Reinventing B2B Sales: How to Win More Customers in a Dynamic Business World


ISBN: 978-981-17173-1-4
Authors: Jacky Lim
Page: 176 pp
Size: 6′ x 9′ (paperback)
Genre: Sales & Selling



With today’s business world getting increasingly competitive and dynamic, it is essential for salespeople to constantly reinvent themselves, as well as be equipped with a different mindset and skills to thrive in the market. To achieve this, they need the ADÆPT™ sales system.

Based on the intensive work done with more than thirty-seven companies over the last decade, the ADÆPT™ sales system was developed and aims to empower B2B salespeople with cutting-edge tools to increase their sales by differentiating themselves from the competition. With this system, they will learn how to attract, adapt, and acquire more customers in the new economy, moving from the traditional consultative sales approach to a collaborative one. They will be able to position themselves as a value-adding partner to their customers, instead of just being a vendor.

With the ADÆPT™ sales system, B2B salespeople will be equipped with all the know-how they will need to reinvent their sales and tackle the challenges in any business environment.

Praise for the book

“Jam-packed with various tools and methodologies, this book is more of a checklist for seasoned B2B salespeople, and a preferred read for those who want to build stronger B2B relationships with their clients and acquire new prospects.”
— Edwin J. Tanga
Business Steward, ejt & Associates; Creative Communication Services

“Being in sales for the last fifteen years of my career, I have come across numerous B2B selling systems. The ADÆPTTM system is definitely one of my top favourites. If anyone wishes to bring their salesmanship to the next level, this book is certainly a must-read.”
— David Ang
Strategic Account Lead in a global MNC in industrial automation

“With the pandemic bringing many changes and challenges to the business world, having innovative ideas and the right tools can make a difference! This book has certainly given me better insights and practical steps on how I can build a relationship and sell more effectively to my clients virtually.”
— Agustina Silalahi
Sales Account Manager, Siemens

“You need to own this book if you desire to become an effective B2B sales professional. It has given me great insights on how I can position my products and services more effectively to my clients, using different sales tools and understanding the human psychology.”
— Son Tran
Business Development Team Leader, Digilife Technologies

“Fully absorbed into the content when reading. It’s thought-provoking, idea-generating, and action-triggering. An excellent book for B2B salespeople.”
— Garen Tee
Regional Sales Executive

“The ADÆPTTM system works and Jacky delivered the secrets of these successful sales concepts brilliantly to the team in person. This book synthesises the same concepts so everyone can refer to it again and again. Use it in confidence!”
— Teri Teo
Director of Communications and Capability Development

“The book will enable you to understand how to get clients to buy in to your ideas and generate sales. Learn the concept of context—succinctly summarise the situation of client by effective questioning techniques, framing—establish framework to understand customer centric sales
journey and finally connecting the dots! Clients buy into emotional needs and justify with logic in decision making. It’s about buying in and not selling. A great book to read if you deeply desire to know the secret principles of being a great rainmaker!”
— Evelyn Tan
Business Development Director, Falco Academy