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A CEO, an Entrepreneur, a Tourist, and the Monk


Title: A CEO, an Entrepreneur, a Tourist, and the Monk: Finding the balance between success and happiness
ISBN: 978-981-11-6508-5
Authors: Alex Butt
Publisher: Candid Creation Publishing
Price: $19.90 (before GST)
Page: 280 pp
Size: 5.5” x 8.5” (paperback)
Genre: Personal Growth/ Happiness
Availability: All major bookstores


a CEO at the peak of his career, successful but unhappy, caught in his hamster wheel-of-fortune

an entrepreneur constantly starting new ventures, but unsure of his long-term future

a tourist trying to escape from a life that was not his own, and break his cycle of bad luck

A chance encounter between these three disparate characters and the Monk becomes the turning point in their lives. They embark on a journey of self-reflection, re-prioritise their lives, and take a different route to happiness, while enjoying the pursuit of material success.

But this story is just a parable for what we can all achieve in our lives.

Too many people today are preoccupied with work, have little time for their family and friends, and even less time for themselves. They tell themselves that they are doing this so that they can reap the fruits of their labour, relax, and be happy in the future. But, what if today was their future? When then will they be happy?

Author Alex Butt invites you to take a leaf from this book and ask yourself, “Are you content and happy with your life?” Just like these three characters, you too can apply the simple truths contained in this tale, redefine your own path to contentment, and discover a balance between success and happiness.

Praise for the book

“This book has a nice display of opposing characters that all of us can instantly identify with, as I am sure we would have connected with these personalities at some stage of our lives. It certainly gives a different dimension on how we can deal with the everyday issues that we face in today’s fast-paced world and lists the remedial steps that we can adopt to make it somewhat more amenable. Definitely a must-read for anyone striving to succeed and make an impact in this world.”

— Mok Yuen Lok
Entrepreneur and Regional Executive Director, Asia Pacific Crowe Horwath International; co-founder and partner of Crowe Horwath Malaysia

“As a former CEO and current entrepreneur, this book resonated with me at the deepest level. The author’s ability to understand the frustrations of modern life combined with his persuasive guidelines in our search for tranquility and purpose makes for a compelling story — one which addresses the fundamental rather than superficial things that matter in our lives.”

— Steve Feniger
CEO, 55 Consulting Ltd.; author of Make It in China

“This book takes us on a journey to find ourselves, inner happiness, and the true meaning to life in a time when we are constantly seeking material success. The story highlights the importance of cleansing our negative emotions. Only then can we have clarity for ourselves and be able to do good for others. What’s behind you and what’s in front of you is nothing compared to the power inside you.”

— Teh Lip Kim
CEO, Selangor Dredging Bhd

“An easy-to-read book that flows well with the characters.

Not heavy reading; yet one would not dismiss it as light either, especially upon reflection on some of the stories, approaches, and sayings. There are many diverse parallels to life’s experiences, beliefs, and paths. Keep an open mind and there is a lot to learn, understand, and appreciate from this reading. Definitely a push to introspection, or going deeper if one has already started.”

— Yong Yun Seong
Senior Director, Expedia Inc.; twenty-year Executive in multinational companies, including Microsoft, across different functions and industries

“I learnt a lot and really admire how you have managed to explain the teachings of Buddhism in a natural way, integrating very well in the worldly life. Really love the idea of the book, and I believe, the world needs a book like this. It can be both spiritual, as well as very practical for someone who wants to start making real changes in life!”

— Agnija Kazusa
Mindfulness and Meditation Trainer; Manager at World Peace Initiative Foundation and Peace Revolution Project; author of two novels, Bruno and Three Cups of Egypt

“This is an inspired book, written very much from the perspective of a real practitioner and as such, filled with first-hand observations that are so relevant to our everyday lives. I am sure the reader will recognise much of him- or herself in the personalities of the protagonists. I certainly did; perhaps not so much in any one individual, but in the fears, emotions, and thoughts they all had. I recognised the paths they took as being very familiar, as being so human. So read this book, find out more about yourself, and most importantly, learn how to see things more clearly.”

Low Huoi Seong
CEO and co-founder of Vision New Media content group and Vision Animation