardcore misconceptions about the power of teams. It makes us see teams for what they truly are, valuable assets with limitations. The book is filled with practical tips that are easy to apply and founded on research and solid concepts.

– Mies de Koning
Action Learning New York

Great teams are built on continuous co-learning. This engaging book provides practical advice on how to create the conditions for co-learning that leads to high performance.

– Professor David Clutterbuck
Practice Lead at Coaching and Mentoring International
United Kingdom