Zizi and Izmir

Zizi is the author of Fatimah and Her Magic Socks. is always imagining herself embarking on different adventures. Places she has been includes a crystal palace in a teacup (her mother had one on display in the living room that was perfect for such adventures); an Arabian kingdom in her sister’s big stone ring (this one she took her cousins with her); a circus complete with trumpets and bells (when her teachers in school became really boring). She likes to pen stories that are adventures in themselves! She writes plays and sometimes she directs them and designs the lights. She also likes to sing her heart out and dance with all her might.

Izmir, the illustrator of the book, has been a secret artist his whole life and he simply cannot stop himself from drawing. He has created illustrations on paper, cardboard, wooden planks, stone floors and walls, cement, beach sand and even with leftover food from his dinner plate. He has been a storyboard artist for independent short films and a feature film, as well as a visual artist for theatre performances. He enjoys living in the eastern side of Singapore.