Startup Culture: Your Superpower for Sustainable Growth


ISBN: 978-981-14-7777-5
Author: Alexander Nicolaus
Page: 234 pp
Size: 5’ x 8’ (paperback)
Genre: Workplace Culture



Culture Can Make or Break Your STARTUP.

A great culture enables you to create an unassailable competitive advantage. It helps you to attract and keep your talent, create happiness in the workplace, increase your people’s engagement with their work, drive high performance, and attract investors and customers alike. You improve your odds of growing a successful and sustainable business because your people are aligned with your vision, they know what to do without you telling them, and they move heaven and earth to make the impossible possible.

Your startup’s culture is more important than your funding, your products, or your marketing, because it underpins all those elements. It can’t be left to chance. This is the book that will help you to develop the culture of resilience and adaptability your startup needs to thrive in an era of disruption and uncertainty.


Praise for the book

At the time of writing, Alex was the People and Culture Leader at Circles.Life, one of Singapore’s fastest-growing tech startups. This book on culture is unique in that it was written by someone in the middle of the battle, rather than a bystander post mortem. In reading it, I believe culture practitioners will be able to accelerate five years of learning by trial and error into one year.

– NiQ Lai Co-Owner and Group CEO
Hong Kong Broadband Network Ltd.

Disrupting the status quo and overturning conventional wisdom is hard. Doing so requires a dedicated team of people passionately pulling together to affect change. Startup Culture pulls from best practices of unicorns who have affected change to explain how you can build a culture of passionate, high-performing employees to do the same. A must-read for any founder or management team with big ambitions.

– Kyle Buffenmyer
Country Manager of Japan at SquareTrade

Startup Culture not only provides a clear explanation of the benefits of building a strong culture for your organisation, but also offers helpful advice on how to embed it. Essential reading for anyone looking to create success for the longer-term.

– Steve Vickers
Former Managing Director, Xiaomi Southeast Asia