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MasterHand English Language Builder Workbook 2 Foundation B

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Book Specification: 210mmx250mm, 72 pages, Paperback
Author: Suriani Binte Selamat & James Browning

This is a workbook based on MasterHand English Language Builder Textbook 2 Foundation B



MasterHand English Language Builder Workbook 2 – Foundation B is to be used in the classroom alongside the textbook for language enrichment, vocabulary practice and review as well as revision on spatial and linguistic mathematical ideas, in terms of shapes, colours and comparisons. Further to that, this workbook will provide a crucial foundation in the discipline of English pre-writing.

With an assortment of fun activities, students will learn to hold a pencil and trace, sketch, circle and colour lines, shapes and pictures. The activities are carefully designed to encourage exploration of strokes which form each letter in the English alphabet.

Following on from this workbook, students will begin to develop their fine motor skills and will consequently have more confidence to hold a pencil and trace letter strokes. Students will also master skills in visual identification of letters from the alphabet, which will later aid in their overall phonemic awareness and English pre-reading ability.