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What I Didn’t Learn in School: 8 life lessons you need to know to find success after graduation


ISBN: 978-981-09-2139-2
Author: Jamson Chia

What I Didn't Learn In School – you've probably guessed it – is anything but textbook answers to helping you find success in life after graduation.



What I Didn’t Learn In School – you’ve probably guessed it – is anything but textbook answers to helping you find success in life after graduation. You will read about all the hard knocks the author went through in search of his dream job after graduating from the university, as well as the lessons he has learnt from them.

From this book, you will draw 8 life lessons – on attitude, mentorship, personal branding, networking, employment, business, money mastery, and health – that will help you meander through your new and exciting life with fewer knocks. This book is for school leavers and to-be graduates who may be intimidated by the impending thought of stepping into the real world and actualising that dream career. You should read this book before making another life-changing decision on your career.


“Unlike other authors in the genre, Jamson relates his experiences in a Singaporean context, and helps readers rediscover their individuality. Having spent the last fifteen years in academia, I’ve often seen students feel lost after graduating, after channelling all their focus and efforts on attaining the degree. Much of this book serves to address this by helping readers set and achieve their goals for a successful future.

Make no mistake: the book is NOT a typical self-help guide peppered with inspirational quotes or motivational rags-to-riches stories. Neither does it claim to prescribe a singular formula for success. Rather, Jamson speaks from the heart as an average Singaporean faced with mundane expectations and shares his hard-learnt experiences through anecdotes. Through these, the reader is invited to contemplate the author’s responses and actions, and to take steps towards regaining control over one’s life. In true Singaporean study-guide style, each chapter in the book comes with a key take-home message to make for efficient and effective reading!

Whether you have recently graduated, about to graduate, or are planning for higher education, I highly recommend this book as a valuable guide to life beyond books.”

Mark Chong
Lecturer, Nanyang Technological University

“I had the pleasure of going through university with Jamson and we were the couple of outcasts of those days. Neither of us excelled in our studies, but we both had our passions that eventually developed into careers. Jamson has certainly come far with his lessons of hard knocks and he is one of the unconventional role models today that I have come to love and respect. His life experiences, which will reach higher heights yet, will be much comfort to whoever wants to take the road less travelled.”

Stefen Chow
Award-winning photographer
Co-founder of The Poverty Line Project

“A year ago, Jamson casually mentioned that he was thinking of writing a book to share what he knows with the world. For most people, it will stop there. Just a nice idea. Period. But he acted on it in spite of his work and family commitments.

This speaks volume about his attitude and tenacity. So who better to learn from than someone who actually walks the talk and did what most people will think is impossible?”

Eric Feng
Award-winning Public Speaker
Author of Get to the Point

“A book full of wisdom from someone who has gone through the school of hard knocks, Jamson Chia’s What I Didn’t Learn In School is a must-read for someone just starting a career or deciding on a profession. It is easy to read and straight to the point. Thoroughly recommended to set yourself up for a bright future!”

Steven Pang
Operations Director, Kelly Services
Founder, Alchemy Learning Lab
Author of Everything You Wish to Ask a Headhunter