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Lolly’s Secret


ISBN: 978-981-09-7329-2
Author: Angela Yong
Illustrator: Quek Hong Shin
Publisher: Candid Creation Publishing
Page: 40 pp
Size: 240mmx210mm (paperback)



Lolly is a little pig who loves lollipops, and she must get her hands on the world’s most amazing candy!

The only thing is, she doesn’t know how to!

Then one day, Lolly chanced upon a secret—

a secret that will make her dream come true:

“A coin you keep will find another,

Think of something you hanker after.

It takes some time to do it right,

Henceforth, your life will be full of delight!”

Come and join Lolly on a delightful journey to discover the secret of saving, spending and sharing!

About the Author

Angela is a happy mother of three, whose insatiable appetite for stories constantly motivates her to concoct interesting moral stories and fun fairy tales.

Angela is currently a financial services consultant with Strategic Alliance Group. She has met many people whose lives have changed because they had (or did not have) the wisdom to plan for themselves financially. A Million Dollar Round Table qualifier for 2015, Angela hopes to be able to continue helping people fulfil their dreams by making sound decisions in all aspects of their lives.

A former educator in established Junior Colleges for more than a decade, Angela believes firmly in the inculcation of values and knowledge through experiential learning and story-telling.

Through Lolly’s Secret, she hopes to help children embark on a meaningful journey to discover the value of money and cultivate healthy financial habits that will accompany them into adulthood.