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Mastering Your Personal Finance


Book Specifications: A5, 256 pages, Paperback
Author: Dennis Ng

This is Singapore's first English-Chinese book on the topic of personal finance. It is a compilation of the author's expert articles published in various media over the years…



This is Singapore’s first English-Chinese book on the topic of personal finance. It is a compilation of the author’s expert articles published in various media over the years. The author strongly believes that when a person master his finances, he will master his destiny too. The author also advocates that having the correct mindset towards personal financial planning is as important as empowering oneself with effective strategies and skills to manage and grow one’s money. The articles are systematically classified under five sections in the book, namely: Financial Mindset and Principles, Basic Financial Planning Tips, Wealth Accumulation Through Investments, The Art of Leveraging, Riding Out the Financial Crisis. Encapsulating the author’s years of domain expertise and experiences in the financial planning field, the book also debunks common myths on financial planning that many so call ‘experts’ will not reveal to you. Written in a easy-to-understand style and language, the book provides a good read to readers who would like to increase their financial literacy so as to secure their financial future.

Praise for Mastering Your Personal Finance

In this book, Dennis has shared many useful tips and practical strategies on managing and growing wealth. I’m sure you will gain valuable insights from it.

Lorna Tan
Editor of “Invest” section in The Sunday Times and
Co-author of Personal Wealth Management

There are lots of financial books available in the market, but these are generally written by US or UK writers in the context of their culture and local environment in mind.

Dennis is writing from an Asian and Singaporean perspective, and with an acute understanding of the Asian mindset. This book will definitely be a useful guide to managing one’s finances, in different aspects of financial management insurance, investments, loans or tax planning.

John Nai
Business Owner, Coastal Midwest Transport, Australia

Dennis Ng is very enthusiastic about learning. He has been attending National Achievers’ Congress and other seminars which my company, Success Resources has been organising annually since 1999.

Over the years, I’ve seen him grow tremendously. He absorbs knowledge likes a sponge and managed to learn from Financial Gurus, such as Robert Kiyosaki, Jay Abraham, T. Harv Eker etc; most importantly, he has taken massive action to apply the knowledge gained to become a Millionaire himself.

I’m very glad to see him sharing his knowledge and experience in the personal finance columns of the newspapers, and now his latest attempt, to come up with a very easy to read book on Personal Finance that can be applied by the average person out there to master their finances and achieve Financial Freedom.

It is possible to pursue your passion and become Rich. Dennis is one such living example. I’m glad to have witnessed his journey and transformation over the last 10 years. Buying this book may be your best investment for your own financial future.

Richard Tan
Chief Executive Officer, Success Resources Group and
Winner of Phoenix Award 2003

Dennis is thoroughly familiar with Housing Loans as well as the financial matters faced by many members of the public. Analogies used are close to our hearts and can strike a responsive chord with readers, allowing readers to understand the abstract concepts easily. I give my full endorsement to this book.

Adrin Loi
Executive Chairman, Ya Kun Kaya Toast

I strongly recommend that you gain more financial intelligence from Dennis’ sharing. He is truly insightful and he has added great value to many people.

Wendy Kwek
Chief Executive Officer, Executive Directions Pte Ltd and
Spirit of Enterprise Awardee 2004

I have known Dennis for the last 21 years and have seen him grow from a young bank executive to a professional financial planner and now a successful entrepreneur who has achieved his own financial independence. He is always passionate in sharing his knowledge and is a walking example of what he teaches.This book is a treasure trove of the secrets of his success.

Nixon Neo
General Manager, Alpha Mastery Pte Ltd

Personal Finance is a difficult topic for most people to understand and grasp. Dennis has a unique gift in being able to explain complicated financial concepts in a simple way using words that people can easily understand. He has managed to “Master his own finances” and reached financial freedom. Thus, it is really good news for the general public that he is willing to share what he learned. As an operator of a child care centre under Kinderland, I’m very passionate about the education of children and I hope one day, Dennis can come up with books and Financial Education programs for kids. Teaching a child Financial Intelligence is perhaps one of the best gifts a parent can give to a child.

Sarah Ng
Managing Director, Oxford Educare Pte Ltd

To achieve financial freedom and security, one has to regard financial planning as a priority in life. Dennis has given some good ideas that are useful for personal financial planning. Your future is now in your hands.

Major (NS) James Sim
President, Financial Planning Association Of Singapore

Dennis is a man of deep passion and conviction. I have seldom seen a man who is so committed to his vision and with a real desire to help and assist others.

Dennis is a man of integrity, deep compassion, and perseverance. It is an honour that he has asked me to pen a few words for his book. I heartily and with great humility endorse Dennis Ng and this work.

Larry Gilman
Communications Trainer for “Mastery” workshops