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Rise Above You: 7 Transformations Towards Your Best Life Now


ISBN: 978-981-14-5065-5
Author: Candice Goh
Publisher: Candid Creation Publishing
Price: $26.90 (before GST)
Page: 100 pp
Size: 148mm x 210mm (paperback)
Genre: Self help
Availability: All major bookstores



Do YOU want to transform your life? Learn how to Rise Above You and live your best life now!

Author Candice Goh made it her life purpose to help others live their best lives and now, she wants to impart the seven transformational strategies to you through her book.

Peppered with her personal stories that bring these strategies to life, Rise Above You is easy to read, easy to understand and easy to implement. All you need to do is to follow the Call-to-Action included at the end of each chapter and apply the seven transformational strategies in your life!

Within the pages of this book, you will discover the A to G of transformations:

  • AGENDA For Your Life
  • BELIEFS That Guide You
  • CARE For Your Body
  • DREAM Of Your Future
  • ENJOY The Moment
  • GROW Continuously

Praise for the book

A guide to overcoming your subconscious sabotages and negative beliefs. Through this book, Candice illuminates a path to living your best life. It is practical, insightful, inspiring and real. Get ready for your transformation. Rise Above You is my first read from Candice and I highly recommend it.
— Marc Dass
CEO, intheloop Asia

Candice’s life is an open book. This is her journey and story told in a true blue Candice fashion—straight from her heart and straight to the point. You may not know her, but reading the book will make you feel that she has been a friend to you all along: A friend who has been trying everything in her power to help you succeed! Such is the honesty of Rise Above You—right from her heart and into yours!
— Lim Kim Pong
CEO, StrengthsAsia

Save your time going around in circles. Reading Rise Above You made me aware that my life agenda wasn’t strong. It’s an easy book to read, with valuable guidelines for life. For a lost soul who was only aware that he’s lost in the later years, I wish I had this book earlier. This is a full package to kick-start a better life. Be in the moment when you’re reading this book. It’s going to point you to the right starting line.
— Luke Ong
Trade Manager, ANL Singapore

Candice did it again. Rise Above You is an easy read that is filled with anecdotes and affirmations; a book of selfless sharing; a book filled with brilliant tips and engaging action calls; and a book for continual transformation.

This book is simply awe-inspiring with guides to transform our lives with smart and steady solutions. This is the book that everyone should have with them always because every transformation is a nugget for a rewarding and purposeful life.

As I read through the book, it made me reflect on my lifestyle habits, my values and my beliefs, and how I can make changes in my daily activities and outlook. The Call-to-Action after every chapter reinforces the learning and guides the readers to translating thoughts into actions for improvement.

It is a truly enlightening, enriching and empowering read.
— Mala Krishna
Adventure Specialist, Adventures Unlimited

I was so awed and inspired reading Rise Above You that I started jotting down notes and points which I found to be practical and useful. I found myself thinking through how I can live my life purposefully if I set my life agenda and change my beliefs. This book provides practical ways on how to live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life. It’s a must-read for those who want purpose, clarity and transformation in life. It’s a great book.
— Charisa Heng
Senior Area Manager, Nefful Singapore Distributor Network

Rise Above You is truly a page-turner. Beginning from the first line, I was compelled to read on, chasing the next line and then the next page. I am an experienced entrepreneur, yet I have been so enriched by this book. I love the active content which gave me a sense of being pushed forward with every line. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to live life successfully and meaningfully.
— Henry Choong
Managing Director, a sportswear agent

Practical, down-to-earth and logical. Easy to understand and suitable for various age groups. I would recommend Rise Above You especially to young people who aspire improvement, are willing to take action, but feel direction-less.
— Lim Thien Inn
Technical Lead, KT Consulting

This book is a timely read. After reading it, I realised it is not too late for me to start planning for the life I really want to lead. It gave me the courage and confidence to make a change in my life.

— Ang Bee Bee
Executive Director, a global financial bank

Thank you, Candice, for making it her life purpose to help others live their best lives. Rise Above You is a wonderful follow-up to her first book, From Piece to Peace, written with heart and candour.
— Jaclyn Fam
Deputy Director, Corporate Planning, National Healthcare Group Polyclinics

I finished Rise Above You in one seating. It’s a wonderful book and I wish I could have read this book when I was younger because then I might have achieved much more if I applied the powerful principles brought up in the book. This book covers many applicable aspects of life and I highly recommend it to anyone who aims to rise above!
— Douglas Leong
CG/VFX Consultant and Instructor, Radiance60

This book is peppered with Candice’s personal stories that bring ideas to life. Each chapter comes with a Call-to-Action with questions to guide readers to practise what they have read. It is a must-read for those who want better clarity on his or her life’s mission and to achieve well-being in life.
— Adeline Tiah
Head of Marketing & Partnership, a financial services company

A super candid and concise account of how Candice walks the talk from dreaming to actualising her transformation journey. This book is filled with simple to construct action plans to help you kick-start your transformation journey and lead a purposeful life.
— Diana Lim
Management Trainee, a global products company