Finding Joy in Transitions: Blooming in the Seasons of Change


ISBN: 978-981-14-9679-0
Author: Lai Han Sam
Page: 176 pp
Size: 5’ x 8’(paperback)
Genre: Self-help



Perhaps you are trying to survive a career crisis at the moment.
Perhaps you have just become a newly minted parent.
Perhaps you recently lost someone dear to you.
Whatever life-changing event you are navigating right now, Finding Joy in Transitions will help you thrive in the seasons of change. The stories, reflection questions and resources will make you think deeply, take action courageously and find deep joy in your life transitions. Together, they will equip you with the tools necessary to move through the path that you must take.

Praise for the book

“There is nothing like having a pillar of strength and a personal champion when we are going through a life transition. That is exactly who Sam is for so many people. This book captures Sam’s deep understanding of what it takes to thrive in our personal challenges.

Her immense experience as a women’s life coach shines through. Readers will enjoy how intelligently practical yet empathic it is. This is where the value of the book truly lies: It delivers the essence of Sam and that transformational magic she brings into her work with her clients and teams.”
Lin Tan
Master Certified Coach, International Coach Federation
Director of Training, Collective Change Institute
President (2020), ICF Singapore Chapter


“What makes this volume carry weight are the real stories that inspired each chapter. I especially enjoy the questions which Sam has thoughtfully curated at the end of each chapter. They may look simple, but they could be just what is needed to give us that much needed reflective pause. Finding Joy in Transitions is definitely not a book to be finished in one reading.”
Gloria Arlini
Deputy Director (Strategy & Policy), National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre


“As a coach, Sam has helped me work through sticky decision points in my entrepreneurial journey so I could view them through a new lens. I am so glad that she has written this book which will help us reframe transitions from difficult challenges to joyful opportunities in a thoughtful, accessible and practical manner. I can definitely see myself pulling this book out over the years when changes happen and I need to look for a new perspective!”
Toni Chan
Founder and Creative Director, August Society


“I have known Sam for several years professionally. She is a deeply empathetic and highly skilled coach, and someone who holds herself and others to the highest degree of integrity. As the managing director of a global coaching firm, Sam is always my go-to coach in helping organisations and leaders manage transitions.

Her feedback from clients is always positive. Sam has the unique ability to be caring while holding the complexity of transitions from both a psychological and practical perspective in order to offer pragmatic, solutions-oriented support. This book is an extension of her knowledge, experience and words of wisdom—a must-read for anyone going through their own transition.”
Saba Hasanie
Managing Director, OSC Leadership Performance


“Sam has helped me navigate difficult decisions in my professional and personal life. I have benefited from her deep empathy and she has helped me find the courage to handle tough conversations and have the clarity to move forward. As a reader, this book does exactly that: It feels as close as it can be to having conversations with Sam on important life decisions.

May you also find calmness in approaching transitions as you build the confidence in embracing change.”
Yi Ning Lim
Marketing professional


“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Finding Joy in Transitions. What struck me most was the way Sam was able to capture so much experiential wisdom on the different transition scenarios and put them together in such a delightful and effortless read. Anyone could benefit from this book as we all go through transitions in some stages of life and having this book will allow us to make sense of the anxieties associated with the changes and take inspired action to move
forward with ease.“
Suman Balani, PCC
Managing Director, Flourish Consulting Pte Ltd


“Finding Joy in Transitions is a wonderful resource for the many stages of transition and change that we find ourselves experiencing in life. I love that the chapters can easily be read in any order. The Reflection for Clarity questions at the end of each chapter make it especially practical and useful. If you find yourself stuck on how to move through a change in your life, I highly recommend this book.”
Susan Sadler, PCC
Founder, Sadler Communications LLC


“Dealing with transitions is unnerving for many, let alone finding joy in them. Every transition is unique and maybe even evolutionary. Sam has used a practical approach through storytelling so that the user can easily relate to different semblance of their own experience. I like the interactivity of the book and it is not a book to hurry through. It’s a great bedside companion where you could flip to a relevant story whether to uplift yourself or help a friend who is in a transition.”
Christina Teo
Chief Builder, she1K – world’s 1st C-suite executive angel syndicate