Million Dollar Mission: Exploring Career Success with Your Youth


Book Specification: A5, 256pages, paperback
Author: Han Kok Kwang

In a globalised world, there is no escape from competition. We compete alongside talent from all over the world…



In a globalised world, there is no escape from competition. We compete alongside talent from all over the world to be the better, faster, and cheaper alternative for spoilt-for-choice employers. Take these numbers: China produces more than seven million graduates annually and India is close behind with five million. Singapore has a far more modest number of 15,634 local graduates a year.

How can we compete? How will the next generation succeed? By playing to our strengths, choosing a game we can win, and striving to be number one in our world! This means that we must harness the resources of the ecosystem we live in—from our educational institutions, industries, and government to our educators, students, and parents. When we become aligned with the national objectives of happiness, prosperity, and progress for all, and when everyone speaks the same language to “be the best you can be”, we will be unstoppable.

Whether you are a parent, an educator, a student, or a leader, this book takes you on your million dollar mission to discover your strengths, explore your career options, and deliver your best shot.

In the global arena, the real hunger games begin now. Equip yourself and your youth to compete. May the odds be ever in your favour!


In his latest book Million Dollar Mission, bestselling author, Han Kok Kwang, offers a fascinating look at the changing global workplace to help students (and their parents) take a realistic and strength-based approach to career planning and preparation. Rather than ignoring inconvenient trends, or simply complaining about them, this book encourages you to “stand on the shoulders of giants” to thrive in the emerging “shift age”.

Han’s fast-paced style and pragmatic suggestions examine global trends and localise their impact, equipping Singaporean youth to play key roles on the world stage.

Dr. Roberta Neault, Life Strategies Ltd

Sharp and smart, simple but powerful! Parental support always presents major issues in career planning for youth in the Asian culture. In this book, Mr Han smartly solves this issue with a simple but powerful way! Parents who dream of having a successful son or daughter must read this book!

Highly recommended!

illiam Gunawan
Indonesia Country Director, Asia Pacific Career Development Association
Sekretaris Fakultas Psikologi, Universitas Kristen Krida Wacana

Most parental advice books include extensive material on theory but offer insufficient practical applications to advise the parent. Han Kok Kwang’s new guide delivers techniques, specific strategies, and guidance—all based upon his cutting-edge understanding of the global labour market and economy coupled with researched examination of the educational and cultural realities of Singapore. Now is the time for families to thoughtfully assist children to make wise choices and to help them understand the long term ramifications of early decisions. This book will show you how.
Susan Roudebush, M.S., CDF, CDFI, CDFI
Master Trainer, University of Oregon

There is nothing more important—and difficult—than helping a youth “launch” (become a self-sufficient adult). Bestselling author, Han Kok Kwang, provides a step-by-step career guide for parents and youth as they navigate from school to adulthood. The book is filled with well researched resources and instructions for using. The entire career process during those formative years and beyond is outlined in an easily understandable way.

Based on sound career theory and careful research, Million Dollar Mission should be in every parent’s hands for managing their own career as well as assisting their youth!
Dr. Constance Jenkins Pritchard
Chair, Career Development Facilitator (CDF) Advisory Council,
National Career Development Association (USA)
President, The Pritchard Group

In a world turned upside down by a stagnant global economy, Han has produced an excellent roadmap, a strategy and hope for those who are exploring career options. Frank and insightful, he shares his experience from over 25 years of dealing with career management in the business world.

Soon Hoon Ahn
First President, Asia Pacific Career Development Association

Reading the information is fascinating and galvanising. It is a powerful “call to action” that parents need to hear.

Marilyn Maze, PhD
Executive Director, Asia Pacific Career Development Association

A perfect blend of education, career, and world of work, Han’s most recent book Million Dollar Mission gives educators and parents precise schemes to help teens overcome challenges and build career path and career success. He presented a holistic outlook to parents and educators to integrate the education, career, and the world of work of their teens for a high-level career success and satisfaction. His practical approach to mining the psychology of teens and tapping the possibilities of future is gripping and well paced.

Han’s understanding of the mysteries of career success and his avowed passion of designing and crafting career ideas of teens are evident in his best-selling work.

Prof. N.K. Chadha
Professor and Head, Department of Psychology,
University of Delhi

Based on vast experience and expertise, Han has amassed critical strategies and steps all parents want and need in order to support their child’s career development. Parents help and empower their child to take charge of their future in today’s rapidly changing world, as they work through the chapters and learn a process of career development and decision-making.

Every parent and child will benefit from this valuable resource!

Rebecca M. Dedmond, PhD, LPC, CDFI
Director, The Transition Initiative, The George Washington University

Bestselling author Han Kok Kwang offers a practical and inspirational approach to young adults (and their parents) to effectively navigate their career-life journey in the ever-changing global workplace that includes major technological leaps. Han wisely encourages readers to focus on self knowledge and then examine their definition of “success”, including setting appropriate goals and a plan for achieving success. While everyone has self-knowledge, the challenge is to become aware of one’s self-knowledge and personality type, and Han’s strength-based approach facilitates this process. This engaging book offers readers a blueprint for empowering youth to take charge of their life journey, manage the inevitable changes that will always occur, create success, and contribute their talents to improve our world. Han is providing youth and parents an understanding of the importance of effective leadership qualities and decision-making strategies needed to prevail in our global marketplace.

Edward Anthony Colozzi, Ed.D.
Career Development and Counselling Services (USA)

In his new book, Han Kok Kwang addressed the important issues all adolescents will encounter. The important feature of strength-centred approach was applied for counsellors, teachers, parents, and also adolescents themselves to focus on strength and develop potentials. The adolescents with traditional Eastern traits around the world would love to own those pragmatic suggestions to make their life meaningful.
Hsiu-Lan Shelley Tien, PhD
President, Asia Pacific Career Development Association
Professor, Department of Education, Psychology and Counselling
Director, University Counselling Centre
National Taiwan Normal University

Han Kok Kwang has excellent advice for young people (and their parents) on how to succeed in the workplace. He points out that those who look to the rules of the past, complete a basic education, and then get a job and “plan to live happily ever after” will often end up in dead-end jobs or in those that disappear. He urges young people to identify their unique strengths and plan well beyond just obtaining the first job.

Richard Knowdell
Author of Building a Career Development Program
Executive Director, Career Development Network (USA)

Han is a true rarity amongst those who have made their mark in life. With all that he’s achieved, he remains a model of humility. It is remarkable how he is so passionate about sharing his experiences with the younger generation to guide them through life’s different offerings. I highly recommend any young person who wants to succeed in his or her career endeavours to read this insightful and highly relevant book!

Eric Chiew
CEO, Credit Savvy Group

Here is a practical book that should be read by teens as well as parents.

Professor John Krumboltz
Professor, Stanford University
Career Theorist, The Happenstance Learning Theory

Clearly Han is establishing himself with his sound books as the authoritative voice in Asia on self managing your work, your career, your future! He is inspirational and above all, pragmatic in his advice.

Paul Stevens
Founder, Worklife Australia