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From Drunken to Driven: The S.P.E.R.M. Model to Overcoming Alcoholism and Leading Fulfilling Lives


ISBN: 978-981-11-2963-6
Author: Ram Dubey
Publisher: Candid Creation Publishing
Page: 228 pp
Size: A5 (paperback)
Availability: All major bookstores
Genre: Health



Do you find yourself falling into the abyss of alcoholism? Or do you know of someone who takes to excessive drinking? Do you know how you can stop the abuse, or how to help others get out of its clutches?

From Drunken to Driven gives you a peek into the alcoholic life of Sunny. It shares insights into his experiences, thoughts, and challenges with alcoholism. It explains how he was able to triumph over this menace that had plagued his life.

Anchored around the S.P.E.R.M. model, this book is peppered with researched facts, motivational statements, inspiring ideas, and healthy daily habits to drive change and contribute to rebuilding a sober, happy, and energetic life. The model provides a framework to help you recover and make a meaningful difference to yourself and also to others.

This book is written with a firm belief that anyone who acknowledges his or her problem and has the courage to seek help can overcome alcoholism and lead a fulfilling life.