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First Bridge Series I


Book Specifications: Box set of 5 titles, A5, Paperback
Author: Jessica Chong

In the beginning, the simple reading text in Series I is all a child can manage…



Until a child can read, most of education is held back.
Universally, the phonetic reading method is very widely taught in preschools for children to learn to read and write fluently.

However, while the phonetic reading method is taught in classes, there is a lack of suitable reading materials to support the phonetic skills learnt by a child. As a novice reader, a preschool child may become confused and develope a resistance to reading many other trade books, for a simple reason — what the child has learnt in the 26 alphabet sounds cannot make him a fluent reader.

First Bridge can fill this gap.

The First Bridge series is a collection of carefully designed reading books that bridge the gap between phonetic decoding and independent fluent reading.
First Bridge supports a child to blend the sounds, build the words and eventually, read effectively and fluently.

In the beginning, the simple reading text in Series I is all a child can manage. The child is pleased just to get it right and jubilant about completing an entire book. There are 5 titles in Series I.