Into the WILD: Creating a Coaching Culture at the Workplace


ISBN: 978-981-18-0912-5
Authors: Cheong Choy Kiew, Aileen Chee & Adrian Lim
Page: 160 pp
Size: 6’ x 9’ (paperback)
Genre: Business & Economics/ Workplace Culture



Welcome to the WILD Company!

Here is a company staffed by animals from many species—different from other companies—but they tended to keep to their own kind. This diversity worked against them as inherent dysfunctional behaviour
meant that departments tended to work in silos, unwilling to share or inform others. This is a corporate jungle filled with distrust, where blaming others and finger-pointing were the norm, and where some
animals were fearful of others, especially those with fiery tempers and unreasonable demands.

This was a company in desperate need of a new direction.

As fortune would have it, a crisis paves the way for the senior management team to start a journey of self-reflection and build a culture that leverages on diversity to thrive in the coming years.

Written in two parts, The WILD Company fable in the first section recounts the situation in the company and how a change in culture allows for coaching conversations to take root and flourish. The characters in the fable are like the people we encounter at the workplace; or we may even see ourselves as one of them too. Their story is one that we see happening around
us every day. But it is also a story of hope—that a company’s transformation from a toxic culture to a coaching culture is possible with the right approach.

In the second section, be introduced to The WILD Framework, a four-step system that leaders can adopt to start his or her own journey to create a coaching culture at the workplace.

Discover how to create awareness of the need to change, identify the gaps, learn a new language, then deploy this change to all concerned.

Are you ready to step Into the WILD?

Praise for the book

Woven through the unassuming simplicity of a fable, Into the WILD speaks to the heart of workplace culture. Sharing a powerful narrative to illustrate the importance of leadership, inclusion, shared accountability, and psychological safety at work, this book resonates with the collective experiences of many professionals as they navigate the modern-day workplace.
Incorporating the WILD Framework to start practically applying lessons learnt, this book provides the foundations to start the conversation on creating and sustaining a positive and impactful coaching culture.

— Jennifer Taylor
Executive and Leadership Coach
ICF Member, GENOS certified


A simple and fun book to read and understand, yet highly practical, leveraging the WILD Framework to drive a coaching culture in tomorrow’s enterprises. Into the WILD highlights why adopting a coaching culture in organisations is so important today. The book brings this to life in a fun way with the animal characters. The authors emphasise the need for consistent conversations and interactions in order to appreciate the dynamic situation at the grassroots level. They also stress the ability to quickly create a simple and new vocabulary to align the team which then drives culture transformation. Into the WILD reminds everyone to keep the end in mind when creating a coaching culture, while appreciating the art of collective leadership and wisdom. As a leader, I firmly believe that a coaching culture creates an environment of interaction and trust where engagement across all functions happens seamlessly and organically. A trusting environment is the foundation to driving clarity in purpose and transparency in the organisation.

— Alvin Ng
Former General Manager, GE Digital, Asia
Associate Adjunct Professor, Nanyang Business School


I recommend Into the WILD partly because of the passion of the people who wrote the book. It is not written in a traditional academic format. It is, instead, written by people who have seen and lived the challenges of working within large corporates. Many books are written by academics who have ideas on leadership, organisational culture, and change but have not
been impacted by these challenging dynamics on a daily basis and gone on to survive them. The authors have more than survived. They have used their experience to help others recognise, in a fun way, how they can own their power and bring about the needed changes. The story and images draw us into the material in a different way from many coaching texts and brings to life the challenges of the last year through the Covid crisis. The characters
in the book, their insights and growth could be written about further as we move into a post-Covid crisis world.
The following key messages in the book are universal needs for leaders: capacity to self-reflect; expansion of self-awareness; awareness of the impact of self on others; awareness of the power of the system in any organisation; conscious relations with self and others; and an ability to own limitations and ask for help as a leader.

— Anne Welsh
MA Creative Supervision, University of Chichester, England, UK
UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist, APECS. Accredited Executive Coach and Supervisor


“I really enjoyed the book, Into the WILD, which is presented in the format of a short crisp interesting fable. Fantastic learnings are delivered in an easy to understand and implementable approach. If you desire to be a part of a company or a team where there is an equal engagement among the leaders, the employees, and the customers then this book is a brilliant start!
Into the WILD unfolds how embracing a coaching culture helps employees of the WILD Company in their transformational journey from a toxic culture to one that embraces curiosity, courage, and collaboration. This gives an opportunity to every employee to learn and contribute while playing an equal role in the success of the organisation. Kudos to the authors for such a splendid work!”

— Dr Deepa Desai
Founder & CEO, D Cube Consultancy; 2019 HBA Luminary;
2020 PharmaVOICE 100 Most Inspiring Leaders; Physician


Into the WILD is a guide to the benefits of a coaching culture, for individuals and their organisations. But it’s no ordinary guide. It starts with a fable, which cleverly uses real-life examples to show how cross-functional collaboration, asking the right questions, and listening to everyone— regardless of their seniority or background—enables successful outcomes. The book introduces a simple, four-step Framework that can help leaders create a coaching culture by asking insightful questions, modelling the right behaviours, and using the right language to involve and engage their teams. A compelling read that inspires action.

— Birte Sebastian
Global Communications Director, Multinational Company


In today’s turbulent world, ever bigger demands are put on leadership, be it individuals or teams. Into the WILD provides an exceptionally entertaining and accessible story for executives to familiarise themselves with the WILD approach to executive coaching. By telling this story in fable form, the writers have woven the concept of diversity into the book, in a way that readers can easily identify with, without prejudice or judgement.
Into the WILD is a powerful book that invites people at all levels of organisations to embrace coaching for themselves and their teams. Better people make better business for a better world, and Into the WILD will certainly make a contribution to that.

— Piet Coelewij
Non-executive Director and Investor, former Philips, Amazon and Sonos senior executive


Into the Wild is an easily accessible and enjoyable story that sets up the WILD Framework to help organisations create a problem-solving culture. Culture and the ability to successfully navigate challenges are so critical as we go through the Fourth Industrial Revolution. There has never been a time in which organisations have faced so much change and monumental
challenges. The WILD Framework, told through the Into the Wild story, provides a straightforward way for organisations and teams to deal with our tumultuous times.

— Phil Ventimiglia
Chief Innovation Officer, Georgia State University