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The Slingshot Maneuver: How small businesses can take on giant competitors… and win!


ISBN: 978-981-17116-0-2
Author: Zachary Young
Page: 156 pp
Size: 5’ x 8’ (paperback)
Genre: Entrepreneurship



If you want to build a solid multimillion-dollar business, do not read this book… MEMORIZE IT!

 Too many entrepreneurs are so caught up…

  • Engaging in daily firefights within their businesses.
  • Figuring out what’s the real bottleneck in their company.
  • Hiring without knowing why their talents are leaving.
  • Running the show without learning how to extract themselves from
  • the process.

Sounds familiar? That is because after consulting with hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners, Zachary realized that the problems plaguing startups and small businesses are all too similar.

For the first time ever in this book, he details step by step the time-tested Slingshot Maneuver that has successfully helped multiple small companies to…

  • Hit their first million-dollar revenue year.
  • Trigger the start of their exponential business growth.
  • Scale beyond 8-figures worth of revenue within 12 to 24 months.


Praise for the book

“I never thought that someone could scale a company so quickly and smoothly from 7 to 8 figures in a few months…until I saw how Zachary Young did it—his ‘slingshot maneuver’ reveals everything!”

– Thaddaeus Koh, Founder Of The Bullish Agency


“If what you are looking for is a fool proof strategy to win against the giants in your industry, The Slingshot Maneuver is a must-read. Zachary is truly the Zhuge Liang of business in this era!

– Alan & Xin Hong, Founders of HappilyLove


“I recently applied Zachary’s principles to my education business and was able to make $368,550 revenue in 2 days— and that was a record single-week revenue for my company!

I highly recommend The Slingshot Maneuver to anyone who is looking to scale their business and operations—you won’t regret reading it!”

– Ethan Lin, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of CryptoKnights and Author of The Mind Reader


“Zachary’s book is a great display of his practical methods and framework in business. His extensive business experience makes it a must-read for all founders, business owners and


– Rachel Kang, Marketing Manager of Invictus


“Not only is Zachary a master strategist at helping companies grow exponentially while being as lean and efficient as possible, he is ultra-proficient with execution and able to think 5 to 10

steps ahead of everyone else. I guarantee you’ll pick up many valuable insights from his book!”

– Marc Teo, Founder of Master Implementers


“Zachary’s work shifted my mindset and his business formula helped 5x my personal income! So if you want to increase your company revenue as well as improve your company culture, you

will definitely need to read The Slingshot Maneuver.”

– Glen Ho, Bestselling Author of The Hidden Goldmine, Intentional Speaker at Success Resources, Director of Buffett Online School


The Slingshot Maneuver gives you an easy birds-eye perspective on how to scale businesses. Understanding this is key, it opens your eyes to looking at things in an effective,

unorthodox way.”

– Joshua Ng, Co-founder of Symple Marketing