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Mind This Voice: From Hurtful to Helpful

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ISBN: 978-981-09-6291-3
Editors: Patricia Yap, Goh Zhengqin, Chermain Wong, Shawn Ee
Publisher: Candid Creation Publishing
Page: 198 pp
Size: A5
Format: Paperback
Genre: Health



Is it possible for relationships to transform from being hurtful to being helpful?

A treasure chest of true, intimate, and compelling stories, From Hurtful to Helpful chronicles the journeys of individuals who have learnt the value of relationships in their recovery from mental health concerns through first-hand experiences. They share with us the painful as well as healing experiences they have had with others and teach us about what makes some relationships hurtful, and others helpful, when a person is suffering psychologically.

Trusted mental health professionals also reflect on how to be a caring supporter while journeying along with a troubled loved one. From Hurtful to Helpful provides the wisdom you need to form healing connections with the people in your life. If you know someone with mental health concerns, we hope that this book will help you transform your relationship From Hurtful to Helpful.