About the Programme/Event

This talk will create (or renew) the awareness that the potential of teams is truly powerful, and rarely fully explored and utilized. After sharing some key insights about teams, Peter Cauwelier will outline what really is the single critical element to turn teams into high-performance teams. Going back to Google’s internal research and academic theory, the extent to which people are comfortable to take interpersonal risks in a team is what sets the team up for continued learning. Team psychological safety is somewhat becoming a buzz word, but it is important to go back to the basics, and see how it can be measured and acted upon in a team. Participants will find a renewed motivation to focus their leadership approach on developing high-performance teams

About the Speaker

Peter Cauwelier, PhD, is a highly qualified team coach with more than 20 years of experience in operations with multinational companies. He founded ASIO Consulting (www.teamasone.com), an independent consulting business focusing on the development of teams. Based on his experience and research, Peter created the Team Psychological Safety Certified Facilitator program to help leaders and coaches deliver more impact to the teams they work with. A Master Action Learning Coach, Peter is the President of the World Institute for Action Learning. Peter has worked with teams as Bangkok Airways, Banpu, Decathlon, Nestle, Mazars, Michelin, Salesforce, Takeda, Thomson Reuters and Total. Peter is also the author of The Untapped Team Advantage: Building Team Connections as a Leadership Choice.