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The A Student’s Cheat Sheet: 10 Transformation Mindsets to Maximise Your Potential in Studies and Life


ISBN: 978-981-17258-3-8
Authors: Teacher Deddy
Page: 136 pp
Size: 5.5′ x 8.5′ (paperback)
Genre: Self-help



Do you know that every success begins with your mind and your thoughts…

This book is a cheat sheet for you to discover the power of your mind. It shares ten transformation mindsets that you, as a student, can embark on today to not only score well in your examinations in school but also tests in life. Whether you are already an A-student or struggling to find motivation in school, this book will give you another perspective towards school and how you can make the best out of your time in it, and when you “go out” into the working world.

Within the pages of this book, you will discover:

  • How your locus of control can lead you places—no matter your position in life
  • What the “lazy monster” actually is and how to create compelling motivation and habits that will help you achieve what you really want
  • How mistakes are potent “dead fishes” that can propel you towards success, and how to keep and collect them
  • Why choosing quality over quantity in friends can change your life
  • Easy and quick mind hacks to solve problems, innovate, and adapt to any challenge you face in school and life
  • What is the five-percent zone and how to leave mediocrity behind forever

And much more…

Praise for the book

It is no surprise to me that Deddy has created a spectacular book, and one that is incredibly telling of his compassion for the future generation. His humility has stayed with him, setting him apart from other thought leaders. It is a joy to witness his growth as a student, person, and now, a leader.

— Kelvin Tan

President of the Association of Training and Enrichment and Co-Founder of Speech Academy Asia and Integrated Education, Father of one child


In life, there are certain things that happen, of which we are not in control. Yet, there is something that we can control—the way we perceive these things. In this book, Deddy has put together some very simple and yet practical measures that everyone can embrace, to bring about a transformational mindset. His insights, crafted with personal anecdotes, make for an absorbing read. His endeavours to share his life journey so candidly as to guide many, as a mentor would, is inspiring. A must-read for many young ones.

— Ho Soo Ping

PSC Teaching Scholar, Former JC HOD, Founder of Byron Tutorial Centre, Mother of two children


Every story that you write is a unique experience, and those in this book keep us engaged in the story to the end. Thus far, I know Deddy to be blessed with a creative mind, coming up with such good stories and presenting them in a great sequence. I am becoming his biggest fan.

— Angela Chin

Director of FinACT Business Solutions, Mother of two children


A brilliant book wrapped around life lessons that we all wished that we had known. It’s an easy mind jogger full of anecdotes that you can pick up anytime. Teacher Deddy is right… It starts with the mindset as a way of thinking (like the spectacles we wear) and thereafter sets us on a path to achieve greater goals.

— Aaron Wong

CEO, Paypal Pte Ltd (Singapore), Father of two children


As his former teacher, I have always known Deddy to be a conscientious and sensible student. Through this book, Deddy has generously shared his “secrets” to positive learning dispositions and success. I will highly recommend this book to students, parents, and educators who are in the pursuit to nurture and become life-long learners and healthy individuals.

— Chew Mun Wai

Former Primary School teacher, Father of one child


Teacher Deddy’s The A Student’s Cheat Sheet is jam-packed with wise, candid, and thought-provoking mindsets that every student will need to grow in academics and even more importantly, in life. His practical insights and personal stories will anchor your child and stand them in good stead as they navigate a fast-changing and uncertain world. They will learn the values of self-motivation and courage, build an increasing tolerance for mistakes, and possess the humility and grit to “fail forward”.

— June Yong

Family life educator, Mother of two children


This is an extremely easy and enjoyable read! Teacher Deddy has effectively distilled all the success advice out there into one key ingredient—your mindset. Mindset is everything. All forms of success, be it your academic or life, is a direct result of the way we think.

The bite-sized principles are sticky and memorable. This is because Deddy uses rich metaphors to stimulate mental imageries. They also reference his real-life experiences, which makes it even more inspirational. The best part is, this is not a verbose textbook! It is succinct and direct. That’s why it’s called a Cheat Sheet.

I unreservedly recommend this book to any student, parent, or educator who is serious about changing your life by first changing your mindset!

— Glenn Lim

Transformational Psychologist & Youth Specialist, Former Youth Ambassador, Republic of Singapore, Former ASEAN Commonwealth Youth Ambassador


Teacher Deddy has been a great source of inspiration multiple times in the past two years. He has given me and my friends consistent support whenever we needed help with our projects for a competition submission. He helped me unreservedly during preparations for the Direct School Admissions too. Indeed, I am extremely grateful for his generosity throughout the past two years, and I know that this book will be an amazing resource for many other kids like me to succeed in school.

— Lincoln Zhang

Deputy Head Prefect of Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School (2022), Student at Raffles Institution (2023)


Deddy’s The A Student’s Cheat Sheet is an indispensable read for students navigating through life’s challenges amidst an ever-changing environment. The book highlights real issues that every student can resonate with and is jam-packed with nuggets of useful tips and relevant examples to support our next generation of leaders. Having gone through two cycles of PSLE for my boys during the pandemic period, I have come to recognise that it is certainly more important for our children to develop core traits such as resilience, the right mindset, and adaptability rather than focus on pure academics in order to cope with a world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA). I would highly recommend this cheat sheet to all students. May this be a valuable part of your growing up years.

— Lydia Ang

Director of Flying Cape, Mother of two children