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StEpS: The Journey to Self-Empowerment


ISBN: 978-981-14-1725-2
Author:  Kris Ang
Page: 104 pp
Size/Format: 170mm x 150mm (paperback)
Genre:  Fiction



Praise for the book

“ Kris is her poems. She speaks through them to us, the reader, wanting us to connect in the moment, with all the possibilities the world has to offer.”
– Maryanne Mooney
Global Executive Coach and Facilitator, and Author of The Worthy Leader


“ I have read, re-read, and absorbed each of the selections and my soul and heart are stirred by each poem. Kris is gifted in capturing and sharing a personal and universal message that I believe each of us thinks about yet chooses to keep to himself.”
– Barry Kaplan
Executive Coach and Co-author of The Power of Vulnerability: How to Create a Team of Leaders by Shifting INward


“ What occurs to me is Kris’s ability to distill a relationship, a wisdom, a thought, and a life’s purpose. She is able to crystallize a moment, event, or experience into brief but poignant words. She writes of causality, duality, nature, nurture, love, and loss. She writes of struggle, reflection, accepting, and seeing the self (and others) with a new awareness and gratitude. She writes of an ownership of one’s life and that it is all a choice. Her words are words for the explorer within and a guide for the journey to wisdom and the self.”
– Patience Shutts


“ What I found so meaningful is how authentically Kris writes about people and events in her life and whilst very personal, they have such universal meaning. I was deeply touched. On occasion, I had to wipe a tear from my eye and on other occasions, I could not help but smile. Kris’s work illustrates a deep understanding and acceptance of the human condition. There is a recognition of our attractive and less appealing characteristics with reflections, observations, and encouragement to take charge and control of our power whilst not losing sight of our frailties.”
– Roni Witkin
YPO Forum Facilitator and Mentoring Facilitator