The A to Z Guide to Retirement Planning


ISBN: 978-981-09-9105-0
Author: Patrick Chang
Publisher: Candid Creation Publishing
Page: 192 pp
Size: A5 (paperback)
Genre: Personal finance
Availability: All major bookstores




With medical advancement, your life expectancy looks set to increase and the time you are going to spend in retirement will also be extended proportionately. The key question really is: Are you ready for your dream retirement?

Today, the main concern of many people is that they’re going to run out of money when they stop working one day. The A to Z Guide to Retirement Planning is written to address this concern by covering 26 important topics on retirement planning. The chapters are presented in alphabetical order spanning the five key pillars of Managing Wealth, Accumulating Wealth, Preserving Wealth, Protecting Wealth, and Distributing Wealth.

This is a resource book that both demystifies complex financial concepts and provides you with practical tips to give you a head start in your planning for the dream retirement that you truly deserve.


“Patrick has worked in the financial industry for many years. Throughout these years, he has come across many clients who do not know how to plan for their retirement. Thus, it is very apt for him to produce this book as he is armed with a wealth of knowledge on financial planning. I strongly recommend those who are interested to plan for their financial needs, especially in the area of retirement, to read his book as it is concise and easy to comprehend without having to crack your brain to digest the information.”
Christina Tan, Managing Director, Hayman Private Limited

“What a great book! Patrick’s The A to Z Guide to Retirement Planning is not only a reference book for everyone who is interested in planning for their retirement at any stage of their lives, but it is also an essential guide to getting started. In its simplistic way, Patrick is able to turn a complicated subject into an easy to understand reading even for the layman. You don’t need to be a financial expert to understand it. It is simply inspirational!”
Tony Teng, Executive Director, BNI Singapore (Northern Region)

“Working in a hospital, I have seen, first-hand, how hospital bills can have a devastating impact on the patients’ finances. It is definitely ‘expensive’ to fall sick, especially in Singapore! And that is where this book comes in handy.

Organised in short chapters and written in simple-to-understand English, this book provides a good overview for those interested in financial planning for their retirement. If you have not given your retirement financial planning a serious thought yet, get this book today and you will be way ahead of most people who do not bother.”
Stephen Wong, Senior Operations Executive (Specialist Outpatient Clinics), Singapore General Hospital

“Patrick Chang cleverly illuminates key aspects and milestones of our financial lives that are undoubtedly important and what everyone would utterly agree on and yet are rarely prepared for. The well-structured, insightful and easily relatable content is confident to move the most stubborn of readers to take informed action with their future money plans, while they can still afford it.”
Terence Kong, Financial Services Director, AIA Singapore

“Patrick Chang took on a very challenging topic by its ‘horns’ and masterfully made it simplistic. Through his counsel, readers are taken on a discovery journey where their perspectives are significantly broadened from new possibilities which they can consider to absorb, learn and act upon to improve their future financial health. This book made me re-evaluate how I am currently shaping my various sources (active and passive) of income. I highly recommend this book as a priority read for the Millennial Generation, myself included, before they hit the magical milestone of their 30th birthday, in order to develop a good head start on managing their long-term financial planning.”
Zakes Quek, Regional Manager Asia Pacific (Dry Bulk Division),Den Hartogh Logistics

“Retirement is an important but oft-neglected component in financial planning. Patrick Chang has cleverly illustrated key aspects of retirement planning using simple-to-understand and easy-to-apply concepts and ideas that are arranged in alphabetical order. This book is a gem if you want to have your dream retirement come true.”
Dato’ Sri Jackie Tor, Managing Director, Bio Lubricant International Sdn. Bhd.

“Although as a young professional, retirement is not the top-of-mind term for most of my peers, I sincerely believe that retirement should be planned for and acted on for the years to come. It’s like planting a tree. And what Patrick has very effectively done is to provide readers with the seeds, fertilizer and tools to plant that tree right. I love how he has decoded and demystified retirement fund planning and made it an easy read with his A-Z framework, simple examples and relatable scenarios. If you’re serious about retirement, start with this book.”
Benjamin Loh, Public Speaking Coach and Author of Inspirit

“Most books on retirement planning will require you to read from the first chapter to the last, but certainly not this book. There’s flexibility in reading. You can choose to read the chapters most appropriate to your circumstances first. While each chapter can be read independently, its central theme on retirement planning is clear.

Littered with cases studies, charts and graphs, and the use of simple English,

Patrick Chang has made the book an easy read with plenty of information to share to keep your retirement plan on track.”
Ahmad Effendy, Design Consultant, seven10

“Patrick sheds light on a subject every adult needs to master, yet few are willing to attempt. This book is a must-read before the reader meets up with an insurance agent or a banker. Why? Patrick has laid out a gorgeous buffet spread of content, such that the reader can zero in on the necessary and does not need to read the book cover to cover. Each chapter has enough meat to equip the reader with the necessary financial information.”
Jonathan Yeo, Certified Financial Planner

“Patrick has managed to condense this complex subject matter in a unique format for most people to follow easily. With his vast working experience throughout the decade, you can rest assure that his accumulated knowledge is helpful in your financial planning for your retirement.”
Dato’ James Foo, Serial Entrepreneur

“A comfortable retirement is the dream of every Singaporean, but many fail to plan for it or even understand what it takes to achieve it. Patrick’s ingenious approach to this topic is downright refreshing. The A-Z format allows readers to pick topics that appeal to them the most first and the bite-size chunks of information are relatively easy to digest even for the uninitiated. I highly recommend this book as it is both an informative and enjoyable read!”
Felicia, Vice President (Training & Communications), Walton International Group

“We often meet financial advisors and relationship managers who are more interested in selling you what they need to sell you rather than in solving your investment and insurance needs. Patrick has painstakingly put together his many years of knowledge, experience and facts that we all need know into this one book. I strongly recommend that anyone who needs to make an investment decision, especially for his or her retirement plan, to read his book!
Louis Lim, Regional Energy Manager (Global Corporate Clients),ISS Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“This book is an easy read. The topics covered are comprehensive, thorough and detailed. Structuring the topics in alphabetical order helps the reader to focus on their immediate needs. This book has a place in the library of every home.”
Richard Sng, Vocal and Verbal Image Consultant/Trainer, Author of Wriggle Wrestle Wrangle with Words