REINVENT 4.0: Your Keys to Unlock Success and Thrive in Uncertainty


ISBN: 978-981-17258-0-7
Authors: Adeline T H Tiah
Page: 152 pp
Size: 5.5′ x 8.5′ (paperback)
Genre: Business



“If you want to own your career and future, this book is for you.”

 The future of work is full of uncertainty, ambiguity and anxiety.

In the 1960s, many companies on Standard & Poor’s (S&P) 500 remain on the list for about 60 years. During those days, the average lifespan was 50 years. Business cycles exceeded one’s lifespan, so lifelong employment in one organisation was very common. Today, the average lifespan of a company on S&P 500 is only 20 years. And the average life expectancy is 71 years in the world.

 This means we will unlikely stay in one organisation in our lifetime. The global megatrends such as the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the ageing population, along with black swan events like the recent pandemic and Ukraine war will accelerate changes ahead.

 We will face many uncertainties and inflection points in our life. To thrive and ride the waves of transformation, we need to constantly reinvent ourselves.

 REINVENT 4.0 is peppered with stories drawn from the author’s more than 20 years of corporate experience, including over 250 clients she has coached, and interviews with thought leaders and futurists.

 The ideas in this book will give readers a fresh set of lenses through which to perceive disruptions and be ready to seize opportunities in a new world of uncertainty.


Praise for the book

Praise for the book

Praise for the book

“We are living in extraordinary times. We have greater possibilities and uncertainties than ever before. Our lifespans are growing longer as the time we spend at each job is getting shorter. We must master the ability to continually reinvent ourselves for today and tomorrow. 

REINVENT 4.0 offers a cascade of fascinating chapters to help you anticipate disruption and create new transformations for yourself, your career and your life. Learn from Adeline Tiah’s experience and enjoy her many insights as you learn to ride the waves of transformation and thrive.”

— Ron Kaufman
New York Times Bestselling Author of “Uplifting Service”


“Disrupt yourself and Reinvent. REINVENT 4.0 is peppered with stories as well as Adeline’s own career journey of how they constantly disrupt themselves and reinvent. Adeline shares that change isn’t always about adopting new tactics but discovering new mindsets. Whether you work for a multinational corporation or manage multiple gigs in a portfolio career or start a new venture, this framework is equally relevant. Insightful and fresh perspectives that will get you to rethink about the future.”

— Elena Chow
Founder, ConnectOne


“Disruption is everywhere and no one industry is spared, it’s just a question of quantum. Hence organisations are transforming and disrupting themselves even and we as individuals are not spared either. REINVENT 4.0 helps one take a good hard look at ourselves to accept that change is accelerating. It goes deeper and shares the 8 keys you need, to stay ahead. Each chapter comes with practical guide and stories to help you think about the future differently and why you need to act now.”

— Patsy Quek
Executive Director, DBS Bank


“WOW. Like **WOW**. Insightful and inspiring work from Adeline. In my line of work, I see many are grappling with the alarming speed of change and wonder if they can find meaning in their work and thrive. There is a widening gap between human’s linear progression and technology’s exponential growth. REINVENT 4.0 framework is powerful and simple ! A much-needed framework for anyone who wishes NOT to be left behind. There is no better time for great innovation and reinvention than now.”

— Patricia Tan
Executive Search, Tech/ Sales & Marketing


“Having reinvented my career after 17 years of corporate life as an actuary and a strategist, starting BestOfMe, a digital coaching start-up, was one of the boldest moves I’ve taken in my life. It turned out to be the best decision I’ve made in my career. Like me, if you are looking at what’s next, this book is for you. REINVENT 4.0 offers a simple yet powerful framework to help create your future. An insightful and timely piece of work from Adeline for individuals who wonder what’s next and don’t know how to get started.”

— Chiew Ai Chin
Founder and CEO, BestOfMe


“The future is not what is used to be. In this book, you will learn why it is important to think like an entrepreneur, how to take measured risks, embrace ambiguity, conflict and diversity. REINVENT 4.0 will provide you with a much-needed framework to help you create your next growth trajectory. This is a must read if you want to be future ready.”

— Chuang Shin Wee
Co-founder & CEO of


REINVENT 4.0 brings a sparkling perspective for us irrespective of where you are in your career stage. Through her personal experience, Adeline brings a unique perspective for us to renew ourselves through reinventing ourselves. Purposefully crafted for professionals and all alike, encouraging us to work towards life-long purpose and employability.”

— Alvin Aloysius Goh
Executive Director, Singapore Human Resource Institute


“We are now in an era where the speed of disruption is so much faster. What does it mean for us, our career and our values; and how do we stay relevant? Adeline hits the nail on the head by providing such a practical framework of what we can do to thrive in this era. Whether you are at a career crossroad, looking to advance your career or planning a pivot, this book will get you to think about your future differently.”

— Yasmine Khater
CEO, Sales Story Method


“As someone whose career has been disrupted, and who had to reinvent myself multiple times, I highly recommend this book to anyone who is facing the same situation as me. Adeline’s many examples and her helpful framework will make it easier for you to find clarity in your future career direction, and avoid the many years of confusion that I went through. REINVENT 4.0 is just timely as the future of work is full of uncertainty and many will experience disruptions. You will be equipped with the mindset and traits to be in the driver seat to create the path that is right for you.”

— Eugene Seah
Mindset Speaker and Abundance Life Coach


“Adeline Tiah’s take on the 4th Industrial Revolution is fascinating and easy to understand. REINVENT 4.0 is a must read for those of us who face uncertainties and inflexion points in our lives in today’s disruptive world and yet, want to flourish, thrive and transform ourselves. This book shows you the mindset shifts you can take to make this happen. You will be missing out on your future of change if you don’t pick this book up.”

— Lim Kim Pong
CEO StrengthsAsia + SoundWave Global Partner


“The pandemic has hastened climate action, geopolitical disorder, consumer shifts and digital transformation by many years. This pace of change is only going to accelerate as we enter into the 4th Industrial Revolution. This will change the work we do – many jobs will evolve, some will become obsolete and new jobs emerge. To thrive through these inflection points in our lives, we need to think about our future differently. If you are looking to be in the driver seat of your career and life, REINVENT 4.0 is for you. Each chapter presents a trait that would help you navigate the headwinds ahead.”

— Charlie Ang
Futurist, Keynote Speaker


“This book contains wise and relevant advice derived from Adeline’s fascinating career journey. It is a timely reminder for us to keep reinventing ourselves in order to thrive in this ever-changing world we live in. I especially like the second ‘N’ in her REINVENT Framework – ‘Networking Skills’. Adeline related this to ‘investing in social capital’ and illustrated the power of networking so clearly throughout her book.”

— Dr Candice Goh
Author, coach and consultant