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AI Unlocked: Business Transformation with Artificial Intelligence


ISBN: 978-981-17173-6-9
Authors: Daryl Lim
Page: 392 pp
Size: 148mm x 210mm (paperback)
Genre: Business




AI Unlocked explores the origin of artificial intelligence and the journey it has taken to reach where it is today. From self-driving, smart health, entertainment, education, business management, cybersecurity to public governance, to name a few, you cannot avoid AI. Its impact on society is a conversation that is likely to continue for decades to come.

As we reap the benefits that AI bring, we must also consider the drawbacks the technology pose to workers, businesses and end consumers. How will AI transform industries and how will it change human society as we advance? This book is written with business leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals and even students in mind. It provides a detailed understanding of AI and an excellent backdrop that will help readers make sense of the emerging new technological world.


Praise for the book

AI Unlocked helped me understand the applications of artificial intelligence and its potential use for businesses. The book made it very clear and easy to understand.
Sanjiv Venkatram
CEO, Prudentia Consulting Pte Ltd

AI Unlocked is very well written and is easy for people who do not have a tech background to understand. I have always seen potentials of artificial intelligence in the business world and reading this book has clearly demonstrated its applications.
Ricky Setyawan
Technical Director (Data Engineering), Datatech Integrator Pte Ltd

AI Unlocked is an easy way for me to visualise and understand the essentials of artificial intelligence applications for businesses. It is a book containing a wealth of information for business owners and leaders.
Stephen Tan
Snr Operations/Project Manager, N&T Engineering Enterprise Pte Ltd

I always believe that artificial intelligence will take our businesses to a whole new level. This book certainly carries its weight in bridging that knowledge gap plaguing leaders trying to embrace change. Truly a must-read.
Wong Han Neng
IT Manager, Charles & Keith

This is definitely a must-read book. It contains the what, why and how of applying artificial intelligence in a very easy-to-read manner. Case studies shown offer great insight into its potential for disruption. For those seeking to know more about artificial intelligence, this book is
the starting point.
Cheng Zhe
Manager of Technology (Data Platform), CGS-CIMB Securities Pte Ltd

The insights Daryl shares in his book provide great clarity for businesses looking to adopt and apply artificial intelligence. It serves as a great way to quickly understand artificial intelligence and the great value and transformation it can bring to businesses in the most painless way possible.
Alvin Yeo
CTO, Elitez Group

AI Unlocked offers a balanced approach to understanding and embracing artificial intelligence. Daryl covers its origin, its evolution to real-world applications, its potential misuses and more. He offers compelling takeaways for all readers, learners, managers and leaders of artificial intelligence. A highly recommended book!
Terence Ee
Independent consultant and trainer

In today’s world, technology adoption is essential for every organisation looking to thrive. Daryl’s book engages and inspires leaders at a strategic level with real life case studies broken down for greater clarity. This is a book not to be missed!
Truman Ng
Director, Nexplore Pte Ltd

This book is the missing piece for leaders to not only understand, but also apply artificial intelligence.
Victor Tan
Senior Director of Corporate Development, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

With artificial intelligence being a hot topic, what’s needed is not further hype or zeal, but clarity on what it is and how people can use it. This book serves as an excellent map for leaders and business owners on how to get ahead of the technology curve.
Justin Wong
Vice President, Firmus Singapore