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The Latent Factors: How to Turn Good Ideas into Great Businesses


Book Specification: B5, 176 pages, Paperback
Author: Francis Tay

Have you ever wondered what are the LATENT FACTORS that separate MEDIOCRE BUSINESSES from OUTSTANDING BUSINESSES?



The essence of this book is about turning a good business idea into a great business.
The Latent Factors is the amalgamation of more than two decades of the author’s business experiences gleaned from starting companies and also working with companies of different sizes as an investor and mentor.

Whether you are thinking about starting a business, have taken the first steps, already running your own business, managing a company or simply interested in investing in a business, this comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide provides you with a structured way to study a business from a fresh perspective.
Written in a friendly and straight-to-the-point style, The Latent Factors provides a model for you to understand different real-life business issues through a case example. Dozens of charts, illustrations and templates make understanding even the most complex business issues a breeze. Each chapter also concludes with a workout section that adds a new interactive dimension to your learning journey.

In The Latent Factors, you will learn:

  • What causes business failures
  • How to increase your value proposition by fulfilling customers’ latent needs
  • What is the customers’ psychology behind every purchase decision
  • How to identify and address business opportunities amidst the chaos
  • How to increase market share by exploiting untapped market segments
  • How to create absolute advantages to help your business reap higher profits
  • How to develop a sustainable and bankable business model
  • How to spot and manage latent risks before the survival of your business is threatened
  • How to sense the market to keep pace with the changing competitive landscape

Turn this book into your personal journal to contain your business ideas and thoughts. Make this book your constant companion regardless of which stage your business is currently in.