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The Pursuit of Career Actualization: Knowing Where You Are and Getting to Where You Want


Book Specifications: A5, 168 pages, Paperback
Author: Kenneth Leow

In The Pursuit of Career Actualization, author Kenneth Leow presents a holistic and integrated framework for charting your personal path…



In The Pursuit of Career Actualization, author Kenneth Leow presents a holistic and integrated framework for charting your personal path towards career actualization. Written in a simple-to-read approach with a riveting story of a fictitious character confronting career predicaments, Kenneth reveals introspective insights, inspiring anecdotes and a step-by-step process that helps you gain clarity on career decisions. Regardless of where you are in your career now, this book will set you up on a path of career actualization that gets you to where you want to be.

Praise for The Pursuit of Career Actualization

“I wish this book was available when I was just starting out in my career. Reminiscent of a Life Map, the 4Q Model facilitates the process of conscious and logical reflections that goes a long way into realizing a fulfilling career. A worthy effort on Kenneth’s part, the reflection questions are also very purposeful and powerful. A boon to all executives, this book is especially beneficial for young executives who want to carve a head start in their careers.”

Cindy Ma
Head, Asia Pacific, Human Resources

“An excellent read for all, the 4Q Model is indeed a practical, simple and applicable tool for both employers and employees alike.”

Bernard Solomon
Practice Director, Commercial
SAS Malaysia

“A refreshing approach to a subject close to the heart but which is often taken for granted. In particular, I like how the fictitious story is being weaved into the concept of the 4Q model. A commendable effort by Kenneth; I highly recommend this book to those who desire a clear direction in their career.”

Oriana Wong
Assistant Director
Singapore Workforce Development Agency

“In volatile times, all of us require a reliable methodology to guide our careers. A tool that sheds immense value, the 4Q model has even become the cornerstone in some of the soft-skill training developed for our core groups such as sales and after-sales. Practical and engaging, this book is a must-have for anyone who is serious about managing his career.”

Sarah Lim
Senior Manager
Daimler SEA Pte Ltd

“Throughout the years, author Kenneth has been my trusted career advisor and personal development ally. The teachings of his 4Q Model have seen me through some of my most critical career decisions. Vital reading at any stage of one’s career, The Pursuit of Career Actualization is a must-read for anyone who seeks career development.”

Frank Teh
Managing Director

“A close friend and career mentor for over a decade, Kenneth first shared the 4Q Model over a casual lunch at a coffee shop. Since then, I have been consulting it religiously for my personal career plans, as well as the recruitment of suitable candidates for my organization. Born from the basis of a strong fundamental framework for career decision making, this book will definitely be illuminating to many professionals.”

Marcus Low
Group CEO & President

“I got acquainted with Kenneth’s 4Q Model when a new career direction was imminent during the dot-com bust many years ago. By engaging the 4Q Model, I managed to step out of my career doldrums and gained clarity in evaluating my career choices. On hindsight, I am glad that I had heeded Kenneth’s advice then. Now, I can finally claim that my career is once again aligned.”

Go Say Tiam
Director, Channels Business Development
Mid market, Asia Pacific

“Career decisions are never without its challenges whether one is in a comfort zone or otherwise. Fortunately, I was exposed to the 4Q Model in 2002 and it has since become the most powerful career planning tool that I have ever come across. By encouraging us to think and choose for ourselves, the ‘2 for 2’ process behind the 4Q Model allows me to be honest with myself and direct focus on the things that are of utmost importance when making my career decisions. The 4Q Model is simple yet powerful, systematic yet insightful.”

Tee Beng Teck
Director, Channel
Lenovo Asia Pacific

“Set against the backdrop of a troubled economic climate, the arrival of this book is timely to all who realize that they have no choice but to take charge of their own careers. Written in a simple-to-read, simple-to-use and practical approach, this book cannot be more relevant today and personifies Kenneth’s adept knowledge in career management. I am glad that Kenneth has chosen to share his years of experience as a leader and headhunter.”

Paul Heng
Founder/ Certified Career Coach
NeXT Career Consulting Group, Asia

“Kudos to this book for reminding us that we are not merely pawns in the hands of fate, but that our destiny is always in our hands. Apart from engaging the adept synthesis of eastern and western wisdom, Kenneth shares a 4Q Model that is seemingly straightforward on the surface, yet effective in inspiring the reader to actually deliberate and act on their next career endeavor. An impressive book that is likely to shed new revelation on one’s career, this book makes a good gift for those of us seeking career actualization. I will be buying copies as gifts for colleagues and friends.”

Helen Loh
Human Resource- Asia Pacific
Polycom Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“I learnt about Kenneth’s 4Q Model about six years ago and my current success is a testimony to how the model has led me to make optimal life decisions that relate to my career. Engaging and easy to read, the story of Kian Yong resonates with me deeply, especially since I am a career woman and a mother to three children. The book explores a wide spectrum of facets that perceptibly revolves around one’s career. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is uncertain about his or her career undertakings.”

Chew Siew Kheng
Managing Director
Pro-Datech Systems Pte Ltd