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Blockchain Unlocked: Business Transformation with Blockchain Technology


ISBN: 978-981-14-6488-1
Author: Daryl Lim
Page: 292 pp
Size: 148mm x 210mm (paperback)
Genre: Business



Blockchain Unlocked will help you to understand the basic concepts of an emerging form of technology and how it will transform businesses. Part 1 covers what blockchain is and what it cannot do, despite the hype. It goes into the types and functions of various blockchains and its core concepts. Part 2 presents ten use cases to explore disruptive blockchain-enabled digital transformations across businesses and industries such as banking and finance, healthcare, insurance, energy, real estate, etc.

The book also explains the conditions necessary for businesses to design and develop their own blockchain, and the possible obstacles should you take the leap. This book is an easy-to-understand book for readers with any level of knowledge in blockchain — whether a beginner or an expert.


Praise for the book

This book is the missing piece for leaders to not only understand but also apply blockchain technology. It is filled with useful insights that are accurate and relevant to a wide range of industries.

— Vincent Choy
 President, Blockchain Centre of Excellence and Education

From someone who’s totally new to blockchain to those eager to implement critical transformation to businesses, this is definitely a must-read book. It contains the what, why, and how to get blockchain going in a very easy-to- read manner. The case studies offer excellent insight into technological disruptions and how blockchain can mitigate and improve the system. For those seeking business transformation, this book is the starting point.

— Irene Wee
 Associate Adult Educator, Institute of Adult Learning (SUSS)


For any hot topic, what’s needed is not further hype or zeal, but clarity on what it is and how ordinary people can use it. Blockchain is one of the technologies that can define our future. Understanding it is part of our digital literacy. This book is a good roadmap that offers exactly that.

— Li Xin
 Managing Director, Caixin Global


 The insights that Daryl shares in his book will provide clarity for businesses looking to adopt blockchain. For me, the book serves as a great way to quickly understand the value blockchain may bring to businesses in the most painless way possible.

— W.K. Lim
 Regional Vice President (SEA), Singapore Airlines


As a long-time veteran in my industry, I feel that the technology will take our best to a whole new level. Blockchain Unlocked certainly carries its weight in the description and analysis of blockchain application. Truly a must-read for most.

— Robert Chua
 Former Trader, Bank of America


A wise read for leaders who want to prepare themselves and their organisations for the future. The book takes the complexities of blockchain technology and make it easy for the reader to consume and relevant for immediate application today.

— Winston Ngan
Former Partner, Global Professional and Consultancy Firm


The book is very well done. The minute I started reading it, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. I have always seen potential in blockchain technology and reading this book has clearly demonstrated the enormous value it can bring to businesses.

— Christopher Neo
 CFA, Director, Private Equity Firm


Technology adoption is essential in every organisation today. Daryl’s book engages and inspires leaders at a strategic level. This is a book not to be missed!

— Dr. Shravan Verma (MD)
 Founder and CEO, Speedoc


Blockchain Unlocked was an easy way for me to visualise and understand the essentials of blockchain applications for businesses. An excellent book containing a wealth of information. Thank you putting it together.

— Nyoman Santiawan
 Vice Chairman, Ramayana Group


Blockchain Unlocked helped me understand the applications of blockchain and its potential for business transformation. The book made it so clear and easy to understand.

— Marie Mak
 Director (Financial Services), Great Eastern Life