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Sh!t I’m Not Pregnant Again


ISBN: 978-981-11-0312-4
Author: Lisa Ortner-Ghouze
Publisher: Candid Creation Publishing
Page: 134pp
Size: A5 (paperback)
Genre: Pregnancy
Availability: All major bookstores



Assisted fertility can be a difficult journey and not exactly the kind of topic that comes up naturally at a dinner party. That’s what makes it an isolating experience for a couple. But knowing the good, bad and ugly of the process is half the battle won. The other half is following your heart and being perseverant.

Written from both a woman’s and a man’s perspective, Sh!t I’m Not Pregnant Again is an honest and empowering take on In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF). t offers practical advice on how to cope with the emotional challenges IVF brings, while providing an interesting insight on how women may experience the journey very differently from men.


Praise “Lisa’s honesty and humour, coupled with a unique insight into her husband’s own IVF pilgrimage, sets this book apart from the rest and makes it a must-read for anyone experiencing or considering fertility treatment. Sh!t I’m Not Pregnant Again is a reliable and intelligent chronicle on the ups and downs of 21st century assisted reproduction.”
Clare Fraser, Strategy Consultant

“I recommend this book as an overview to IVF for couples who are considering the treatment. This book contains valuable insights and details of the IVF process and how the woman and man feel about it, unlike most other books written wholly from the woman’s perspective. It also takes us through the thought process of what really happens when an IVF treatment fails or when a miscarriage happens. How does the couple retreat to their own world to grief and to process the undesirable outcome which is sometimes part of the journey in trying to conceive?”
Felicia Tan, Author, Speaker and Blogger Art of Life

“As someone who is undergoing IVF treatment, I share many similar experiences as Lisa. What’s really eye-openingfor me was reading ’His Story’, which provided an interesting insight into how the men feel. For anyone who is contemplating or is undergoing fertility treatment, this book will enlighten you and (hopefully) cut some unpleasant corners.”
Caslin Liu, Owner/Corporate Coach and Trainer EVOL Consulting

“Sh!t I Am Not Pregnant Again! took me back a few years to when I too was going through IVF and had to adjust every aspect of my life—work, family, friends and leisure. Reading ‘His Story’ was also very enlightening of the male perspective. Whilst my treatment took place in the UK and I did not have quite as long or difficult a journey as Lisa and Firman did, their story still resonates with me, particularly the mantra that doctors are not infallible and it is good to question whether the treatment you are getting is really the right thing for you. The book is both an open and human narratives of some of the things you might be surprised to come across or feel while undergoing assisted reproductive technology.”
Marisa Nevill, Solicitor