A Clear View of the Law: Making Sense of Legal Complexity


ISBN: 978-981-18-0025-2
Author: Low Kee Yang
Page: 200 pp
Size: 6’ x 9’ (paperback)
Genre: Legal



Most of us find law complex and, sometimes, incomprehensible. Yet, we encounter a host of different laws as we go about our daily lives. So, how then do we navigate the intricate pathways of laws that are relevant to us if we do not know what they mean, how to apply them or how to avoid the pitfalls?

This book allows us to bridge that gulf of understanding. Put together with the insight gained from the author´s three decades of teaching to a wide spectrum of participants, this book strips away what seems like a mystery to us. It explains and enlightens, so that we can make sense of what we think is chaos in the law. It also helps us to comprehend some of the legal material we have to read, be it a statute, a case report, a simple contract or even an article about an aspect of the law.

Written in a simplified manner, the author shows us what law is, how laws are crafted and helps us understand its complexities and imperfections so that we come away with a clear view of the law.

Praise for the book

“Many authors attempt to wrap their reader’s head around the complex topic of law and legal systems, but none that I’ve read are as concise and precise as this book. A Clear View of the Law helps to explain the thought processes behind why the legal world works the way it does. It has also helped me better understand my (lawyer) wife and the way she thinks when she’s at work.”
Ian Lim Tian Wen
Personal wealth manager, AIA Prestige

“This book presents a wide-ranging and thought-provoking tapestry of the law. The author renders complex topics accessible, presenting them in a logical order that drives and reinforces the narrative. All too often, during the day-to-day practice or study of law, individuals lose sight of the law’s majesty and its function as a moderating force for society. While lawyers appreciate that “trees” are important, this book reminds us of the glorious nature of the forest. The almost Haiku-like format and tone are very appealing and reinforce the philosophical orientation of the text. This book is ideal for stimulating thoughtful reflection on what the law is and what it ought to be. The author is to be congratulated for developing and executing such a worthwhile project.”
Basil C. Bitas
Member, Bars of New York state and Washington D.C., former Associate Professor of Law, Singapore Management University

“Through a broad survey of many topics, the author undertakes the challenging task of introducing laypersons to subjects such as key features of law, legal processes, law’s division into different areas and recurring legal concepts employed by courts, legislatures and law’s critics. This book provides very accessible snippets in short chapters on various aspects of law that will be of interest, for example, to students thinking of applying to law school and those curious about what law is concerned with.”
Dr Tan Seow Hon
Associate Professor, Singapore Management University

“Kee Yang has embarked on a mission to make the law simpler and clearer; which I thought was an ambitious target to achieve given the complexity of law. But I believe he has achieved his objective remarkably well. From the perspective of a non-lawyer who had suffered through many legal courses, this book would have been a great help were it available to me then. Having acted as Kee Yang’s “layperson bouncing board” as he wrote the book, it has cleared many previous confusions about the law. So yes, it does give me a clear view of the law.”
Leong Kwong Sin
Retired accounting professor

“A thoughtful condensation of the vast content and substance of law.”
Rosa D.
Corporate venture starter and builder

“It succinctly breaks down complex legal concepts and engages the reader on a captivating journey through legal questions that even the most competent lawyers struggle to answer.”
Aaron Lim Chor Yin
Law student