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From Oblivious to Obsessed: Eight Obsessions Every Organisation Must Embrace to Build Customer Royalty in Asia


ISBN: 978-981-11-1267-6
Author: Raymond Lee with Joan Yong
Publisher: Candid Creation Publishing
Page: 160pp
Size: A5 (paperback)
Genre: Customer Relations
Availability: All major bookstores




Customer experience has been leveraged upon as a key competitive differentiator in Western countries for a long time now. In recent years, the maturity of Asian economies has necessitated a higher emphasis on customer advocacy and loyalty.

What else can be done to set your brand apart from the crowd? How can you attract and increase customer “stickiness”? How can you consciously and consistently evoke emotions within customers that resonate with your brand?

The Oblivious-to-Obsessed framework lays out the path to achieving customer loyalty in a systematic and structured way. This is coupled with many case studies of companies in Asia that have embraced these best practices and have been rewarded with distinctive and continued success with their customers.

Based on years of in-depth research, best practices gathering and real-world experience, this book is written to help you discover:

  • How to determine the customer obsession level of your organisation
  • How to realign your business priorities to increase value
  • How to build a great customer experience that is consistent and authentic
  • How to develop a positive customer-centric culture in your organisation
  • What local and multinational companies across Asia are doing to build brands that customers talk about


“From Oblivious to Obsessed is filled with practical Asian examples, and certainly gives a fresh perspective on customer service. Indeed, without obsession, customer experience is nothing.”
Fanny Laim, Ex-CEO of Wildlife Reserves Singapore

“Customer experience, authenticity, and a sense of value have to start with the leadership. Start with sincerely engaging with your employees. Understand their emotions, culture, and creativity. This understanding gives employees authority and recognition in the development process, service delivery, results, and customer excitement. From Oblivious to Obsessed will show you the path.”
François Huet, Managing Director – Big Waves of Inspiration (Ex-Vice President, Hotels, Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts)

“From Oblivious to Obsessed highlights many of the attributes of exemplary Asian customer service. The case studies contained in this book are a blueprint for how to differentiate your company by focusing on customer experiences to drive sustained business growth. Everyone will learn some new strategies from this insightful book.”
Jennie Ma, General Manager, Kerry Residence Beijing