Singapore: Insights from the Inside (Volume II)

Call For Price

ISBN: 978-981-09-3504-7
Editor: Richard Hartung
Page: 260 pp
Size: 145mm x 224mm (hardback)



The best way to find out what Singapore is really like is to learn from insiders.

In this second volume of Singapore: Insights from the Inside, 50 individuals from around the world who have lived, visited, studied or worked in Singapore share their stories about what makes Singapore tick, Singaporean idiosyncrasies, the surprises they found, and their involvements and contributions to the local community. From academics and healthcare professionals, diplomats and leading business people and social entrepreneurs to talented artists and students who have taken their learnings from Singapore back home, you’ll learn and even be entertained by the insights from the multitude of people who have uncovered Singapore’s head, heart and soul. This book will surprise and amuse you as insiders share their perspectives on what is Singapore.