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Street-Smart Strategies for Time Mastery


ISBN: 978-981-14-5117-1
Author: Dr Eugene ST Tan and Dr Kumaran Rajaram
Page: 100 pp
Size: 8” x 5” (paperback)
Genre: Self-help



To do well in today’s fast-moving world, it is no longer enough to work hard. You need to work smart. One of the key success factors for students and adult learners is the art of mastering what you do with your time. Despite each of us having 24 hours or 1,440 minutes a day, replenished automatically at the start of each day, we often hear people complaining that they do not have enough time to complete their daily tasks.

This book aims to equip you with actionable ideas and methods to help you clearly identify and avoid falling into time-wasting traps, clarify your utmost priorities at any one time, and supercharge your productivity using street-smart strategies for time mastery.

When you take practical, concrete actions to improve the way you use your time, you will regain full control of your time and day. With consistent application of these strategies over time, you will soon find yourself on the highway of super achievement.


Praise for the book

This book is very useful not only for students and adult learners who are daunted by pressing demands on their time, but also for those who want to make better use of their time. Good time management is a skill that is relevant to students and will only become increasingly essential as students transit into young working professionals when they embark on their careers.
– Associate Professor Low Kin Yew
Associate Dean (Undergraduate Academic)
Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University

I recommend this book to all law students and legal practitioners. The book addresses time management skills in a useful and focussed manner. This book is a must-have in the library of all professionals.
– Mr. Baiross
Advocate & Solicitor and Managing Partner, IRB Law LLP

The ability to manage time well is such an important life skill for everyone, especially a working mother who has to manage family commitments and a demanding career at the same time. This book offers very practical tips on how to achieve it effectively.
– Ms. Jomay Wan
Former Senior Vice President, MediaCorp Pte Ltd

Street-Smart Strategies for Time Mastery is a must-read for anyone battling procrastination. Read this book now and learn from the time masters.
– Ms. Choo Li Lin
Applied Linguist and Educator

I highly recommend this book for people of all ages who are living in the highly competitive and time-pressured world that is the 21st century. Amazingly concise yet spot-on with lots of pearls of wisdom, the authors waste no time with unnecessary information overload, and present the readers with nuggets of wisdom which are both easy to understand and to implement. As a time-pressured mother-of-two juggling full-time work as a dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon, this book has been invaluable in giving me tips to be a better master of my time!
– Dr. Angeline Yong
Dermatologist, Angeline Yong Dermatology

Drs. Kumaran Rajaram and Eugene Tan have written a must-read book for all who wish for more than 24 hours a day. Read this book and learn the secrets of time mastery from the two super achievers!
– Dr. Kong Jing Wen
Consultant Family Physician

As a full-time working professional who is faced with frequent tests and exams in my job, whilst trying to juggle family, relationship, and religion commitments, I find myself feeling at my wits’ end at times. It was not until I read this book that I realised I was struggling with the time traps illustrated here! I had also never done a personal time audit until this book inspired me to do so. Learning about the 6 strategies for time mastery has benefited me immensely, and the advice from this book has propelled me to change my habits so that I am no longer a “slave” to my commitments. Instead, I learned to be a “master” at crafting time out for myself. Now, I feel more invigorated to study, work, yet still find quality time for my loved ones and family! As the book aptly says, “Do the right things first and do them fast.” I recommend anyone to read this book as one of the first right things to do now!
– Dr. Sophie Cai
Dermatology Senior Resident

A simple and practical formula that one can easily implement to achieve greater effectiveness in life! An excellent read, especially for young learners who wish to work smarter and accomplish more in less time!
– Dr. Liu Yuchun

This book provides pragmatic and achievable tips to everyone who has experienced challenges in time management and organisation, with the diverse experiences of the two successful authors serving as a precedent for many students. The strategies in this book are practical and applying them would enable one to maximise time and productivity. A recommended read for anyone in need of a reminder that they can be masters of their own time.
– Ms. Ong Rui Xiu Clarice
Undergraduate, Accountancy and Business

This book is a refreshing read and has a crystal-clear goal of helping its readers such as myself make full use of our limited time in the day. This can be done by eliminating distractions, prioritising urgent and vital items, and doing tasks immediately without distractions. I really love the distilled recommendations this book provides, along with established evidence, which allows me to quickly decide on my next steps to better manage my time.
– Mr. Koon Soon Lee
Undergraduate, Accountancy and Business

Personally, as a driven and ambitious student, I have always looked up to industry heavyweights such as Jamie Dimon (CEO of JPMorgan Chase) and Ruth Porat (CFO of Google). They have the same 24 hours as we do, yet seem to be able to accomplish so much more. Perhaps intellect plays a part, but based on the interviews they have done, a common ingredient to success that they cited is disciplined time management. This book is an easily digestible piece which compels us to sit down and analyse the way we utilise our time to make it more efficient and productive. Useful templates such as the “Personal Time Audit” also help us to plan our time better, and the book is suitable for both student and adult learners who want to achieve more in the same amount of time.
– Ms. Lau Shu Qing
Undergraduate, Accountancy and Business

An insightful read! This book systematically explores the ways in which time is “stolen” from us and enlightens us with practical tips on how to save time. It is easy to comprehend and the suggested methods are simple to apply. A must-have for anyone who wishes to excel in life.
– Dr. Chung Pin Soon
Family Physician

Dr. Kumaran Rajaram and Dr. Eugene Tan expertly detailed strategies and tips on the long-standing issue of time management. The book provides modern and refreshing perspectives that were highly relatable and bound to leave readers eager for more. The actionable steps outlined to tackle the major “time traps” to help supercharge productivity are simple and concise tools. Yet, there are delicate frameworks catering to the attributes of each individual, providing a robust and holistic approach for creating unique and personalised solutions for time management. Be empowered with this book and help yourself “create” more time, rather than worry about it.
– Mr. Nicholas Teoh Hong Hok
Undergraduate, Accountancy and Business

Dr. Kumaran Rajaram and Dr. Eugene Tan deliver with absolute clarity a set of time-management principles that dispel any doubt of how they are able to achieve so much every day. The brevity of the book reflects at once the core of the book—to invite wisdom through focus.
– Mr. Raphael Yee
Undergraduate, Philosophy and Computer Science