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The FAQ Book on Public Speaking


Book Specification: A5, 168 pages, paperback
Author: Kelvin Lim Kian Meng, Eric Feng Anqiang

The FAQ Book on Public Speaking is the first book in The FAQ Book Series. This series..



The FAQ Book on Public Speaking is the first book in The FAQ Book Series. This series, one of the first made-in-Singapore self-enrichment book series, aims to serve as a quick reference guide on self-help topics for readers. Basically, readers ask the questions, and the authors will get them the professional answers. According to many studies, people’s number one fear in life is public speaking and ironically, this is followed by death. The FAQ Book on Public Speaking aims to help readers develop their public speaking skills by answering 75 real-life burning questions posed by many people who wrote in to the authors. The book allows readers to gain access to the tested and proven strategies, skills and techniques that have brought significant speaking success to the 2 authors. Readers will learn how to avoid common but fatal mistakes that many speakers commit in the book. Written for those looking for quick and effective tips to make an impactful speech or deliver a convincing client presentation, applying the knowledge learnt in the book will give the reader an unfair advantage over their peers and competitors. The book contains celebrity quotes from Irene Ang, CEO of Fly Entertainment and motivational speaker.