Why I Ditched My Chanel: An Ajumma’s Journey to Conscious Living and Money Mastery


ISBN: 978-981-09-6912-7
Author: Ellie Kim
Publisher: Candid Creation Publishing
Page: 152 pp
Size: A5 (paperback)
Genre: Self-help
Availability: All major bookstores


In the corporate world, it is no secret that office ladies wear success upon the crook of their arm. The iconic black quilted leather Chanel bag with its trademark double-C clasps is as much a statement piece as it is an instrument for the status-conscious executive to flaunt her accomplishment. The ajumma knows this.

Once a bag-conscious Forex broker, Ellie Kim went down that path before an epiphany stopped her from plunging a five-figure sum for her next purchase. In Why I Ditched My Chanel, Kim draws parallels between the Singaporean and Korean perspectives on money matters and shares how she plans her mock retirement in anticipation of a mid-career change, how she stays relevant as an ikan bilis investor, and how she works towards financial freedom, which is the true dae bak.


“This book is not an instant recipe on how to make money. It reminds us whether the competition we are in has any purpose in our life. It’s an invitation to look into the author’s own journey towards conscious living, money management, and building a lifelong career. What is the meaning of being rich in Singapore? The answer lies within you.”

– Collin Seow, Remisier and Author of The Systematic Trader

“This thoughtful meditation on the writer’s search for inner meaning in materialistic and work-driven Singapore will surely strike a chord amongst many out there who long to get out of the rat race and reclaim their lives. Reading this may well inspire you to reboot your own life! Highly recommended!”

– Helen Chng, Lawyer