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From Relapsed to Redeemed: The H.O.P.E. Model to Overcoming Drug Addiction and Leading a Life of Abstinence


ISBN: 978-981-11-9413-9
Authors: Ram Dubey
Page: 232 pp
Size: A5 (paperback)
Genre: Health



Praise for the book

“Over the past 30 years I have read many books on addictions, addictions counselling, and recovery. In this book, Ram Dubey has written in a unique way to address the issue of drugs addiction recovery that is easy to read for counselling professionals, addicted individuals, family members impacted by addictions, and students wanting to understand how to help those in the grip of addictions.”

Using a composite narrative of a fictitious person, Zacy, whom he interviews, Ram develops each chapter in response to Zacy’s narrative by providing focused psychoeducation, checklists, action steps, activities, questions to ponder, and a closing summary. The last few chapters highlight different stories of four former addicted individuals and how they currently sustain their recovery. A key statement or warning that Ram impressed upon me in this book is, “just saying ‘No!’ to addiction is not good enough” – the recovering addict MUST commit to recovery.

This book is not simply a motivational book but it provides clear steps for anyone who is ready to “commit to recovery.” Well done, Ram!
— Sam Kuna
Certified Master Addiction Therapist (APCB) Board of Directors, Asia Pacific Certification Board President, Singapore Association for Counselling

In his two books—the first From Drunken to Driven and the second From Relapsed to Redeemed—Ram Dubey takes us full circle from treating addiction to recovery and from relapse to redemption.

Any form of addiction is a complex, protracted, relapsing malady of the brain with no effective medical cure, although it can be managed successfully. Recent statistics showed that more than 85% of patients with addiction relapse within one year post-therapy. The recurrent and recalcitrant nature of addiction could have an underlying neurological and biochemical basis. Drugs and alcohol damage our neurotransmitter system, which in turn, requires time for its full rectification.

Our traditional cocktail of treatments encompassing medical therapy, rehabilitation, and counselling is often found wanting in preventing relapse, but Ram Dubey gives us an additional tool called H.O.P.E., which is a powerful self-motivational and empowering tool to combat relapse. The game changer in relapse prevention often rests on a complete avoidance of all relapse triggers plus an unshakeable self-belief and motivation.

Dubey has written a well-researched and excellent book of great practicality, scope, and depth, and through his work, he has undoubtedly cemented his role as our local authority on this topic. I fully endorse his book to all interested parties.
— Dr. Larry Koh Hang Yong, M.B.B.S., M.C.F.P.
Family Physician, Singapore

Following the success of his first book From Drunken to Driven, I am delighted to see the publication of a second—From Relapsed to Redeemed—by Ram Dubey, whom I am proud to call my friend.

Drug addiction is a serious problem in Singapore. Despite a multitude of measures put in place to curb the rising trend, the number of new drug abusers remains high with close to two-thirds of new drug addicts being under the age of 30. Clearly more needs to be done by everyone concerned to highlight the dangers of drug abuse, especially to the youth of Singapore who are the most impressionable and vulnerable to peer pressure.

Once addiction to substance abuse sets in, it causes much pain and suffering not just to the addict, but those around him, particularly those who deeply care for him and want to help him to overcome his addiction.

Thus, our efforts to prevent addiction and rehabilitate addicts must be continuous. Strong messages on the dangers of addiction must be put in place as early as possible in life in the prevention phase. At the same time, in the remedial phase, we should constantly study new methodologies for rehabilitation to reduce the recidivism rate.

In this regard, Ram Dubey should be commended for highlighting the inspiring real-life stories of people who have turned their lives around and are now on the forefront of the fight against drug abuse.

Thank you, Ram, for your immeasurable contributions to society and in the field of addiction recovery. You are a credit to society.
— Ameerali Abdeali, PPA(G), PBM
Justice of the Peace, Singapore

Needless to say, recovery from drug addiction is an arduous journey. In my many years working with prisons, drug centres, and halfway houses,

I have come to realise the need for drug dependents, their loved ones, and professionals to be well-equipped with knowledge about recovery and the dangers of relapse. Hands-on knowledge comes with practice and wisdom, and I believe that this comprehensive and thought-provoking resource can serve as a complementary tool to educate and guide in shaping the recovery journey.

From personal experience, I know that recovery is harder than most people think and relapse undermines the healing process. Hence, I believe that this book, aptly titled From Relapsed to Redeemed, is both instructive and meaningful. Thank you, Ram, for your immense dedication and commitment to this field.
— A. Muthucumarasamy
Retired Assistant Director of Drugs and Day Release Camps, Singapore Prisons

In From Relapsed to Redeemed, the impressive variety of resources, illustrative quotes, and success stories Ram has woven into the narrative reflects a passionate commitment to making this book as enriching and readable as possible for his readers. Indeed, it is. Following the footsteps of From Drunken to Driven, Ram’s successful first publication, this book traces the complex personal journey of a recovering addict to vividly illustrate real-world scenarios and how these can be managed clinically and practically. From Relapsed to Redeemed is a valuable resource not only for those recovering from addiction, but also their family and friends, and mental health professionals who, like me, find both inspiration and instruction from Ram’s outstanding work.
— Joel Chua
CEO, Thryve Pte. Ltd.

As a recovering alcoholic, I found many treasures for my own recovery in this book, even though its main focus is on drug addiction. In my humble opinion, From Relapsed to Redeemed is so honestly-written, digestible, and relatable that it can even benefit readers who are only just beginning to explore the idea of getting help, not only those who are already in recovery and thinking of maintaining their sobriety.

Addictive behaviour is all about dishonesty and denial but—ironically—one can only reach someone suffering from addiction by using a voice that communicates utmost integrity and respect, like Ram Dubey’s in this book.
— Sharon Ong
Recovering addict, sober since 2011

From Relapsed to Redeemed is a very comprehensive book that can help those who find themselves in substance abuse situations to get out of them. I love the simplicity of the language used, and the book is easily readable. Again, Ram effectively uses a personal journey to help those challenged in overcoming substance abuse. His use of the H.O.P.E. model is unique and effective, and when combined with his S.P.E.R.M. model from his earlier book, From Drunken to Driven, offers a great combined recovery strategy. Ram was spot on when he separates the person from the behaviour and affirms all those on a recovery journey as essentially good people. That was an important message that gives hope to people recovering from addiction.
— Frank Singam
Counsellor, Brahm Centre

The idea that drug addiction is lifelong, similar to cancer in remission, is a hard and uncomfortable truth. In this book, Ram brings us into the minds of people suffering from addiction, the dungeons where inner demons lurk. But he does not leave us in the dark. Instead, he brings testimonies of those who have recovered and offers H.O.P.E.—the miracle cure that is within each of us. This book is a treasure trove of insights and practical advice for mental health practitioners, those recovering from drug addiction, affected families, and others who provide vital recovery support to the afflicted.
— Alan E. K. Tan
Gambling and Substance-Addiction Counsellor

Dubey has penned the best book there is about the life, struggles, and recovery of someone suffering from addiction. Every chapter is scripted with precision. He touches on the intricacies of drug addiction as well as the lived experience of people in recovery from substance abuse. People suffering from addiction are trapped and find it very challenging to stay in recovery. They often compromise their honesty and acceptance of the problem. Their behaviour affects everyone surrounding them and society as a whole.

Drug addiction is a severe problem and we cannot afford to rest on our laurels. We all must come together to educate everyone of the challenges and the recovery process. This well-written and must-read book helps to articulate this clearly. Well done, Ram.
— Mohamed Ismail
Principal Consultant (Mental Health) and Psychotherapist, ParadigmCOACH, Advocate for Mental Health and Addiction Recovery

Congratulations to Ram for another excellent book written. Like his first book, the use of an abbreviated model, H.O.P.E., makes it not just easy to follow and understand, but also to apply. The use of quotes and summaries at the end of each chapter make this book very reader-friendly.

Nothing speaks louder than the use of stories. The poignant stories of each person’s journey out of drug addiction will disturb the readers in a positive way. As a counsellor who works with people suffering from addiction, this book is also a useful tool for me.

From Relapsed to Redeemed is a must-read to all who wish to walk into the lives of those suffering from addiction to understand them. Beyond inspiring!
— Shirley Woon
Founder and Senior Counsellor, The Blue Pencil—A Counselling Clinic

Ram Dubey goes beyond the context of “pills and ills” in abstinence in his pursuit of a concise write-up. He offers avenues of healing as well. The insights and recovery avenues given are based on his experience working with those suffering from addiction, those in recovery, and those helping.

He couples this with his understanding of the substance abuse recovery process. From Relapsed to Redeemed is a valuable resource for all who are involved in the journey of substance abuse recovery as sufferers and helpers.
— Richard Wen
Counsellor and Trainer for people recovering from addiction in corrective institutions

Dubey’s book is a comprehensive and valuable resource for counsellors as well as those seeking help to prevent relapse. He has tapped on his many years of counselling encounters to lay out engaging vignettes of sessions with clients.

His research on the technical aspects of the scourge of drug addiction is highly informative. Dubey’s H.O.P.E. model to fight potential relapse (Chapters 6 to 10) creatively maps out salient points for the reader to remember easily. The book is well structured, making it an easy and engaging read. Every chapter is peppered with succinct and wise quotes, ending with a summary and questions to ponder. It is indeed a comprehensive and valuable resource—a highly recommended read!
— Vincent Ho
Counsellor and Trainer

From Relapsed to Redeemed is a great resource that explains the complex aspects of addictions—the process, cognition, coping, recovery, and maintenance. Ram Dubey has detailed each of these aspects and more through the struggles of the character in the narrative text. Combined with real-life stories of people that are both motivating and inspiring, and the recovery techniques and tools described by Ram, this book will be a valuable guide for those in recovery. A must-read for anyone wanting to understand addictions.
— Alpana Pal
Co-Founder and Counsellor, BlankSlate Pte. Ltd. Advocate for Mental Health and Addiction Recovery

Whether you are an addiction counsellor, a concerned loved one, or an addict, what you want to know about addiction, and more, is found in this book. Even if you are not one of the three, after reading this book, you could be the one to help an addict on his H.O.P.E. journey of lifetime recovery. I am privileged to endorse this book and I absolutely recommend it.
— Lim Sok Cheng Judy
Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Family and Mental Health Advocate