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Digital Parenting: Safeguarding your child’s well-being in the screen age


ISBN: 978-981-17116-9-5
Authors: Daryl Lim
Page: 224 pp
Size: 148mm x 210mm (paperback)
Genre: Parenting



Unlocking the secrets to safely navigate the digital WORLD with your child

Digital age is a time of excitement for kids. It opens up a newfound world of cyber territory explorations, contemporary media and self-expression for them. It connects them to all corners of the globe insofar as there is Internet penetration. Digital device are a dime a dozen and getting more affordable by the day, but with increased connectivity also comes the lurking physical and emotional dangers when kids venture into uncharted areas.

Sexual grooming. Internet addiction. Cyberbullying. Internet addiction. Sedentary lifestyle. And there are more. Are you technologically savvy enough to combat the ills of the Internet? Are you equipped with first-hand knowledge to safeguard your child’s well-being in the digital age?

Digital Parenting explores the changing styles of parenting and the challenges arising from the arrival of the Internet. It is the sole guide any parent needs to nurture a cyber-healthy family.

Praise for the book

Daryl’s book puts issues at the back of the mind to the forefront and addresses them with practical solutions that not only ease parental concerns, but also fulfil children’s needs to be relevant in this digital age.
Kelyn Elina Li
Parent | Clarity Coach

Digital Parenting is a highly relevant resource book of this day and age for the parents of today. The struggles with technology and mental health issues are prevalent, and it seems like they are here to stay. This book is helpful in navigating through these difficult times.
Amanda Chen-Lee
Art Therapist (MA-AT), Art for Good

This book contains practical insights and framework that can guide today’s parents in navigating the digital world that consumes a large part of our children’s lives. It is definitely a must-read for any parent who wishes to raise healthy kids and engage them meaningfully.
Tang Seok Hian
Parent | Human Resources Consultant

An interesting and compelling read. One gets the sense that Daryl is a trained journalist and astute observer of the environment. He draws attention to the use of digital media by children and its possible impact on the formation of critical thinking and social skills. A good read for young parents.
Denise Thong (MSocSc Counselling)
Parent | Counsellor

Digital Parenting is an essential book to read as it delves into the interactions between technology and child development. The impact that digital life has on children and parenting cuts across all nationalities, cultures and walks of life. A must-read for everyone.
Janice Lum
International School Teacher (Elementary)

Daryl’s book is a timely reminder that as parents and significant adults in our children’s and adolescents’ lives, we need to do more to safeguard their physical, mental, social and digital well-being. He covers a wide range of topics in a relatable manner and his insights are useful in helping us navigate this new digital era together.
Amanda De Souza
Secondary School Teacher

The fourth industrial revolution is reshaping our world and the future of our children. While the emphasis is for children to equip themselves with smart technological skills, parents struggle with the downside of the Internet. Daryl, like many of us, loves our children and has provided us some guidelines to help navigate our children wisely in this new technological future.
Dr. Barney Wee
Parent | Director (R&D), Mind Transformations

This is the type of reading the new age parents will truly benefit from. Knowing the dangers, the lure and the behaviour towards our kids from the digital world will enable you to be a better modern parent. Daryl has done well highlighting these important issues in his book for us to take note as parents. A well-written and timely publication.
Dr. Aloysius Tay
Mental Health Counsellor

Digital Parenting is a concisely written book for parents who are concerned about the well-being of their child. Daryl has taken the major concerns of parents in this digital age and addressed them with insightful guidance. A must-read for soon-to-be parents, parents, grandparents and anyone who is concerned about the welfare of children.
Kareen Eio
Parent | Client Success Consultant

Lifestyle habits are affecting physical and mental health, as well as our social well-being. In this book, Daryl explores real threats arising from our digital devices and what we can do about them. An easy read packed with timely advice.
Assoc Prof Steven Ooi
Parent | Epidemiologist | Public Health Practitioner

Living in a digital world today, we cannot simply prevent exposing our children to digital devices and the media. Instead, Daryl suggests how parents can manage the use of media and digital devices as a double-edged sword on their children. This book empowers parents so they and their children will not fall victim to the addiction of the media and digital devices.
Daphne Lim
Parent | Tertiary Institution Lecturer

As a parent, your approach to your child is as unique as you are. As an effective parent, keeping abreast of and partnering your kid to be confident in navigating the evolving and complex digital environment, as well as the new social norms, is a valuable asset that will go a long way. Do yourself and your kids a favour and read this book.
Chloe Neo
Parent | Corporate Chief Operating Officer