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《大巴窑——新马陶人、陶事、陶踪札记》 Toa Payoh – Stories of Potters in Singapore and Malaysia


Author: 舒达胜 Daniel Shu
ISBN: 978-981-08-1520-2
Page: 236 pp
Size: 210X270mm



1. 由书本之名称《大巴窑——新马陶人、陶事、陶踪札记》引申可知这是一本由新加坡大巴窑地方开始述说的21位陶艺家的故事,借由文字叙述和对话(《陶人陶语》)的方式描写:

  • 他们的学术(学艺)背景及如何在陶艺的环境中成长、创作和教学的生涯。
  • 对他们艺术作品外型、釉色以及哲理内涵的写实。
  • 他们的作品参加对外公开陶艺展的纪录或描述。
  • 他们海外旅游的见识和所建立陶艺界的友谊和交流的纪实。



1. Key contents of the book can be understood from the book title Toa Payoh – short stories of potters in Singapore and Malaysia, their careers and journeys. Why Toa Payoh? Toa Payoh Singapore is where the book begins its stories and interviews of 21 local potters:

– Their academic background and the environment from which they have been brought up, learnt, work and teach pottery.

  • The description of form-and-glaze and philosophical aspects of their artworks.
  • The exhibitions where their artworks had been introduced to the public
  • The experiences in studio pottery and friendships they have gained during their overseas travels.

2. Stories of overseas potters whom local potters have visited, including trip reports of pottery-art development, art markets, and related artwork photos.

3. The author also gives his comments at the end of each potter’s story.