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Start With Who: Reveal the Hidden Power of Identity to Create a Purposeful Life


ISBN: 978-981-17135-4-5
Authors: Marcus Marsden
Page: 304 pp
Size: 170mm x 230mm (paperback)
Genre: Self-Help



Who have you decided you are?
When and why did you decide that?
What evidence do you use to reinforce your beliefs about yourself?
What evidence do you ignore that enables you to keep them?

In this book, Marcus demonstrates how the beliefs you hold about yourself not only produce your current reality, but also limit your future possibility. Transform your capacity to produce extraordinary results by examining the beliefs you hold about you. It can happen when you Start With Who.


Praise for the book

“An eye-opening introduction to the generative power of language and the unprecedented possibilities that are created by acquiring new distinctions. In addition to being a world-class coach and facilitator, Marcus is a master of clarity. He invites us to start our journey towards fulfilment and satisfaction by considering fundamental questions regarding our identity.

The book expands on the traditional approaches that start with the ‘what’ and ‘why’ questions by initially focusing instead on the power of the invisible context that a human being brings to those questions.”

Chalmers Brothers
Best-selling author of Language and the Pursuit of Happiness and Language and the Pursuit of Leadership Excellence