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Don’t Get Scammed!: Understanding Scams and Protecting Yourself Against Them


ISBN: 978-981-17173-4-5
Authors: Joanne Lai and Rayney Wong
Page: 168 pp
Size: 148mm x 210mm (paperback)
Genre: Personal Finance



“236 people investigated over scams; victims lost S$5.1 million”
“13 victims lost S$38,000 to scammers”
“900 phishing scams ‘observed’ since January”
“S$40 million SkillsFuture fraud: husband and wife jailed”
“Businessman charged with cheating and fraud involving S$1 billion”

These are just a fraction of the headlines that have appeared in the local media recently and they are testament to the myriad scams and fraud schemes that abound. It is what makes this a timely book for our tentative times. Scammers and fraudsters are equal opportunity predators and anyone—young or old, rich or poor, less educated or very intelligent—can be a victim. And it can happen at any time. Which is why it is important to read this book and pick up the tips that it dispenses.

Learn about the different types of scams—from love scams to job scams—and understand the difference between a scam and a fraud. Get a glimpse of who the fraudsters are, how scammers operate, and why people are taken in by these schemes. Find out ways to prevent yourself from being duped as well as what to do if you are, unfortunately, taken in. In addition to all the practical information, there are also first-hand accounts from victims who share their experiences and the lessons they have learnt.

It is hoped that with this book, you will gain a new awareness of possible pitfalls and be better protected against them, so that you Don’t Get Scammed!

Praise for the book

Praise for the book

“In recent times, scammers are becoming increasingly innovative and creative. They try to outsmart people using emotional tactics and prey on victims who may be novice or experienced entrepreneurs and investors. It is timely we unite to safeguard our hard-earned money. There are no quick get-rich schemes. Don’t Get Scammed! is a starting point for anyone who wants to be certain and who wants to have a holistic approach and check system when the next investment looms. For that, you need the right knowledge and understanding. Read this book. Protect your loved ones. Protect your family. Protect your hard-earned money from scammers.”
— Mohamed Ismail s/o Abdul Gafoor
Chairman and CEO, PropNex Limited

“As I write this, I have just approved a goodwill payment for a client who has been defrauded of her entire life savings. Cybercrime remains a top risk in a world pivoting to the metaverse. The authors have painstakingly put together the modus operandi of scammers with real case studies and, more importantly, how to avoid them. With succinctly presented insights, this is a great resource for anyone wanting to understand and be better prepared against scams.”
— Adrian Vincent
General Manager Life Business, FWD Singapore

Getting scammed and falling for fraud is not a good experience. I know because I have fallen for the odd few in my life. That is why Joanne needs to get the message out. This book covers the spectrum of scams that could hit us, considering how much scams have ramped up in recent
years. To prevent us from falling for these scams and fraud, we need to understand the subject broadly and listen to the experience of victims (who are not the victims you have in mind). After reading this, I am sure you will have a different view about scams and fraud.
— Kyith Ng
Financial Blogger, Investment Moats

An all-in-one package that contains information, not just about scams and fraud, but also about how to prevent them. It also tells you what to do if you do get scammed. Would recommend everyone read this.
— Alan Lim
Director, PropNex Limited

In this day and age where scams abound at every corner, this engaging book is a definite must-read to arm yourself against these very wiles!
— Vivien Yap
Senior Trainer, The Enneagram Academy

As a veteran in the financial advisory industry, it pains me every time I read of people falling for scams. It is not only the money they lost but the dignity and emotional stress which can lead to disastrous consequences for the victims and their families. I believe education is key and I’m glad that Rayney and Joanne have written this book. I hope more awareness will result in fewer victims.
— Alfred Chia
CEO, SingCapital Pte Ltd

Scams are such a hot topic these days. We need clarity on how ordinary people, like us, can identify them and protect ourselves against being duped. Don’t Get Scammed! is a timely book that is written in a manner that is easily understood by anyone. This book will be your best
investment to protect your finances!
— Dr Patrick Liew
Entrepreneur Of The Year for Social Contribution

This book couldn’t have come at a better time. Too many people are being scammed and there is an urgent need to educate the general public on this. Not bits and pieces of information that you find in the newspapers or on websites or in bulletins. Having a comprehensive book that contains all the important information about scams and fraud is just what all of us need to protect ourselves and prevent more duplicity from taking place.
— Marcus Chu
CEO, APAC Realty and ERA Asia Pacific

Joanne and Rayney have written the single most helpful book on scams, with in-depth analysis on the psychology of scams and real-life case studies. They show us how to identify scams and more importantly, how to avoid falling victim to a scam.
— Alvin Poh
Entrepreneur and Author of Super Scaling