The Systematic Trader (Second Edition): How I turned a $250,000 debt into profits through stock trading


ISBN: 978-981-17173-0-7
Author: Collin Seow Tan and Chin Yong Sak
Page: 276 pp
Size: 148mm x 210mm (paperback)
Genre: Personal Finance




In The Systematic Trader, award-winning trader Collin Seow unveils the secrets that pulled him out of a $250,000 debt to become a successful and profitable trader within a short span of sixteen months.

Values, knowledge, and skills are essential elements of successful trading. Collin shares the set of values distilled from his 20 years of trading experience that has anchored his success today. Packed with winning strategies and practical action plans, you will find this book useful in improving your trading knowledge and skills. This book introduces a back-tested proprietary TradersGPS system that will help you take the guesswork out of trading, as well as psychological habits you need to develop to ensure long-term success in investing.

Praise for the book

Finally, this long awaited release of The Systematic Trader has arrived! Having known Collin for years, he has one of the most sincere and genuine personality in the trading sphere. With the added insights on Options and Crypto this time, this book a MUST READ for all aspiring traders looking to create generational wealth from the financial markets. Besides sharing his proprietary trading system in this book, he also shares valuable lessons on other aspects on trading such as psychology and trade planning. This will no doubt be a holistic read for all traders!
Jay Tun
Independent Trader
Founder & Trainer, Swim Trading

The Systematic Trader helps traders understand what is most important to make excellent trades and investments in markets. Learn how to focus on the things that professional traders and investors do so you can make yours the best.
Mike Bellafiore
Author, One Good Trade and The PlayBook
Managing Partner, SMB Capital

Collin has been at the forefront of trading education, contributing various articles to many media channels, including Shares Investment. With his new book, Collin takes trading education to the next level. From the very personable introduction down to various chapters that share various trading strategies, Collin’s new book is bound to keep you in its grip with its useful actionable content. Take heed though, this is not a book which you can just read and chuck aside. The book essentially brings you on Collin’s journey through trading and guides you through your own. A very captivating and useful tool for traders who want to start with success.
Simeon Ang
Editor, Tradeable

This is a fantastic book that will have a profound impact on your trading. Not only does Collin share his proprietary trading system, he also drills the importance of understanding the systems that you use. This is of paramount importance, as only with a thorough understanding of the system used will a trader be able to make the necessary adjustments to suit different market environments. A great resource and highly recommended.
Marc Liu
Partner, TradersGPS

As a new trader, knowing how to make consistent profit in the market is always the pain. Collin uncovers this mystery for traders. The book is about you and the market, and tells you how to set up your mind to become a successful trader. If you are serious about trading, then you must read this book.
Shanison Lin
Founder, InvestingNote

It has been a while since someone came along with a special ability to pack such vast important trading topics into a manner simple and easy to understand. With this book, Collin has just raised the bar big time in the trading scene. This book is a must read for traders of all levels.
Kyaw Sonic
Founder, Sonic R. Trading System

This book contains the two most important topics in trading—trading a plan and framing a winning mindset. Do yourself a favour by understanding these and you will avoid the money losing traps in trading.
Ng Ee Hwa
Director, Chartnexus

One of the few local financial writers that I follow and read, Collin’s life experiences allow him to give us valuable advice, especially in the local context where many other books are simply about foreign markets. A must read for Singaporeans.
Akay Sin
Private Investor