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My Friend-ships


Book specification: A5, 136pages, Paperback
Author: Ranjit K

This book is for everyone who likes to learn about ships…



“What if ships really can talk?” asked Sam.

When Jesy and Sam’s parents told them that they were all going on a cruise over the weekend, Jesy was horrified as she was afraid of the ocean.

However, Jesy’s fears were soon put to rest with the help of Paxy, the cruise ship, and the pair of delightful parrots, Effy and Jasminda. Along with new friends Sid and Sasha, the children drank a special potion that gave them the ability to understand the secret language of ships.

Join Jesy and her friends in this wonderful adventure as they learn all about ships, how they float and more. Fall in love with the beautiful Awdes Island visited by Jesy’s family. Most of all, meet the friendly ships — Paxy, Conti, Tanky, Gassy and more — in this amazing, fun and educational cruise adventure that the children will never ever forget.