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Exit Triggers: The 3 Keys to Keeping Your Talent and Unlocking Their Potential


ISBN: 978-981-14-2875-3
Authors: Sharon Seet
Page: 176 pp
Size: A5 (paperback)
Genre: Leadership



Retention of key talent remains one of the greatest challenges for managers and human resource professionals. After putting in a significant amount of effort to attract talent, do you find it difficult to keep them engaged and interested? Are your best employees resigning out of the blue? Skilled professionals are in high demand, and replacing talented team members is increasingly difficult. Employee satisfaction and retention is the priority of every good manager and human resource professional, and this book will give you the strategies to build and keep your dream team.

This book is meant for you if:
– you want to be able to recognise exit triggers and act before it’s too late;
– you are looking for strategies or methods to retain your talent;
– you want to know what type of culture engages talent;
– you aspire to become a great leader;
– you want to discover your true potential as well as unlock that of your talent;
– you wish to resurrect your dreams;
– you know someone who needs this book more than you do!

After reading this book, you will be able to apply 3 simple keys to unlock the potential of your talent, which will decrease the turnover rate of your organisation and increase the capability of your leaders. In a tight employee market, retaining talent is of utmost importance. Use the tried and tested strategies in this book to keep your most valuable business asset—your talent.

Praise for the book

Sharon hits the nail on the head: successful companies retain their employees by creating a culture where they can thrive, demonstrating they holistically care for their team and investing in their development through coaching. It is only when employees feel part of the whole that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and Sharon provides some great insights and practical tips on how to achieve this and retain your key talent.Sharon hits the nail on the head: successful companies retain their employees by creating a culture where they can thrive, demonstrating they holistically care for their team and investing in their development through coaching. It is only when employees feel part of the whole that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and Sharon provides some great insights and practical tips on how to achieve this and retain your key talent.

– Sam Herbert
World Courier, an AmerisourceBergen company


The war for talent grows every day and people are the key to any business’s success. Finding and hiring great talent has never been harder, so it’s never been more important to retain those you already have. Sharon has drawn on her many years of experience in multinational companies to create a practical and effective framework for spotting the danger signals, keeping your people engaged, and retaining your best talent through unlocking their full potential. It’s only through people that you’ll maximise the performance and realise the potential of your business, so my advice is—read this book!

– John Tobin
Vice President Human Resources
World Courier, an AmerisourceBergen company


Drawing on decades of professional experience, Sharon blends her insights with research to present a cohesive explanation regarding employee retention today. Her case study style brings the frameworks presented to life in a way that everyone can understand.

– Philippa (Pip) Penfold
CEO and Co-Founder
People Collider


There is a Chinese saying: “You can temporarily retain a person but you can’t keep his heart.” This saying holds true at the workplace when an employee has decided to leave the organisation to advance his or her career elsewhere. People are organisations’ most valuable assets. Despite the fact that most organisations know that their long-term advantage resides in their people, most organisations don’t think critically about how to increase employee retention. This book is a must have if you want to know the secrets to retaining good people.

– Terence Chiew 
Author of Most Valuable Professional: What Every Employee Ought to Know About Staying Employable


A book that resonates with most. This book provides detailed real-life insights into the obstacles that many professionals face throughout their career. But it doesn’t stop there. Sharon provides us, both managers and human resources professionals, with a simple yet effective framework to overcome and even avoid these challenges. The 3Cs framework categorises the most important aspects of employee engagement, providing great guidance so that you and your business can retain top talent.

– Liam Quigley
Recruiting Learning Lead, Recruiting Programmes
Facebook APAC HQ


“Prevention is better than cure”, writes Sharon Seet in her easy-to-read account of what it takes to keep employees with you instead of watching them go out the door to your competitors. In a world where “job-hopping” is seen as an asset rather than a liability, keeping your employees—and the investment you’ve made in them—seems like a difficult yet important task. Sharon manages to provide practical suggestions to do so, based on her experienced-based yet research-supported model. She dubs it the 3Cs: Culture, Care, and Coaching. Her practical writing will provide insights on achieving greater retention by applying these three strategies. Simple, yet powerful, this book will give human resources professionals and senior management new tools in their search to retain their best talent.

– Fermin Diez
Co-author of Human Capital and Global Business Strategy, The Remuneration Handbook, and Fundamentals of HR Analytics


Sharon is a great coach and leader. As a coach, she brings out the best in each person. She really listens and understands, always probing gently but firmly to bring self-realisation and better understanding of situations. As a leader, her input and guidance is both insightful and realistic, bringing about clarity from different perspectives and providing direction ahead.

– Joel Sho
Global Compensation and Benefits Specialist, IHRP-CP
Yanmar International Singapore Pte. Ltd.


One of the keys to organisational success is the alignment of strategy, structure, and people. While attracting and hiring the right talent contribute to organisational success, retention of top talent is at the heart of this endeavour. Understanding what drives your employees and providing the right rewards and working environment are no longer sufficient to retain and motivate today’s top talent. Sharon provides tips to retain your top talent based on her wealth of practical experience and deep analysis of concepts backed by research. Sharon addresses many of the talent management issues faced by human resources practitioners today. Applying her 3Cs framework, you will understand how as Culture, Care, and Coaching interact, you can find the sweet spot to not only retain your top talent but also unleash their full potential.

– Carol Lim
Senior Lecturer
School of Management and Communication,
Republic Polytechnic


This is a very timely book on a topic that is increasingly important for organisations to remain competitive. All the best talent acquisition initiatives will be meaningless or even negated if the outflow is not stemmed, not to forget the opportunity costs when there is loss of experienced staff. Thanks, Sharon, for the insights and for making it easy for us to understand and apply your framework.

– Sebastian Tan 
Group Chief Human Resources Officer
Frasers Property Limited



Sharon has been seeking out the best coaching model and nothing has come so close as her name. Perhaps it is coincidental, but SEET is a well-thought-out coaching process and simple enough for implementation. SEET stands for Sensing, Engaging, Evaluating, and Tracking, and this sums up all the important elements in coaching. Reading her book is one thing, but attending her talks on her sharing of many real-life experiences is value-adding. I congratulate Sharon on taking her first step in coming up with her first book so that we all get to have a share of her inner thoughts.

– Patrick Loke 
Assistant Vice President
Sembcorp Industries Ltd.


This book is one of positivity, provocative questions, and cheerleading energy! Sharon has a masterful knack of bringing coaching skills together in all their right proportions. This alchemy guides one in seeking out a clarity of purpose and desire, taking a personal leap forward in one’s solutions, and being accountable for one’s own actions.

– Kayla Foo 
Associate Director
Bank of Singapore


Exit Triggers: The 3 Keys to Keeping Your Talent and Unlocking Their Potential delivers answers to many of the challenges organisations face. It is an excellent resource for managers and leaders looking to understand what it takes to retain talent before it is too late. Retaining talen is not a job simply for the human resources team alone. The Culture, Care, and Coaching approach provides readers with simple, direct, and most importantly, practical methods and examples they can easily implement within their own organisations.

– Kim Underhill 
IO Psychologist and Founder
Ultimate Balance Consultancy


Sharon is a professional human resources expert and a natural-born coach. Whenever I met difficulties or had doubts, she would help me to analyse my own situation and led me to explore the answers. Her experience, thoughtfulness, insight, and coaching not only helped me upgrade myself in my career, but also enlightened me in all the other facets of my life. Sharon, you are a rock star coach!

– Clara Jiang 
Human Resource Business Partner
Bitmaintech Pte. Ltd.


Sharon has been a mentor-coach in my career and also a great friend in my life. She is attentive towards helping her clients, colleagues, and friends understand their limitations and harness their strengths. Time spent together and insightful conversations with a friend like her have always been a mentally and emotionally rich experience for me!

– Ong Li Jiuen 
Senior Principal Dietician
Changi General Hospital


Sharon is a dynamic human resources professional who is always filled with zest and ideas to empower her people. She coached me to think on my feet to propose my own solutions and overcome my barriers. After the coaching session with Sharon, I successfully pulled off an impressive human resources presentation to senior executives during a global management meeting in San Diego, USA, in February 2019. She has all it takes to develop and retain top talent.

 – Yu Gui 
Regional HR Manager, IHRP-CP
Nagase Singapore Pte. Ltd.