From Survivor to Warrior: A Journey of Finding Hope and Strength while Living with Cancer


ISBN: 978-981-17258-4-5
Authors: Joanne Chia
Page: 164 pp
Size: 5.5′ x 8.5′ (paperback)
Genre: Health & Fitness


The fight with cancer is one battle that some of us have to face in our lifetime. But unfortunately, many do not come out victorious as this fight isn’t just about beating the disease alone. The side effects from cancer treatments can often leave one feeling defeated at the end of the day. 

The author is a cancer survivor who has learnt valuable lessons from her life journey. After losing her dad whom she adored and her marriage coming to an end after 15 years, she thought the worst was over, but she was wrong. This book is a compilation of her experiences, trials, challenges and eventual victories in overcoming some of the gloomiest days of her life.

From Survivor to Warrior is a book of hope, of positivity and of proof that being diagnosed with cancer is not the end of one’s life. She shares her roller coaster ride, from her diagnosis to feeling suicidal, to thriving while living with cancer. This is a story of a woman fighting to retain her sanity at a time when almost nothing made sense. It is a story of a person who finds her purpose in the most uncanny manner and shares her valuable insights on nutrition, essential oils, exercises and more. She also includes a personal message to family caregivers on what they can do to help their loved ones who are living with cancer.

This is the author’s life through the lens of a survivor. It is not only for those living with cancer but also for anyone going through struggles and needing to know he or she is not alone. It is not just being a survivor. It is taking it a step further – to be a warrior. It means having the courage to face difficult times, to keep on fighting and to not giving up.


Praise for the book 

“Joanne’s recovery has been exceptionally inspirational; it is definitely a privilege for me to assist and be part of her journey. This is a book that tells a story of helplessness turned to hope, and one filled with tears and laughter. From Survivor to Warrior is a good read for everyone, especially the brave souls fighting their own battles against cancer. We should be grateful to Joanne for opening up and sharing her experience with all of us.”

– Dr Huang Yilun

Orthopaedic surgeon

MBBS (S’pore), MRCS (Glas), MMED (Ortho), FRCSEd (Orth)


“From a place of hope and courage, From Survivor to Warrior has shown that Joanne has created a space for healing. It is a pleasure reading about her journey, supporting her body’s innate ability to heal. She didn’t get caught up in the ups and downs, and kept taking small steps every day. I know it wasn’t easy, but she kept clear of what had to be done to keep her mind strong and body well. No matter how many bad news Joanne had to hear regarding her prognosis, she never became the victim and rather, a warrior was born. May inner peace fill Joanne’s heart and may this book shine, creating hope and touching everyone’s heart.”

– Daniel Cerny

Mindfulness instructor

BHSc (Nat), AdvDip (Nut) MICBT, MBSR, ACT


“This is an insightful and uplifting account of a cancer journey and how to get through its various challenges. I recommend this book to anyone who is trying to cope with a cancer diagnosis.”

– Dr Ryan Tan


MBBS, MRCP (S’pore), MMed (Int. Med), FAMS, Mtec (EBAC)


“Joanne has captured the essence of what it means and what it takes to face cancer and face it with grace. She has transformed intense, life-threatening struggles with her health and well-being into deep insights of value to anyone who faces cancer or other serious illness. When we worked together, I called her Angel. In this book, I am inspired by her strength and her beautiful soul.”

– Marina Goddu

Founder, SmartFit Pilates


“The moment I met Joanne, I experienced her radiant energy and joy of life. This was confirmed daily over the years of working together and reading her book. But how she faced cancer was a different thing. Or actually, it was the same thing, as if she had spent her life preparing for such a challenge, by bringing hope, happiness and a positive attitude to the world and people she met. Her journey is amazing, as she is. This book is a testament to this.”

– Steve Pennone

Former senior director, Firmenich Asia


“The uniqueness of experience creates individuality. Finding community creates similarity, empathy and support, which is essential for cancer therapy. This book sharing Joanne’s experience helps create community and empathy. As a person who studies and takes great interest in naturopathic oncology, I understand that experiences shared like this are eye-opening and does make an impact.”

– Ashten Buck

HBSc Nutrition & Dietetics


“The first four months of 2021 was rather stressful for me and my family as my mother-in-law was suffering from ovarian cancer. Joanne untiredly journeyed with me, giving me encouragement, sharing her experiences, and provided suggestions and spiritual support. I was glad when I saw my mother-in-law respond well to her suggestions, and she became calmer and was able to sleep better. Through Joanne’s guidance, she learnt to accept her situation and was able to let go before she left us peacefully. Having cancer and a near-death experience has not weakened but strengthened Joanne, transformed her spiritually and motivated her to share her experiences and reach out to others in this book of hers.”

– Janice Dhing

Whose mother-in-law suffered from ovarian cancer


“Joanne is a positive, cheerful and helpful person. She is an inspiration to me on how she fought her cancer. She had been living with it, without conventional treatment, for a few years until she decided to go ahead with the surgery and anti-cancer treatments. As a cancer survivor myself, I can understand the fear, worry, sadness and hesitation, on proceeding with anti-cancer treatment or try a holistic way, and what would happen with my physical body and life quality after that. It is not easy to keep oneself positive and see life in another perspective. Through her book, Joanne has shown she has become a WARRIOR for herself and an inspiration to others, that life has to go on with new changes and a need to adapt. And to face life with courage and positivity instead of pushing it aside. And to love oneself, live this valuable life and be happy.”

– Tjhin Juli

A survivor of nasopharyngeal cancer


“It has been an amazing journey watching Joanne transform from being bed-bound and in pain, to a spritely lady walking into my clinic. While she shared snippets of her experience with me, you should read her book to learn how she made that transformation.”

– Dr Daniel Quah

Radiation oncologist and palliative care physician

MBBS, FRCR (Clinical Oncology) (UK)


“‘Confronting my own mortality is like taking an icy bath.’ Joanne Chia takes us on an emotional journey of confronting a serious diagnosis as well as the disease itself and how it rearranged her priorities in totally unexpected ways. Every one of us faces potentially life-changing challenges every day. As we read the struggles and triumphs that shaped Joanne’s emotional journey, we better understand the impact of our own choices. What will we choose to learn from each experience?”

– Frances Fuller

Founder, Fuller Life Bali; author and Royal Crown Diamond of Young Living