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The Path That Leads Upwards


ISBN: 978-981-14-3847-9
Author: Haniya J. Ee
Publisher: Candid Creation Publishing
Page: 342 pp
Size: 127mm x 203mm (paperback)
Genre: Science Fiction
Availability: All major bookstores



Tilva Ouwan had a dream.

She wanted to become the strongest Metrabot pilot in the Galactic Federation. However, that
dream was dashed when a hover car accident left her without parents, without a home, and with
a permanent limp in her left leg. Her future, if she even had one, looked bleak.

Then, an unfamiliar name popped up in her contact list. Before she knew it, she was transported
to another planet and set off on an unexpected journey. A journey that made her start to dream
again. And one filled with highs and lows that placed her on a path that could only lead her
onwards and upwards to greater things.