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Remembering For the Two of Us

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ISBN: 978-981-14-1414-5
AuthorSerena Lim
Page: 80 pp
Size/Format: 176mm x 250mm (paperback)
Genre:  Children



Grandma has lost her spectacles and needs Agnes’s help to find them. After searching high and low, Agnes finally finds them in the… freezer! What a strange place for Grandma to leave her spectacles! Grandma’s recent spate of forgetfulness and odd behaviour prompts Mummy to take her for a check-up. The family soon learns that Grandma has dementia.

What is dementia and what is it doing to Grandma? Read the story to find out. Learn how you, like Agnes, can help those with dementia.

Remembering For the Two of Us is supported by Our Singapore Fund.