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200 Weekends in China: One Man’s Conquest of His Middle Kingdom Bucket List


ISBN: 978-981-11-4105-8
Author: Alex Goh
Publisher: Candid Creation Publishing
Page: 232pp
Size: 244mm x 170mm (paperback)
Printing: Full-colour
Availability: All major bookstores
Genre: Travelogue


To most people, 21 April 2017 was just another ordinary day. But for Alex Goh, an adventurer, intrepid traveller and avid marathoner, it was the crowning glory of a lifelong pursuit to conquer his Middle Kingdom bucket list which started out in 1995.

That year, he stepped foot in China for the first time and set eyes on what would have kick-started his visits to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country. Twenty-two years on, Alex is possibly the first (if not the only) person in the world to achieve the incredible feat of conquering and photographing all 52 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China, according to World Heritage Site, a website dedicated to world heritage travellers (

200 Weekends in China is the culmination of Alex’s audacious China dream, a personal journey which delves deep into his heritage, roots and Chinese history. It was a calling that led him to trek 130 mountains and retrace the trail of the rise of the Middle Kingdom from the beginning of civilisation to the end of feudalism and to the world power it is today. In that time, Alex also completed 30 marathons in China as part of his life goal to conquer 100 marathons around the world. The images in this book are captured through the lens of Alex, a passionate photographer, making his conquest an even more intimate one.